My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2467

Chapter 2467 No.1 Empress Of Demon Realm


The scroll in the hand of Sky-Destroying Devil Master released large amounts of black mist that emitted an overwhelming presence, destroying everything around it and creating hundreds of black holes.

More than ten planets nearby were exploded and all the self-cultivators on them were killed.

The self-cultivators in the distance began to retreat with fear in their eyes since this place had become a death zone.

Even the gate of the Immortal Realm above their heads stopped releasing immortal Dao light and just hovered there.

The suppression of the Chaos Demonic God even scared the Immortal Realm.

The devil mist around the black scroll in Sky-Destroying Devil Master’s hand got denser before it finally formed a figure.

This figure was very big, standing high on the ground with his head touching the sky.

His face was not clear lurking in the devil mist, however, people could see his body and limbs which were as huge as mountains.

Standing there, he looked like that his head touched the sky of the universe and his feet were planted in the ninth level of Hell.

All the laws of the Universe Saint Realm collapsed; the time and the space were being destroyed; planets were exploding, and countless self-cultivators died, turning into energy before entering his body.

This was the the Chaos Demonic God, a powerful unrivaled Fiend Celestial.

Of course, Sky-Destroying Devil Master only summoned a clone of the Chaos Demonic God, but even this clone could destroy the sky and the earth.

The clone of the Chaos Demonic God looked at Sky-Destroying Devil Master and said, “Why did you summon me? Didn’t I tell you to find the Longevity Immortal and get the Longevity Immortal Fruit?”

On his knees, Sky-Destroying Devil Master said deferentially, “Master, the longevity Immortal Fruit has been refined by Qingfeng Li’s wife Xue Lin. I planned to kill him and take the bloodline energy contained in the Longevity Immortal Fruit.

“However, I was stopped by Peacock Demon Empress who is too powerful for me to fight. I had to summon you, my master, since Peacock Demon Empress seems to be more powerful than before.”

The Chaos Demonic God snorted and said, “Wastrel, you are absolutely no match for Peacock Demon Empress.”

The clone of the Chaos Demonic God turned and looked at Peacock Demon Empress behind him with glints flashing in his eyes.

His left eye was a sun and his right eye was a moon.

Although his face was vague, one could still feel his overwhelming devil presence which shook the sky and the ninth level of Hell.

All the people of the Universe Saint Realm dropped to their knees, shivering all over.

Even Qingfeng Li shivered all over and almost dropped to his knees, too.

Qingfeng Li channeled the Primitive Immortal Scroll in his body and emitted primitive force of chaos, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the suppression, either.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li had a deep understanding of the gap between himself and the super masters. If a clone of the Chaos Demonic God was so powerful, he wondered if the original form would destroy the whole Universe Saint Realm.

And then there would have been no Qingfeng Li, not to mention the Crimson Fire Continent.

The clone looked at Peacock Demon Empress and said coldly, “You were supposed to be dead in the Chaos Era of the Universe and I’m surprised that you survived. I guess you have got a serious wound, too, and haven’t fully recovered yet. Do you want to fight me? Do you think you are my match?”

Obviously, the Chaos Demonic God and Peacock Demon Empress knew each other, and they were both awesome masters in the Chaos Era of the Universe.

Once being called the No.1 master of the Devil Realm, the Chaos Demonic God had ruled all the devils while the current Devil Realm in the Universe Saint Realm was only a small branch of the Chaotic Devil Realm.

As to Peacock Demon Empress, she was a great figure in the Chaos Era of the Universe as the No. 1 emperor of the Demon Realm ruling all the demons.

At that time, Sky-Devouring Snake, Treasure-Seeking Mouse, Black Puppy and all other ancestors of demon beasts were under the rule of Peacock Demon Empress.

Peacock Demon Empress reached out one snow-white finger to smooth the hair over her forehead; her smile was charming, but her eyes were full of arrogance and aggression.

Peacock Demon Empress said overbearingly, “The Chaos Demonic God, you old undead. You were supposed to be dead in Chaos Era of the Universe. When Primitive Immortal king battled with the foreign gods, instead of helping him, you attacked from behind and killed Thunder Immortal. Today I’ll settle the accounts with you.”

The self-cultivators of the Universe Saint Realm were astonished when they heard the conversation between Peacock Demon Emperor and the Chaos Demonic God.

On their knees, they shivered all over when they heard this ancient secret.

“I’m surprised to know that Thunder Immortal was killed by the Chaos Demonic God.”

“At that time, under the leadership of Primitive Immortal king, Thunder Immortal resisted the extraterrestrial gods and suppressed the dark rebellions, making astounding achievements, but still he was killed by the Chaos Demonic God.”

“What then? After all, this is a world where the strong preys on the week. As one of the most powerful heavenly gods in the Chaos Era of the Universe, he could kill any one he wanted to kill.”

Some old demonic creatures and old monsters of the Universe Saint Realm had been lurking in their tombs from the Prehistoric Era of the Universe and now they all crawled out and talked among themselves in low voices.

The conflicts between the the Chaos Demonic God and Peacock Demon Empress involved the Immortal Realm, extraterrestrial gods, Primitive Immortal king, Demon Realm, Devil Realm and Human Realm in the Chaos Era of the Universe.

Peacock Demon Empress took one step forward and golden lotus flowers appeared under her feet, emitting such dazzling light that the Universe was lit up with five-colored godly light.

Like the most beautiful peacock in the world, she emitted dazzlingly beautiful luster which illuminated the whole world.

Meanwhile, her feet brought shattering sounds to the starry night of the universe.

The power of Peacock Demon Empress was so great that it suppressed the universe, swept across the starry night and made the celestial spirits shiver.

Engulfed by his surging devil mist, the Chaos Demonic God slammed his palm toward Peacock Demon Empress.

Fearless, Peacock Demon Empress extended her finger which shattered the world and the universe before colliding with the palm of the Chaos Demonic God’s clone.

Instantly, the whole time and space vanished while a huge crack extended from the sky to the earth; even the Immortal Realm had a crack in it while its gate became slightly unstable.

Fortunately, 3,000 Great Daos released more than 3,000 golden light beams and thus protected the gate.

However, the Hell was opened and from the depth of it came shrill screams of fierce ghosts killed by their attacks.

In the next moment, Hell King reached out a giant heaven hand from the Hell and blocked the energy fluctuations released from the Chaos Demonic God and Peacock Demon Empress.

Meanwhile, Hell King’s voice came from the Hell, “The Chaos Demonic God, Peacock Demon Empress, you are ancient almighty masters who swept across the Chaos Era of the Universe. If you must fight out, you will destroy the whole Universe Saint Realm and even the Hell. I suggest you take your battle to another universe.”.

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