My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2475

Chapter 2475 Shaking The Thunder Continent

Ling’er Ji summoned the old followers of her father and wanted to avenge him.

But Black Thunder Immortal King was too powerful. He conquered the Thunder Continent, with his reputation spreading all over the Immortal Realm.

In the end, all the old followers of Thunder Immortal were killed by Black Thunder Immortal King. Ling’er Ji would also have died if Qingfeng Li didn’t show up.

In the center of the vast Realm of Thunder Continent, there was a huge city.

It was boundless, with everything built from black thunder rocks.

A magnificent palace laid in the middle of the city. It was the Thunder Palace, the residence of Black Thunder Immortal King.

Black Thunder Immortal King was standing in the hall of Thunder Palace, surrounded by the black thunder light, which could cleave the heaven and the earth and illuminate the universe.

Black Thunder Immortal King opened his eyes. He was tall and sturdy, with a sharp face.

He opened his mouth and roared with anger, “Qingfeng Li, you bastard. How dare you to kill my daughter Hong Lei?”

But then he showed a subtle touch of excitement in his eyes behind the rage.

He knew Qingfeng Li had a supreme treasure with him, the Black-and-White Millstone. It was a piece of the God List from the Primitive Immortal King.

The Black-and-White Millstone was such a precious treasure that it could even create a universe along with everything in it. It could even seal the gods.

At this moment, Black Thunder Immortal King had complex feelings. On the one hand, he felt like grieving for his daughter’s death. But on the other hand, he felt thrilled about finding the treasure on Qingfeng Li.

He swore to avenge his daughter and take Qingfeng Li’s treasure at the same time.

Then he took out an Immortal Decree with his mind.

It was about one meter long and completely black, shining dark thunder seal scripts around. It was a Dharma Treasure at the Immortal King level.

Black Thunder Immortal King threw this Immortal Decree to the sky over the Thunder Continent, and wrote on it with the following words, “Qingfeng Li murdered my daughter Hong Lei. This wanted order is effective immediately. Whoever provides the location of Qingfeng Li and kills him will be offered the Black Thunder Immortal King Sutra, an Immortal King Level cultivation technique, along with a million Spirit Stones of the Immortal King Level.”

Billions of self-cultivators in the Thunder Continent had seen the Immortal Decree, and also heard the words from Black Thunder Immortal King.

Suddenly, the entire Thunder Continent boiled over.

All the sects, clans, and those in the taverns and on the streets were talking about Black Thunder Immortal King and Qingfeng Li.

“Who is this Qingfeng Li? He is too bold to kill Hong Lei. She was Black Thunder Immortal King’s favorite daughter.”

“You’re right. Black Thunder Immortal King is really pissed off this time, offering such a generous reward. An Immortal King Sutra and a million Spirit Stones for Qingfeng Li’s head. I’ll go find him and kill him right now.”

“Luckily, Black Thunder Immortal King has provided Qingfeng Li’s portrait. He is unexpectedly young, looking only to be in his 20s.”

All the self-cultivators in the Thunder Continent were discussing. All of them were shocked by the news, and every place was boiling up at this moment.

Every single one of these mighty self-cultivators walked out of their sects and started looking for Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li and Ling’er Ji were resting in a remote mountain at this time. They also saw the Immortal Decree in the sky and were a little startled.

Ling’er Ji showed a touch of worry on her pretty face, saying, “I’m sorry to involve you into this, senior brother. Now Black Thunder Immortal King released the order. Perhaps all of the billions of self-cultivators in the Thunder Continent will chase after you from now on.”

Qingfeng Li smiled and said calmly, “Don’t worry. I’ll avenge the Thunder Immortal sooner or later. I can eradicate the minions of Black Thunder Immortal King with this chance. Then I’ll go kill Black Thunder Immortal King himself.”

Ling’er Ji thought for a while and finally made the decision.

She took out the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl from her interspatial ring.

It released bright thunder light once showed up, lighting up the entire sky, dimming all the stars. Even the burning sun was overshadowed.

Ling’er Ji said, “Senior brother. Thank you so much for agreeing to avenge my father. This is the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl. Take it and refine it now. Then you can reach the Half-step Immortal King Level and protect yourself well.”

Qingfeng Li was about to decline this gift, for he knew this pearl was too precious. It was the supreme treasure that the Thunder Immortal left for Ling’er Ji and was even more precious than the Thunder Origin.

But Ling’er Ji insisted and put it in Qingfeng Li’s hand. She wanted to guard beside him and let him refine the pearl quickly.

After all, those self-cultivators in the Thunder Continent would find this place soon.

Qingfeng Li then took the pearl and said, “Junior sister, let’s find a cave, and I’ll refine and absorb this Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl there.”


Qingfeng Li and Ling’er Ji turned into two flashes and reached three thousand meters ahead instantly.

There was a cave of a few hundred feet wide and a few thousand feet deep.

Qingfeng Li entered the cave, and Ling’er Ji guarded outside, in case of any demonic beasts or other self-cultivators interrupting him.

Qingfeng Li sat cross-legged on a rock and took out the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl.

It released intense thunderbolts on Qingfeng Li’s hand. Even he felt a little numb.

Qingfeng Li hesitated no more and operated the Thunder Chant. He sent out the nine-colored thunderbolts and created thunder seal scripts. They shrouded him in the middle and rotated around.

The thunder seal scripts contained furious and destructive energy. They entered the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl and started to absorb the energy inside.

There was unlimited power in the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl. In the beginning, Qingfeng Li could extract some energy beams from it. But then it felt like an abyss with unlimited energy.

Qingfeng Li showed a tough look. He knew it was urgent at this moment. If he couldn’t reach the Half-step Immortal King Level soon, he would be in serious danger when Black Thunder Immortal King found this place.

Of course, Qingfeng Li could run away with his void technique. But then Ling’er Ji would face a fatal crisis.

“I have to breakthrough.” Qingfeng Li showed a tough look, then he directly took the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl and swallowed it.

He ate the pearl and wanted to refine it inside his body.

The Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl contained the furious power of Thunder Origin. It was the very original power of ten colors from the universe, with even one more color than Qingfeng Li’s thunderbolts.

The power of thunder impacted Qingfeng Li’s skin, muscle, bones, and guts like a tsunami, creating huge sounds inside his body.

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