My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2464

Chapter 2464 Peacock Demon Empress Recovers Her Consciousness

Qingfeng Li transmitted a message, asking, “Senior Dark Night Emperor, tell me how I can kill Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master?”

After a moment of consideration, Dark Night Emperor said, “Little guy, there is only one way and that is to revive the Peacock Demon Empress. As an almighty master in the Universe Saint Realm, she once suppressed countless immortals and even Longevity Immortal said that he probably was no match for her.”

Qingfeng Li’s eyes lit up, knowing that the Peacock Demon Empress was in deep sleep in his interspatial ring.

However, faced with Sky-Destroying Devil Master and Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor, he had no choice but to ask the Peacock Demon Empress for help.

Qingfeng Li’s spirit energy entered his interspatial ring and saw a giant golden cocoon.

Like a silk worm cocoon, the golden cocoon’s radiant light illuminated the whole world while it transformed continuously, absorbing the energy essence from nature.

Qingfeng Li knew that he must inject large amounts of energy into the Peacock Demon Empress so she could recover quickly.

Without hesitation, Qingfeng Li piled all his dharma treasures, spirit herbs, immortal elixirs and other treasures in front of the golden cocoon.

Releasing dazzling golden light, the golden cocoon absorbed all the spirit essence, herb essence and other nutrients from the treasures and began to refine them.

Gradually, the golden cocoon began to transform and shed layer after layer of golden threads.

After the shedding of the golden threads, scratches began to appear on the surface of the cocoon.

However, they were the permeating Great Dao presence which shook the whole world, nine heavens and ten lands and the universe sky.

Countless self-cultivators knelt on the ground, eyes full of terror, as if an ultimate immortal king was reviving and would rule the nine heavens and ten lands.

Crack! Crack…

The golden cocoon was breaking continuously while cracks appeared on it one after another.

Finally, all the cracks on the golden cocoon disappeared and a perfectly beautiful woman walked out.

This woman’s face was as translucent and flawless as a white jade; her eyes were as bright as the most dazzling stars; her red lips were as charming as the most beautiful rose; and her figure was as alluring as a fairy descending in the mortal world.

She emitted a beautiful, charming and alluring presence.

Meanwhile, in her eyes were shadows of the Sun and the Moon falling, and the bodies and bones of immortal kings who had been killed by her in the distant Prehistoric Era of the Universe.

With the revival of the Peacock Demon Empress, all kinds of strange visions appeared in the Universe Immortal Realm with godly light shooting from the heaven and colorful flower petals floating in the air.

Seeing this sight, countless self-cultivators were stunned with disbelief in their eyes.

“What’s happening? Why is godly light appearing in the Saint Realm?”

“Look at the colorful flowers! I feel that an ultimate master is reviving.”

“Who is this person? And why is this person so powerful?”

All the people felt incredible and terrified from the bottom of their hearts.

Qingfeng Li’s mana energy saw clearly the pure white body of Peacock Demon Empress in his interspatial ring.

In the next moment, he sensed an intense killing intent coming from Peacock Demon Empress.

It was because Qingfeng Li had seen her naked body while she had just regained her consciousness.

Sweating all over, Qingfeng Li spewed out large amounts of blood and almost died.

Immediately, he explained with his mana energy, “Peacock Demon Empress, have you forgotten that I’m Qingfeng Li, who once helped you break the seal on you body. You’re now in my interspatial ring, so please rest assured that no one outside can see you.”

As the first peacock in the world, the Peacock Demon Empress had swept across the Universe Saint Realm without meeting a rival and had later been suppressed by the Heavenly Dao after killing countless people.

Her eyes rolled continuously and in her eyes were thousands of falling planets which had been destroyed by her; during that time, tens of billions of self-cultivators had been killed by her.

As a reincarnator, the Peacock Demon Empress came from the Chaos Era of the Universe and had swept across the Prehistoric Era and Ancient Era of the Universe.

Until now, her name had awed the people in the Universe Saint Realm and Immortal Realm.

The Peacock Demon Empress cast a cold glance at Qingfeng Li and said, “Erase all your thoughts from your memory and tell no one about what you saw today, otherwise I’ll cast you into the ninth level of the Hell and scatter you soul, so you’ll never enter the next life cycle.”

Qingfeng Li replied immediately, “Certainly! Please rest assured that I’ll never say a word about what I saw today to anyone.”

Qingfeng Li felt he was even more terrified when he faced Peacock Demon Empress than when he faced Longevity Immortal. She definitely had a great background.

The Peacock Demon Empress’s revival stunned the whole universe.

With a wave of her right hand, she summoned a seven-colored treasure garment which instantly covered her beautiful body.

With one forward step, she left Qingeng Li’s interspatial ring and entered the real world.

Shua! Shua…

Countless eyes turned toward her because the woman who had suddenly appeared before them was so beautiful that she was undoubtedly the No. 1 beauty in the universe.

Meanwhile, they felt from her a presence that brought shivers to the universe.


The countless self-cultivators dropped to their knees, not able to withstand this suppression.

The Peacock Demon Empress looked around and cold glints flashed in her eyes.

Her right hand reached out and grabbed 100 great mountains on the Longevity Planet and absorbed all the longevity energy from these precipitous mountains of thousands of meters high, turning it into her own strength.

However, she wasn’t satisfied.

Her right hand transformed into a white peacock palm with a length of tens of millions of meters and reached into the universe void taking twenty planets.

Then she refined all the energy, immortal rocks and spirit herbs on the twenty planets and injected the energy into her body.

The Peacock Demon Empress’s slight movements destroyed the sky and the earth, and shattered planets.

The Peacock Demon Empress’s immense power shocked all the self-cultivators in the Universe Saint Realm.

Instantly, they turned pale with terror and their eyes were full of fear.

“Who on earth is she? Why is she so powerful that she suppresses the whole sky and the earth?”

“I saw her once. She was the Peacock Demon Empress who swept across the universe unrivalled.”

“My God! Peacock Demon Empress is still alive! Only Longevity Immortal can block her.”

“Now that Longevity Immortal has gone to the Immortal Realm, who can control her?”

“We’re finished. This time we all shall die.”

The self-cultivators in the Saint Realm were all talking among themselves in low voices.

Hearing the conversations around him, Qingfeng Li was also stunned.

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