My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2471

Chapter 2471 Entering The Immortal Realm

Chapter 2471: Entering the Immortal Realm

Qingfeng Li was still a little worried about his father, the Conqueror. After all, the enemy was the Primordial Dragon Monarch.

The Primordial Dragon Monarch was the Monarch of the Dragon Clan in the Wild Era, with his reputation over all the nine heavens and ten lands. He was the one who destroyed the body of the Fire Dragon. He was a peerless master no weaker than Chaos Demon God.

Xue Lin walked by the side of Qingfeng Li and said, “Let’s also enter the Immortal Realm.”

Qingfeng Li nodded. But Black Puppy stopped them when they were about to enter.

It said, “Hold on. Let me tell you something about the Immortal Realm first.”

Qingfeng Li curved up his eyebrows and asked, “Puppy, are there any precautions we need to take care of before crossing the gate?”

Black Puppy nodded and replied, “Of course. You’ve also seen the three thousand beams from the gate. They represent the Three Thousand Great Dao. Among the one hundred million stars in the universe, the Three Thousand Great Dao cover everything, including the Human Dao, the Demonic Dao, the Devilish Dao, the Ghost Dao, the Dao of Hell, the religions, the five elements, the wind, the rain, the thunder, the lightning, all the weapons, and all other Dao.”

“For example, I represent the Dao of dogs, and Sky-Devouring Snake stands for the Dao of snakes. We are both demonic beasts. Therefore, we’ll be guided by the green light after entering the Immortal Realm and step into the Demonic Dao.”

“There are three thousand prefectures in the Immortal Realm, including the Demon Prefecture, where I’ll step into. Xue Lin is the Ice Phoenix, so she’ll enter the Demon Prefecture as well. Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xu have Immortal Bloodlines, so they’ll enter the Central Prefecture. As for you, you’ve got the inheritance from the Thunder Immortal. Therefore, you’ll enter the Thunder Prefecture.”

Qingfeng Li was startled, saying, “Puppy, do you mean I’ll be separated from Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, and you guys?”

Black Puppy nodded and said, “Yes. There are three thousand prefectures in the Immortal Realm, standing for the Three Thousand Great Dao. Each of these prefectures is very vast, and they were millions of kilometers apart. One can only move from one prefecture to the other after reaching the level of Immortal King. Normal Immortals will be restricted by the rules of the Immortal Realm and will fly very slowly.”

“We’ll be parted later. After you enter the Thunder Prefecture, you have to become an Immortal King as soon as possible. Only in this way can we meet again. Now, the Thunder Prefecture is under the control of Black Thunder Immortal. He is the enemy of Thunder Immortal and will definitely stand against you.”

After being cleansed by the blossoms from the Peacock Demon Empress, Black Puppy had awakened all its memory from its past life.

Before this moment, it had only awakened a part of its memory, just like Xue Lin.

After getting all its memory back, it realized that it had been to the Immortal Realm before and knew well about the rules of the Immortal Realm. Thus, it told all to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li nodded, then looked toward Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu with tenderness.

He said, “Don’t worry. Just wait for me. I’ll become an Immortal King as soon as possible, and then find you.”

Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu nodded, saying, “Okay, we’ll wait for you there.”


Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Apple Blossom, Mengyao Xu, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, Treasure-Seeking Mouse, and some other mighty self-cultivators all flew up and rushed toward the Immortal Gate and the Three Thousand Great Dao.

Qingfeng Li was the first one to enter. His power level was not as high as others, but his attack power could destroy the half-step Immortal Kings.

He instantly got in front of the Immortal Gate, standing before the Thunder Dao.

A black thunderbolt struck toward Qingfeng Li with terrifying power.

Qingfeng Li didn’t care a bit. He wielded his palm and easily crushed the black thunderbolt, creating giant cracking sounds.

Then the Thunder Dao released hundreds of more thunderbolts and struck at Qingfeng Li.

But Qingfeng Li destroyed them all with his great power.

He took a step forward and entered the Immortal Realm of Thunder Dao.

Treasure-Seeking Mouse followed Qingfeng Li closely and walked to the same direction as Qingfeng Li.

Mengyao Xu curved her eyebrow and asked, “Puppy, what’s going on? Didn’t you say that demonic beasts should enter the Demon Prefecture? Why does Treasure-Seeking Mouse go to the Thunder Prefecture?”

Black Puppy explained, “You forgot that Treasure-Seeking Mouse is Qingfeng Li’s servant. Qingfeng Li owns it with his Spiritual Mark and has contracted with it, which were acknowledged by the heaven and the earth. It can only follow Qingfeng Li, just like his clothes and Dharma Treasures.”

Mengyao Xu blinked and nodded, understanding it all.

Xue Lin took a step forward. A giant Phoenix showed up and attacked her.

Xue Lin opened her eyes and shot out the Phoenix Light. She broke the phantom of the Phoenix and entered the Demon Prefecture.

Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake, and the Blood Immortal also followed up and entered the Immortal Realm.

The other old monsters and living fossils also rushed toward the gate.

They all flew up and attacked the Three Thousand Great Dao with the immortal energy.

Not all self-cultivators could succeed and enter the Immortal Gate.

Most of them fell down. Only one in ten thousand could make it.

One in ten thousand Peak Sages or Immortals could enter the Immortal Realm. Those in the Spirit Royal Realm didn’t even have the chance.

One day later, the gate of the Immortal Realm closed.

The disciples of the sects with Immortals getting inside the Immortal Realm all got very excited.

All those who entered the Immortal Realm would gain great achievements, and their sects in the Saint Realm would also get many immortal treasures and other resources.

Meanwhile, those sects with no one entering the Immortal Realm all felt depressed. They could only wait for the next time.

With someone being happy, some others felt depressed.

With someone being thrilled, some others felt miserable.

Some gained while the others lost.

It was the fairness and also the cruelty of the world.

At this moment, in the Lingyun Royal Palace on the Crimson Fire Continent of Fire Planet, the King, the Queen, all the ministers, and Qingqing Mu, were all staring at the sky.

They had mixed feelings when seeing the Immortal Gate disappeared, with envy, admiration, eagerness, and sentimentality.

The Queen was a graceful woman with a snow-white face and a slender figure.

She walked by the side of Lingyun King and said, “Your Highness, the ruler went to the Immortal Realm. We have to be on our own from now.”

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