My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2472

Chapter 2472 The Thunder Continent

Chapter 2472: The Thunder Continent

The Lingyun Emperor smiled sadly, saying to the Queen, “I really want to follow our ruler to the Immortal Realm, but I know it’s a perilous place, and I will become his burden. I believe he will come back to Crimson Fire Continent and visit us someday.”

Standing not far away, Qingqing Mu also showed her sadness on her pretty face.

She had a crush on Qingfeng Li, but she understood they were too different.

Qingqing Mu was like a fish swimming in the pool, but Qingfeng Li was like a dragon, which was destined to soar in the sky.

Qingfeng Li entered the light of thunder along with Treasure-Seeking Mouse.

The black light of thunder struck toward Qingfeng Li and Treasure-Seeking Mouse with terrifying power.

Qingfeng Li operated the Primitive Immortal Scroll and released the chaotic energy, shrouding Treasure-Seeking Mouse in the middle and blocking the light.

They traveled through the light of thunder, for one and another hour.

Time passed quietly yet quickly.

One day later, Qingfeng Li finally saw the light ahead and then landed on the ground.

He came into a magical world.

It was a vast and magnificent Xianxia world.

The immortal energy here was over a hundred times stronger than in the Saint Realm. With a single breath, one could feel their pores opening up.

The immortal energy entered the body and healed all the injuries along with the hidden diseases.

Qingfeng Li operated his clairvoyance ability with his right eye, observing around with the bright light. This immoral Realm was vast, and his sight couldn’t reach the boundary.

The Immortal Realm was boundless and eternal. He could only ensure that it was full of immortal energy here.

The Rules of the Immortal Realm pervaded around, which were much more flawless than the rules in the Saint Realm.

Other than the strong immortal energy and the vast fields, Qingfeng Li could also see the mountains.

Each of these mountains was over a few million meters high. They were much taller than the mountains in the Saint Realm and reached up into the sky.

Huge immortal rocks laid on those mountains, each of them over a few hundred thousand meters large and extremely hard.

Even Qingfeng Li could hardly break the rocks with his full power.

The trees that were millions of years old veiled the sun and scraped the sky.

The ancient vines, the blooming flowers, the huge lakes, along with the sky and clouds, were surrounded by the immortal energy. All kinds of birds and rare immortal beasts were flying around.

It looked very harmonious here with the white immortal cranes and the colorful immortal sparrows around.

But there was killing intention hiding behind the harmony.

Qingfeng Li had just seen a Thunder Eagle of a few thousand meters large swallow a hundreds-of-meters long demonic snake.

He looked into the distance and found it was full of thunder here.

Black thunderbolts covered the sky and struck down once in a while.

It was the Thunder Continent here, which was one of the three thousand Continents in the Immortal Realm. It was under the control of the Black Thunder Immortal.

Treasure-Seeking Mouse walked by Qingfeng Li’s side and said, “Master, though it’s beautiful and magnificent here, it’s also quite dangerous. I have already sensed some danger.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, “Sure. The competition here is more intense than in the Saint Realm. We are in the forest now and haven’t entered the cities of self-cultivators, which is the hotbed of real cruelty.”


Suddenly, some fighting noises came from the forest and the mountain a thousand meters away.

It was the sound of weapons slamming, clear and loud.

The thunderbolts in the sky struck once in a while, and the black thunderbolts all gathered toward that mountain.

Qingfeng Li gazed over the mountain and then fell into a daze, for he had sensed a familiar aura. It was the nine-colored thunderbolts.

Qingfeng Li had mastered the nine-colored thunderbolts after getting the inheritance of Thunder Immortal. He was certainly familiar with the energy fluctuation.

He saw clearly that countless black thunderbolts were attacking the nine-colored thunderbolt and breaking it into pieces.

Qingfeng Li said, “Treasure-Seeking Mouse, let’s go check it out.”

Treasure-Seeking Mouse nodded and turned into a glowing light along with Qingfeng Li, flying toward the mountain ahead.

At this moment, on the mountain a thousand meters ahead, a slender woman in black with a delicate face was attacking a woman in red, along with dozens of guards and an elder.

The woman in red was very beautiful, with snow-white skin as tender as jade. Her face was like blooming roses, and her lips were as red as a drop of blood.

All those aside from the woman in red had been killed. She was also badly injured, looking awfully pale.

The woman in red said, “Hong Lei, do you have to kill us all?”

Hong Lei laughed with cruelty, saying, “Ling’er Ji, you’re doomed today. All your minions are dead, and you’ll reunite with them in hell soon.”

Ling’er Ji forced a wan smile and said, “Hong Lei, how despicable can you be? You and your father were all followers of my father, but you betrayed him. Now you even stand against me regardless of our old friendship.”

Hong Lei replied with disdain, “Ling’er Ji, justice is a word for victors. Now hand over the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl, and I’ll mercifully give you a peaceful death. Otherwise, I’ll let my men do some unspeakable things to you and let you die a miserable death.”

Ling’er Ji was full of hatred, rage, resentment, and despair.

She said loudly, “Hong Lei, stop dreaming. I’d rather implode myself than give the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl to you.”

Ling’er Ji knew she couldn’t survive, but she didn’t want to be humiliated.

She operated the power of her essence blood and prepared to implode. It would be better if it could kill Hong Lei as well.

Hong Lei laughed with contempt. She took out a Dharma Treasure. It was a huge black web.

She threw it in the air, and it grew large rapidly.

It was the Black Thunder Immortal Web, a device of the Immortal King level. It was made of the spider silk of Thunder Immortal Spider and needed a million years to forge. It was a gift from Black Thunder Immortal King.

The Black Thunder Immortal Web was very powerful and could constrain the body as well as the soul. It tied up Ling’er Ji instantly and made her unable to implode.

Ling’er Ji was trapped by the web and couldn’t commit suicide, her eyes filling with despair.

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