My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2470

Chapter 2470 Breaking The Immortal Gate

Chapter 2470: Breaking the Immortal Gate

In the opinions of all these self-cultivators, the Peacock Demon Empress was the number one Empress in all of history, with a reputation on par with the Primitive Immortal King, the number one Emperor of the Human Race.

The Peacock Demon Empress was also touched when seeing these self-cultivators kneeling down and worshiping her.

Though she was the Empress of the Demon Realm, with power shocking the entire universe, she had good feelings toward humans.

The Peacock Demon Empress slightly pushed her two hands together and formed thousands of blossoms over her head. She spread the flowers over the sky, raining petals in the Saint Realm.

These petals contained the power of Great Dao. They merged with the planets, the self-cultivators, as well as the demonic beasts, plants, mountains, and rivers, restoring everything to a state as good as new.

After a while, all the self-cultivators stood up, with no more pale looks and broken bones. Their muscles and guts had regenerated and healed.

Even the dying ones came back alive.

All of them admired the Peacock Demon Empress even more at this moment.

She had not only destroyed the avatar of the Chaos Demon God and prevented the doom of the Saint Realm, but she also healed all the injured ones. Each of these was a great deed.

Qingfeng Li looked at the Peacock Demon Empress with strongly mixed feelings.

He had never thought this woman he once saved had such a powerful background.

The Peacock Demon Empress took a look at Qingfeng Li and said, “I’m going to enter the Immortal Realm. See you there.”

The Peacock Demon Empress turned around and prepared to enter the Immortal Realm.

But she was dazed a bit at the next moment, for the gate of the Immortal Realm had closed.

It turned out that the battle between the Peacock Demon Empress and the avatar of the Chaos Demon God was too intense. The heaven and the earth cracked, the stars fell, and the void collapsed.

The gate switched on a self-protection sequence to avoid damage and stayed close since then.

The Peacock Demon Empress then said with great arrogance, “Immortal Gate, open for me.”

But the gate obviously feared the Peacock Demon Empress and didn’t want to let her in. It disobeyed her demand and kept closing tight.

The surrounding self-cultivators started to discuss after seeing this.

“What should we do? We planned to cross the Immortal Gate and enter the Immortal Realm. How can we enter if the gate stays closed?”

“That’s the problem. I don’t have too much time to live. Only the Immortal Elixirs in the Immortal Realm can save me. How can it keep me outside?”

“The Peacock Demon Empress bestowed such grace on the Saint Realm. It’s so unfair to block her outside the Immortal Realm.”

All the self-cultivators got bad impressions of the Immortal Realm and thought it was unfair.

Qingfeng Li also became a little anxious. He wanted to meet his parents in the Immortal Realm. It was hopeless if he couldn’t enter the gate.

The Peacock Demon Empress showed a cold look and said, “Immortal Gate, I’ll have to break you since you are in my way.”

She said no more and operated her inner chaotic energy. Then she reached out her snow-white finger and pointed forward. It penetrated through the sky and hit the gate.

All the others were shocked. They had never seen such a powerful being who dared to break the Immortal Gate and stand against the entire Immortal Realm.

But on second thought, it was quite reasonable, considering she had just killed the avatar of the Chaos Demon God and had no more opponents in this Realm.

The Immortal Gate sent out three thousand bright beams and released the Three Thousand Great Dao.

The Three Thousand Great Dao crashed down from the sky and tried to block the attack from the Peacock Demon Empress.

The Peacock Demon Empress didn’t care at all and kept walking forward.

She melted time and cracked the space with each step as if she became one with the cosmos.

Her finger impacted the Three Thousand Great Dao, generating shocking noises and energy fluctuations, which could destroy all.

Then the Peacock Demon Empress struck out the Five-colored Godly Light.

It turned out her finger technique was only a feint to draw the attention of the Three Thousand Great Dao, while the following Five-colored Godly Light was the real and the most powerful attack.

The Five-colored Godly Light penetrated through everything, as well as the void, and hit at the gate heavily. With a ‘crack’, the Immortal Gate broke.

A crack showed up at the gate. Then, it opened.

The Peacock Demon Empress didn’t hesitate and rushed toward the gate.

The surrounding Three Thousand Great Dao generated intense thunder and lightning.

The thunder and lightning rushed toward the Peacock Demon Empress and wanted to suppress her, along with all kinds of weapons, all the Godly Beasts, and the Dao of the five elements.

The Peacock Demon Empress replied with unrivaled arrogance, “You had suppressed me once when I got injured from the fight against the extraterrestrial god a hundred million years ago. You won’t succeed again. I’ll destroy you now.”

The Peacock Demon Empress reached out her snow-white hand and shaped a giant fist. It was the Peacock Godly Fist, which was as powerful as the Five-colored Godly Light.

With a single punch, the Peacock Godly Fist collapsed the heaven and the earth along with the Three Thousand Great Dao.

All the weapons, the five elements, and the Godly Beasts were turned into pieces and vanished in the universe.

The Peacock Demon Empress waited no more and stepped into the gate of the Immortal Realm.

She got into the vast Immortal Realm and stepped into the Demon Prefecture.

“The one and only Demon Empress is truly powerful, destroying the Three Thousand Great Dao with a single punch. She treated the entirety of the Immortal Realm as nothing and entered with no one able to stop her.”

“The Peacock Demon Empress is an idol to me, breaking into the Immortal Realm with her fists. Even the Three Thousand Great Dao and Immortal Gate look so weak in front of her. Only Third Master Li, the Conqueror, can be compared to her.”

“You’re right. I’ve heard of Third Master Li, the Conqueror. It says that he got the inheritance of the Immortal king and broke the barrier of the Immortal Realm with his Conqueror’s Fist, just like the Peacock Demon Empress.”

The surrounding self-cultivators started to chat in a low voice.

Those who had heard of the story of Peacock Demon Empress and Third Master Li got very excited.

Qingfeng Li had sharp ears and became delighted after hearing what they said.

He didn’t need to worry about his father anymore. He knew his father also got the mysterious inheritance and a great opportunity just like him and had entered the Immortal Realm without obstruction.

But he got a little worried again on second thought.

Because there were many undying monsters inside the Immortal Realm, such as Chaos Demon God and Primordial Dragon Emperor.

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