My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2469

Chapter 2469 The Five Colored Godly Light

Chapter 2469: The Five-colored Godly Light

“It’s the Five-colored Godly Light. How did you obtain this super power?” The avatar of the Chaos Demonic God showed a touch of surprise in the eyes after seeing the five-colored radiance.

The Five-colored Godly Light was known as one of the most powerful Super Power in the world, which could destroy all.

It was a mighty attack on par with the God List of Primitive Immortal king, the Immortal-slaying Sword Array of Sky-reaching Immortal king and the Golden Cudgel of Heaven’s Equal Immortal king.

The God List, the Immortal-slaying Sword Array, the Golden Cudgel, all these were peerless treasures which could shock the entire universe. The Five-colored Godly Light was invincible just like them.

Peacock Demon Empress had only learned the first three stances of the Five-colored Godly Light, yet she could already fight across the universe.

No one had ever thought that she could fully accomplish it after a hundred million years.

Peacock Demon Empress said with arrogance, “Even the Immortal king has to step aside in front of the Five-colored Godly Light, let alone you, a petty avatar. It’s your honor to die under the Five-colored Godly Light.”

The avatar of the Chaos Demonic God howled with rage and resentment.

He operated his inner devilish energy, releasing heinous devilish suppression.

Countless devil lines came out from his body. He performed his most powerful attack, the Destructive Demon God Fist.

With a single punch, the heaven and the earth faded; the sun and the moon dimmed. The Universe Saint Realm was about to collapse.

The self-cultivators on the millions of planets all kneeled down and couldn’t stand up.

Even Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, Ruyanliu and the rest, who were staying far away, also spat out blood with pale faces and almost fell down.

Qingfeng Li endured his pain and instilled his immortal energy into Apple Blossom’s body, preventing her from injury.

As for Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake and Treasure-Seeking Mouse, Qingfeng Li was no more capable of taking care of them.

They were covered in blood with their skin cut off.

“It’s too powerful. That’s the real power of the Five-colored Goldy Light and the Destructive Demon God Fist? I feel like I’m dying.”

“Yes. Luckily, Peacock Demon Empress hasn’t reached her prime and the Chaos Demonic God is only an avatar. If they were in the peak state with the true body here, there would be no more Universe Saint Realm at this moment.”

“I have self-cultivated with my entire life to reach the immortal level. I thought I could enter the Immortal Realm and stand above others. But today I realized that I’m only an ant in front of Peacock Demon Empress and the Chaos Demonic God.”

That was the cruelty of the Great Dao and the self-cultivation.

The self-cultivators were like ants, fighting against the world to survive, while the weaker being slaughtered by the stronger. That was how it worked in this jungle.

The self-cultivators around all lay on the ground with blood oozing out from their mouths and noses, mumbling to themselves with miserable looks.

Many of these self-cultivators were looking at the grand shadow of the devil up in the sky with despair and fear.

Qingfeng Li noticed that the Destructive Demon God Fist of the Chaos Demonic God was too powerful for him.

Among all his attack methods, only the Primitive Fist could fight against it. Even the Killing God Mandate, the Twelve-colored Goldy Fire, the Golden Flame, the Dragon Blood and the Dragon Bone were no match for it.

“I have to practice harder and become more powerful. One of these days, I’ll kill the Chaos Demonic God and enter the Immortal Realm.” Qingfeng Li clenched his fists and swore to himself.

Peacock Demon Empress stood in the void, with her beauty outshining all.

Her Five-colored Godly Light turned everything along its way into nonentity and impacted against the Destructive Demon God Fist.

At the next moment, under the shocked look of the crowd, the mighty punch from the Chaos Demonic God was devoured by the Five-colored Godly Light.

“No wonder Peacock Demon Empress is called the number one Empress of the Demon Realm. She was once on a par with the Immortal king. She is even powerful enough to defeat the Destructive Demon God Fist.” Qingfeng Li mumbled with astonishment.

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were also full of disbelief with wide-opened mouths.

They also realized how powerful Peacock Demon Empress was from the aspect of women.

As for Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake and Treasure-Seeking Mouse, they were full of admiration with blinking eyes at this moment.

Peacock Demon Empress was like the beacon in the universe, with everything else rotating around her.


The avatar of the Chaos Demonic God opened his mouth and breathed out a blast of black devilish energy.

After his attack being resolved, the avatar was also injured, showing a paler and gloomier look.

With his most powerful attack devoured by the Five-colored Godly Light, his long-lasting prestige was shaded by disgrace, and his body was injured as well.

Peacock Demon Empress stood there with pride, as a graceful conqueror over the nine heavens and ten lands.

She controlled the Five-colored Godly Light and rushed it once again toward the avatar of the Chaos Demonic God.

The Five-colored Godly Light was as swift as the lightning and reached the front of the Chaos Demonic God in no time.

The avatar of the Chaos Demonic God roared and hit back with his most powerful attack again.

But it was in vain.

The Five-colored Godly Light easily disrupted his attack.

The Five-colored Godly Light shrouded the avatar in the middle, then started to devour his devilish energy and turned him into nonentity.

The avatar of the Chaos Demonic God roared again and again within the light.

He was resentful, despaired, and frightened, but could do nothing.

A few minutes later, his voice utterly dissipated in the Universe Saint Realm. The avatar of the Chaos Demonic God was dead.

Silence. Left there was only silence.

It was absolutely silent in the Universe Saint Realm, where a falling needle was audible.

All the self-cultivators kneeled down, daring not to say anything or even to take a deep breath.

Even the birds in the sky, the beasts on the Realm and the fishes in the water all stopped moving.

Left in everyone’s eyes was only shock.

Qingfeng Li didn’t say anything either, feeling like his heart was in his mouth.

All of this was unbelievable, yet it was truly happening.

The Chaos Demonic God, the ruler of the Devil Race in the Chaos Era, had once fought across the universe, with his legends and vicious name spreading all over the Human Realm, Demon Realm, Devil Realm, Immortal Realm, as well as the hell and other worlds.

Even the Primitive Immortal king couldn’t destroy the Chaos Demonic God in the past.

But Peacock Demon Empress destroyed his avatar in the Universe Saint Realm today.

This woman was truly the one and the only Empress through all these eras, with her great prestige and reputation over the entire universe.

“All hail to the Empress,” said all those in the Saint Realm. After the silence, they all kneeled down and applauded with admiration.

All of them, from the immortals of a few million years old to those three-year-olds, bowed down and hailed to the Empress.

They understood that the entire Universe Saint Realm would be destroyed, and numerous self-cultivators would die if Peacock Demon Empress didn’t kill the avatar of the Chaos Demonic God.

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