My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2463

Chapter 2463 Red Lotus Immortal Queen Was Wounded

The battle between Red Lotus Immortal Queen and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor shook the whole Universe Saint Realm and the surrounding self-cultivators were all affected by it.

They retreated with pale faces, not able to withstand such overwhelming energy.

Some low-leveled Saint Realm masters were even exploded into countless pieces.

At this sight, the surrounding self-cultivators were even more scared.

“One is Red Lotus Immortal Queen, the Ultimate Ruler of the Burial Ground of the Yin Yang Planet and the other is Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor of the Demon Realm. They are so strong that their battle will probably damage the Universe Saint Realm. We must keep clear of them.”

“With the gate of the Immortal Realm open, they are still battling here and blocking out way, instead of entering it.”

We can’t do anything about it. After all, they are Immortal King Realm masters while we’re just immortals and sages and we shall die if we go up now. We must keep ourselves alive first.”

The surrounding self-cultivators were all talking among themselves with fear.

They looked toward Red Lotus Immortal Queen and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor with resentment and fear in their eyes, but they could do nothing about the situation.

After all, they were too powerful for these self-cultivators; and in this cruel world of self-cultivators, the strong always preyed on the weak.

Without great power, your life would be trampled freely, and no one cared if you were dead or alive, which was the way of life in any world.

Channeling the Xuan Yuan Sword in his body, Qingfeng Li formed a huge defense light shield around him, protecting Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu and others from being hurt.


In the next moment, Red Louts Immortal Queen retreated with a pale face and her mouth and hands were covered in blood.

In the previous collision, she was wounded.

In contrast, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor opposite to her stood firm where he was, showing the obvious gap between their strengths.

Qingfeng Li sighed, knowing that, at half-step Immortal King Realm, Red Lotus Immortal Queen was certainly less powerful than Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor.

Glancing at Red Lotus Immortal Queen coolly, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor said, “You are absolutely no match for me, except that you reach the Immortal King Realm. Make way for me so I can kill Qingfeng Li, otherwise I’ll kill you, too, today.”

Red Lotus Immortal Queen sneered and said, “You can’t kill me without paying some price. Today, I’m determined to protect Qingfeng Li.”

Intense killing intention appeared in the eyes of Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor while he emitted green demon presence which engulfed the whole void and left cracks in it.

Sky-Destroying Devil Master said, “Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, you deal with Red Lotus Immortal Queen and I’ll kill Qingfeng Li.”

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor nodded and pushed out his palm, keeping Red Lotus Immortal Queen in the battle.

In the other direction, Sky-Destroying Devil Master flew up and dashed toward Qingfeng Li.

Emitting overwhelming devil presence, Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s strength was indeed great as the master of the Devil Realm.

Wherever his Sky-Destroying Devil Fist went, it shattered the universe and the void, sank the Great Dao before crashing toward Qingfeng Li.

“Honey, be careful,” Xue Lin yelled and immediately rushed over.

She circulated the Phoenix Bloodline in her body and formed a huge Ice Phoenix totem above her head.

Containing the power that could separate the sky from the earth, the phoenix swallowed and spat out the Sun, the Moon and the stars and the light it shot out lit up the whole sky.

Xue Lin launched the Phoenix Claw which was a super power of the Ice Phoenix clan and could shatter a planet.

Her Phoenix Claw collided with the Sky-Destroying Devil Fist with a huge earth-shaking sound.

Deng! Deng!

In the next moment, Xue Lin retreated two steps and her face turned slightly pale.

Standing firmly where he was, Sky-Destroying Devil Master was intact, and he said coldly, “Very good. You have Ice Phoenix Bloodline and reached half-step Immortal King Realm. Unfortunately, you are no match for me, the master of the Devil Realm. Today, I’ll not only kill your husband, but take you back and refine your Ice Phoenix Bloodline as well.”

Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s eyes looked cruel, bloodthirsty, arrogant and overbearing.

He walked forward, and the devil presence surged with each step he took.

The black devil presence shot up into the ninth heaven, shaking the earth and the sky.

Crack! Crack…

The surrounding void shattered with cracks and everything in it was heading toward the direction of destruction.

With his will, Sky-Destroying Devil Master summoned a black devil flag which was over three meters long.

Made with skins of human immortal kings, the devil flag was covered with devil runes and surging devil presence.

The immortal kings’ skin on the devil flag sealed up countless souls of people that had been killed by Sky-Destroying Devil Master; there were millions of them sealed inside.

The countless souls let out shrill screams which made people’s souls shiver with fright, defenseless.

Seeing it from the distance, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor said, “Sky-Destroying Devil Master, why did you take out the immortal king-grade devil device? You rarely use this forbidden dharma treasure. Once used, it can scatter your rival’s soul.”

With a slight smile, Sky-Destroying Devil Master said, “Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, we can’t waste any more time here since the gate of the Immortal Realm is open. Let’s hurry up and finish Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin and Red Lotus Immortal Queen before entering the Immortal Realm which will be our main battlefield.”

Nodding, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor also decided to accelerate his attacks and took out a forbidden dharma treasure, a green clock.

The green clock was as big as a palm with demonic runes engraved on it.

The runes on the green clock blinked continuously, bringing shivers to the whole world.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor launched the forbidden dharma treasure of the demon race instantly and sent Red Lotus Immortal Queen to the ground with blood spewing from her mouth.

Although Red Lotus Immortal Queen was the Ultimate Ruler on Yin Yang Planet and a half-step immortal king who had swept across the Universe Immortal Realm and Saint Realm unrivalled, her strength was absolutely no match for her rival.

On the other side, Qingfeng Li saw it with fury in his eyes.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen had helped Qingfeng Li many times and now she was even severely wounded in her effort to save him.

However, Qingfeng Li could do nothing about it since he was only at the pinnacle stage of the Immortal Realm and thus was absolutely no match for the Immortal King Realm masters before him.

“No! I must kill Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master, otherwise my wife and Red Lotus Immortal Queen will be in mortal danger,” Qingfeng Li thought while a vicious look entered his eyes.

He communicated with the soul of Fire Dragon, Black-white Millstone and Dark Night Emperor in the depth of his mind, inviting them to enter the battle.

However, Dark Night Emperor and others told Qingeng Li that even they were no match for Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master.

After all, his enemies were too powerful and their forbidden dharma treasures were unrivalled.

The only way they could defeat them was for the Fire Dragon and Dark Night Emperor to recover their physical bodies, which was obviously impossible.

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