My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2474

Chapter 2474 Killing Hong Lei

Hong Lei stepped back and said, “You can’t kill me. I’m the third daughter of Black Thunder Immortal King. My father will hunt you down if you kill me.”

Qingfeng Li smirked and said, “I’ll kill your father as well, sooner or later. Killing you is just a bonus. But I’ll teach you some lessons first.”


Qingfeng Li slapped heavily on Hong Lei’s face. Her hair was messily tossed, and her face swelled with five finger marks on her cheeks.

Hong Lei roared with anger, “How dare you to hit me? I’m the third princess!”

Qingfeng Li said indifferently, “This is for Ling’er Ji. It’s your punishment for your shameful behavior. The slap is only a start. I’ll kill you later.”

Qingfeng Li slapped Hong Lei over ten more times in a row. She looked like she had a pig head, with all of her teeth broken.

Then Qingfeng Li swung his palm once again at Hong Lei and was about to crush her into blood mist.

But at the next moment, some strong energy came out from Hong Lei’s mind-space.

It was a shocking blast of energy, shaking the entire universe.

A tall middle-aged man in black flew out from it. Of course, it was only a spiritual mark, a phantom.

Even so, the Immortal King suppression from this spiritual mark was still extremely strong.

“What kind of bold bastard dares to kill my daughter?” the middle-aged man said with supreme arrogance.

Hong Lei said out loud, “Father, save me. This Qingfeng Li killed all of them, including the elder. Don’t let him go.”

This middle-aged man was Black Thunder Immortal King, Hong Lei’s father, and the conqueror of the Thunder Continent. (TL Note: Previously translated as Thunder Prefecture.)

However, it was only his spiritual avatar.

The avatar of the Black Thunder Immortal King stared at Qingfeng Li with killing intent.

He opened the mouth and breathed out black thunderbolts.

After reaching the Immortal King Level, one could release thunder from their mouth, eyes, ears, and all other parts, even the a*s.

The black thunderbolts shook the void with loud noises and shrouded around Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li dared not to be careless and directly took out the Thunder Immortal Sword.

With a slash, the Thunder Immortal Sword cracked the sky and hit against the black thunderbolts, creating huge sounds.

In the next moment, Qingfeng Li was knocked backward several dozens of steps.

Hong Lei was surprised. She knew her father was a master at the Immortal King Level and Qingfeng Li was only a Peak Immortal. It was incredible that Qingfeng Li could take the attack from an Immortal King.

Black Thunder Immortal King showed a touch of eagerness, saying, “It’s the Thunder Immortal Sword. Did you get the inheritance of Thunder Immortal? No wonder you tried to protect Ling’er Ji. Good. I can take the Thunder Immortal Sword and get his inheritance after killing you today.”

Black Thunder Immortal King decided to strike out his fatal attack. He sent out a strong blast of energy and performed the Black Thunder Cage, locking everything around.

Qingfeng Li kept focusing and wielding the Thunder Immortal Sword.

But he found it didn’t work on the Black Thunder Cage.

Then Qingfeng Li breathed out the Golden Flame. The flame of over a hundred thousand degrees directly burned down the cage with the Twelve-colored Godly Fire.

The avatar of Black Thunder Immortal King was shocked, saying, “Surprising, you have comprehended the Ten Great Godly Fires. You seem to have many other secrets. Let me try my spiritual attack.”

He opened the mouth and breathed out a sonic wave attack.

It was the thunder sonic wave. It penetrated through the sky and tried to tear Qingfeng Li’s spirit energy apart.

Qingfeng Li smirked with contempt, saying, “You can live a little longer if you tried some other attacks. You are asking for death by attacking me spiritually. Black-and-White Millstone, devour his spirit energy.”


The Black-and-White Millstone flew out of Qingfeng Li’s mind-space. It seemed very excited.

It hadn’t eaten any delicious food for a long time. The avatar of the Black Thunder Immortal King was a great supplement.

The Black-and-White Millstone had awakened some of the power of the God List and was extremely strong.

It released the chaotic black-and-white light once showed up and formed an ‘S’ shaped totem.

It shrouded the avatar of Black Thunder Immortal King and locked him in the middle.

Then the Black-and-White Millstone rushed over and started to devour his spirit energy.

Black Thunder Immortal King screamed with shock, “It’s a piece of the God List. How can it be? It was the treasure of the Primitive Immortal king from the Chaos Era and was lost long ago. How did you get it?”

The avatar of Black Thunder Immortal King was terrified, but then turned excited instead, saying, “Haha, it’s only a part of the God List. Great. If I can defeat it, I can get the power of the God List.”

But he wasn’t thrilled for long, because the chaotic light of Black-and-White Millstone soon devoured and crushed the power of his avatar.

Seeing this, Hong Lei became dumbfounded.

She mumbled, “Impossible, how did Father’s spiritual mark get destroyed?”

The Black-and-White Millstone then turned into a light and rested in the deep mind-space of Qingfeng Li, starting to refine the power of the avatar of Black Thunder Immortal King.

Qingfeng Li walked forward and got to the front of Hong Lei.

In her terrified gaze, Qingfeng Li smashed at her, turning her into blood mist. Her body vanished in the world, along with her soul.

Then Qingfeng Li turned around and got to the side of Ling’er Ji. He flicked his right finger and broke the Black Thunder Immortal Web, then raised Ling’er Ji up.

Qingfeng Li injected his immortal energy into Ling’er Ji and helped her heal. After a while, she fully recovered from the injury.

However, during the healing, Qingfeng Li’s hand naturally touched her back, which made Ling’er Ji feel pretty shy.

She said, “Thank you for saving me. I would’ve suffered greatly if you didn’t come.”

Ling’er Ji still had the lingering fear thinking of what happened before.

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and said, “I got the inheritance from your father, Thunder Immortal. I’m like a senior brother to you, so it’s my duty to save you.”

Ling’er Ji sighed when hearing the name of Thunder Immortal.

She knew her father had died a million years ago.

She could only survive in the Immortal Realm because her father had sealed her in an immortal rock.

She didn’t come out until twenty years ago.

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