My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2476

Chapter 2476 Breaking Into The Half Step Immortal King Level

Qingfeng Li’s skin, muscle, bones, and guts all got cracked and seemed about to break up at the next moment.

Qingfeng Li had the physique of chaos, and his bones were of a vague chaotic color.

But the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl had such a strong power that it could even crack the chaotic body.

But Qingfeng Li felt excited. He knew it was a good sign.

No pain, no gain. Only after breaking and regenerating his bones and Immortal Nucleus could he break into a higher level.


Qingfeng Li’s Immortal Nucleus eventually broke and turned into small particles under the furious attacks of ten-colored thunderbolts from the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl.

More and more small particles started to rotate around Qingfeng Li’s dantian like a whirlpool with increasing speed.

It was one particle in the beginning; then it became two, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand, and then a million particles.

Finally, a million particles rotated like moving trains and gathered to Qingfeng Li’s dantian. Then they formed a fist-sized Immortal Nucleus.

It had ten colors, with five marks on it.

The ten colors and five marks were the symbols of the Half-step Immortal King Level.

Terrifying aura came out of Qingfeng Li, shocking the entire universe. All the creatures would bow down under this pressure.

Qingfeng Li could kill the Half-step Immortal King when he was a Peak Immortal. After reaching the Half-step Immortal King Level, he was invincible at this level and could even fight the Immortal King.

He wouldn’t be afraid of the masters in Immortal King Level anymore.

Qingfeng Li had just reached the Half-step Immortal King Level. He needed to strengthen his power and make his inner immortal energy stronger. After he fully comprehended the ten-colored thunderbolts, he could increase his attack power for a few times more.

At this moment, some accidents happened on the mountain outside.

After all, billions of self-cultivators were looking for Qingfeng Li and Ling’er Ji.

They could control the beasts in the forests and on the mountains to search for them. Finally, some powerful families found the trace of Qingfeng Li.


A few elders in grey arrived, riding on giant Lightning Eagles or Sky Swallowing Tigers, and there were thousands of more self-cultivators followed behind them.

They moved fast and got outside the cave shortly.

The elder in the most front was thin and short, but his Lightning Eagle was of a few hundred feet.

There were lots of bees and sparrows in front of the Lightning Eagle. They were leading the way for the elder. He had the Super Power of controlling demonic beasts. That was how he found Qingfeng Li.

Ling’er Ji was shocked when seeing this skinny elder, for she knew he was from the Wang Family.

The Wang Family was a super family sect in the Thunder Continent, with a few half-immortal master’s in it.

This skinny elder was Dong Wang, a Half-step Immortal King. He fought across the Thunder Continent and earned his reputation a million years ago.

Aside Dong Wang stood another tall, thin elder. He was called Lei Zhang and was from the Zhang Family.

Lei Zhang was also a remarkable master in the Half-step Immortal Level.

The Zhang Family was another super family sect in the Thunder Continent, just like the Wang Family.

Dong Wang and Lei Zhang had chased after Ling’er Ji before. That was why she knew how powerful they were.

Dong Wang and Lei Zhang got delighted and laughed after seeing Ling’er Ji.

Dong Wang said with excitement, “Great, Ling’er Ji is here. It means Qingfeng Li must be around. You two are so valuable. After killing you and Qingfeng Li, we can get the reward of an Immortal Level technique and a million Spirit Stones from Black Thunder Immortal King. Then we can reach the Immortal King Level.”

Ling’er Ji turned pallid. Though she was also very powerful, she got injured before and was no match for Dong Wang and Lei Zhang.

She clenched her fists and bit blood out of her lips.

She decided to risk her life to protect Qingfeng Li. Only after increasing his power level, Qingfeng could revenge her and her father.


Ling’er Ji drew out a long sword. It was of three fingers wide and over one and a half meters long, with glowing thunder light on it.

It was a sword from Thunder Immortal in the Wild Era. Now she took it out.

Ling’er Ji said in freezing voice, “If you want to kill Qingfeng Li, you’ll need to step over my dead body.”

Dong Wang replied with a cold voice, “Girl, since you asked, I’ll grant you death.”

Dong Wang reached out his skinny hand and shaped a thousands-of-feet-large palm, smashing at Ling’er Ji.

Though he looked skinny, he had shocking energy, which broke the surrounding immortal rocks and pulled out the plants.


Ling’er Ji shouted out and imported her immortal energy into the sword, then slashed it forward against Dong Wang’s palm.


With a clear sound, the sword in Ling’er Ji’s hand broke.

She felt depressed when seeing Dong Wang turned the sword from her father into countless pieces.

Meanwhile, she also realized how powerful Dong Wang was. It was beyond her limit.

Ling’er Ji operated her immortal energy like crazy and formed a huge defense light veil, blocking the entrance of the cave.

Dong Wang wielded his palm once again and directly crushed her defense light veil.

His palm hit heavily at Ling’er Ji. She was knocked away with spraying blood and broken ribs.

Dong Wang was full of killing energy and showed a touch of contempt, saying, “Idiot, daring to fight against a Half-step Immortal King with such a petty power. I can kill you with a single slap. I feel a little excited to kill the descendant of Thunder Immortal.”

Dong Wang smashed his palm from above with the shocking power and was about to crush Ling’er Ji into blood mist.


Qingfeng Li suddenly flew out of the cave.

He was irritated when seeing this scene and showed strong killing intention.

He shot out a golden beam from his eyes. It moved fast like a flash and shot at Dong Wang’s palm instantly, breaking his palm into numerous pieces.

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