My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2465

Chapter 2465 Peacock Finger

Chapter 2465: Peacock Finger

Qingfeng Li had held a very high regard for the Peacock Demon Empress and now he realized that her power went beyond his imagination.

A trace of exhilaration mingled with his astonishment because the Peacock Demon Empress had promised to protect him.

Now with the Peacock Demon Empress with him, dealing with Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master was a piece of cake.

Looking at the Peacock Demon Empress before them, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s expressions changed drastically while their eyes turned grim.

From this beautiful woman, they sensed a terrifying presence that suppressed the world, and shocked the heaven and the hell into shivers.

This was an ultimately powerful woman who was even more powerful than the Longevity Immortal and her presence brought shivers to the world.

More importantly, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master had heard legends about the Peacock Demon Empress in the Ancient Era and Prehistoric Era of the Universe.

She had once swept across the Universe Saint Realm unrivalled and became the No.1 empress in the Human Realm, Demon Realm, Devil Realm and the Immortal Realm.

According to the legends, the masters of the immortal Realm had colluded with foreign gods to attack Earth together and wounded the Peacock Demon Empress severely.

Later she was suppressed by the Heavenly Dao, otherwise she had long ago entered the Immortal Realm and become one of the 3,000 Rulers in the Immortal Realm.

Looking at Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master, she said overbearingly, “Get out!”

The words “Get out” sounded like heaven thunders which shook the nine heavens, and each of the self-cultivators in the whole Universe Saint Realm heard them clearly.

Hearing the words, they looked amazed.

“No wonder the Peacock Demon Empress is called the No.1 empress in the universe. She is so powerful.”

“Yeah. A moment ago, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master were so overbearing and met no rivals in the Universe Saint Realm when they tried to kill Qingfeng Li. Now the Peacock Demon Empress told them to get out, do you think they will get out?”

“Absolutely not. As the emperor of the Demon Realm and the master of the Devil Realm respectively, Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master have their dignities to maintain and will not back off despite the great power of the Peacock Demon Empress.”

The surrounding self-cultivators talked among themselves animatedly with astonishment in their eyes.

On one hand, they were amazed by the Peacock Demon Empress; on the other hand, they all wanted to see how Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master would react to Peacock Demon Empress.

Qingfeng Li was also stunned. Although he had known the overbearing way of the Peacock Demon Empress, he was still dumbfounded at her arrogance when he saw it with his own eyes.

By his side, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse all looked amazed with appreciation.

As the animal ancestors of the Ancient Era of the Universe, they knew clearly the Peacock Demon Emperor’s status who was absolutely the ultimate master in the nine heavens and ten lands, and few were at her rank.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor and Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s expressions changed while fury appeared in their eyes.

As famous and respectable figures, they found it hard to bear that the Peacock Demon Emperor disdained them so much that she ordered them to get out.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor said furiously, “Peacock Demon Empress, you once belonged to the Demon Realm. I’m the emperor of the Demon Realm and you just ordered me to get out. Do you know what you’re doing?”

Sky-Destroying Devil Master also said furiously, “Peacock Demon Emperor, I’m the master of the Devil Realm and have conquered the Devil Realm without a rival. My master is the Chaos Fiend Celestial who even destroyed Thunder Immortal. Do you really want to mess with me?”

With a cold smile, the Peacock Demon Empress said, “Whatever your background is, if you utter another word, you’ll die.”

The Peacock Demon Emperor was burning with intense killing intent and when she took one step forward, the time, the space and the Long River of Time broke instantly.

Around her appeared a void containing universe black holes and cracks leading to the Hell.

Some fierce ghosts tried to stick their heads out, but she looked down and from her eyes shot out a peacock godly light beam that instantly sealed the cracks in Hell and killed the fierce ghosts.

The whole Hell shivered, and no fierce ghosts dared to crawl out, shocked by the Peacock Demon Empress’s almighty power.

The Peacock Demon Empress was so powerful that she suppressed all the universe and swept over all lands and directions, showing to everyone the great strength of the demon empress of an ancient generation.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor yelled, “Fine! Today I’ll test the power of the Peacock Demon Empress. Everyone said you swept across the universe unrivaled and I just don’t believe it.”

He took out a green clock which was an immortal king dharma treasure with blinking demon patterns whose great power shattered the void.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor tossed the green clock into the sky and it transformed into a huge heaven clock crashing toward the Peacock Demon Empress, trying to trap her inside.

Without a word, the Peacock Demon Empress just stood there quietly, waiting for the demon clock.

When the demon clock came before her, the Peacock Demon Empress just casually extended her right forefinger.

Crystal clear, her forefinger looked like the most beautiful jade in the world and one couldn’t help staring at it with admiration.

The finger grew big swiftly until it was hundreds of meters long and with a Boom, it pointed onto the immortal king dharma treasure.

With a huge “Bang”, the powerful immortal king dharma treasure exploded.

At the sight, the surrounding people looked so incredulous as if they had seen a ghost.

“My god! The Peacock Demon Empress is so powerful that she exploded this immortal king dharma treasure with one finger.”

“What realm on earth has she reached? I feel that she is the most powerful one among the Immortal King Realm masters and she will very probably become an immortal king.”

“He’s finished. Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor is seeking his death by messing with the Peacock Demon Empress. Ignorant guy!”

Seeing the explosion of the immortal king dharma treasure, the surrounding self-cultivators were filled with admiration for the Peacock Demon Empress.

No matter where it was, people respected the powerful ones.


Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor opened his mouth and spewed out a big mouthful of blood while his body was severely wounded.

He had not expected that his immortal king dharma treasure would be shattered by one finger from the Peacock Demon Empress and he wondered how powerful this woman was.

Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor’s spirit, soul and essence blood were all tightly bonded with his immortal king dharma treasure.

After his immortal king dharma treasure was destroyed, his body was severely damaged, and he looked sluggish.

The Peacock Demon Empress attacked again. Again, she extended her right forefinger which transformed into a crystal clear and snow-white finger pointing out lightly.

Her movement looked slow, but in fact it was very fast.

Breaking through the void and the time, she came before Heaven Suppression Demon Emperor in the blink of an eye.

Horrified, Heaven Suppression Emperor felt his fine hairs stood up on end while he sensed the life-threatening danger.

Circulating the demon immortal strength in his body, he formed a huge defense light shield around his body.

However, his defense light shield was instantly shattered by the Peacock Demon Empress’s finger.

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