My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2473

Chapter 2473 The Third Princess

Chapter 2473: The Third Princess

Standing by the side of Hong Lei was an elder in black, along with dozens of guards.

Hong Lei waved her hand and said to those men, “Go enjoy Ling’er Ji’s body. I’d like to see her suffer.”

Hong Lei was a pervert who liked to watch this kind of thing.

Those dozens of men all got excited hearing Hong Lei’s command.

They all ran toward Ling’er Ji with evil looks.

Ling’er Ji was very pretty, having the ideal body type for all men. But she was about to be defiled at this moment.

A tall man rushed ahead and reached his hand to Ling’er Ji’s clothes, about to tear them off.


At the very moment, a golden beam came from a distance and instantly shot through this man’s head.

This man in black screamed painfully and fell heavily to the ground.

He was full of despair and resentment before his death.

He was an immortal at the peak level with mighty power, yet he was killed directly with no chance of fighting back.

The rest of the men in black were all shocked and turned around.

“Who is it? Daring to kill our team leader? Don’t you know we are the men of the third princess of the Black Thunder Immortal King?”

“The third princess? What’s that?” an arrogant voice came from far away.

Qingfeng Li reached here quickly like a flash along with Treasure-Seeking Mouse, and instantly showed up beside Ling’er Ji.

From the conversation, Qingfeng Li had realized that Ling’er Ji was the child left in the Immortal Realm of the Thunder Immortal.

However, she was all alone, with all the men on her side being killed.

These monsters were even planning to assault her and then kill her.

A tall and thin man in black pointed at Qingfeng Li and said with anger, “The third princess is the daughter of Black Thunder Immortal King, the conqueror of the Thunder Continent. Do you want to die, daring to kill our man in the Thunder Prefecture?”

Qingfeng Li laughed. He stared at this tall, thin man in black, and coldly said, “What the hell is the Black Thunder Immortal King? I’m going to kill you all.”

Qingfeng Li didn’t hesitate and smashed his palm forward. It hit the tall, thin man in black, and crushed him into blood mist.

Hong Lei, the third princess, was shocked and irritated when seeing this.

She said, “You all attack together and kill this man. He is asking for death, daring to stand against me.”


These men in black all took out their Dharma Treasures. These devices controlled the black thunderbolts and guided them to strike at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li opened his mouth, and directly devoured these black thunderbolts, then smacked his lips and swallowed them down.

The surrounding men were all dumbfounded.

Then Qingfeng Li said, “This is your thunder attack? It’s too weak and can only be my appetizer. Let me show you real thunder.”

Qingfeng Li pointed his right index finger forward and instantly shot out the nine-colored thunderbolts.

The thunderbolts moved very fast and struck at those dozens of men in black with the power of destruction, creating huge cracking noises.

The nine-colored thunderbolts ran all over those men in black and scorched them into charcoal, destroying their souls along with the bodies.

Hong Lei, the third princess, was completely shocked. She pointed at Qingfeng Li with her snow-white hand and said angrily, “What’s your relationship with Thunder Immortal? How dare you to kill my guards with nine-colored thunderbolts?”

Qingfeng Li showed a cold look and replied with killing intention, “Black Thunder Immortal King betrayed Thunder Immortal. His countless despicable deeds have provoked the ire of all. As his daughter, you also planned to kill Ling’er Ji. You deserve death, and I’ll send you to hell today.”

Qingfeng Li stepped forward and planned to kill Hong Lei. But the elder in black beside Hong Lei stood out.

This elder had reached the Half-step Immortal King Level and was very powerful.

He was slightly hunchbacked and his face was full of wrinkles, but he kept releasing shocking energy.

The elder in black looked at Qingfeng Li with killing intent, and said, “Young man, you’re too ignorant. You’re only a Peak Immortal but dared to kill the guards of our third princess. Don’t you know that she is Black Thunder Immortal King’s favorite daughter? No one can save you today. I’m a Half-step Immortal King and can kill you as easily as killing a puppy.”

Ling’er Ji showed a touch of anxiety in her pretty eyes when seeing this.

She shouted out, “Run away and leave me alone. This elder in black is very powerful and has reached the level of Half-step Immortal King for a hundred thousand years. No one can beat him in the Thunder Prefecture.”

Qingfeng Li waved his hands, telling Ling’er Ji that there was nothing to worry about.

The Half-step Immortal Kings were no big deal to Qingfeng Li. He had killed one before, afterall.

Qingfeng Li stared at the elder in black and said, “Have you finished your nonsense? If so, I’ll send you to hell now.”

The elder in black hummed and replied, “Idiot, daring to be this arrogant in front of a Half-step Immortal King. Today is your death day. I’ll tear off your skin and eat up your flesh.”

He waved his palm forward and formed hundreds of black thunderbolts, hitting toward Qingfeng Li.

It was the power of the Half-step Immortal King, shaking the heaven and the earth with one attack.

Even the hard-immortal rocks around were blown up.

The ancient trees of a few million years old were also pulled up and torn apart.

The furious energy swayed on the ground, rolling the sand and pebbles.

But Qingfeng Li stood there calmly, without even moving.

He waited until the thunderbolts reached his front, then he wielded the Primitive Fist.

His punch cracked the heaven and the earth and broken all the black thunderbolts with chaotic energy.

The Primitive Fist was unstoppable and hit heavily at the elder in black.


With a huge sound, the elder’s body blew up and turned into countless pieces.

Hong Lei and Ling’er Ji were both shocked by this scene.

They both knew well about the power of this elder in black, which was invincible among the Half-step Immortal King Level.

But he was killed by a single punch of a Peak Immortal.

Who the hell was this young man and how could he be this powerful?

Hong Lei was terrified with a pale face. She realized that she had offended someone beyond her level.

There were three thousand prefectures in the Immortal Realm. The Thunder Prefecture was only one of them.

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