My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2480

Chapter 2480 Universe Black Hole

Qingfeng Li told Treasure-Seeking Mouse and Ling’er Ji to retreat to a distant place since the upcoming battle between two immortal kings would probably destroy the whole world.

“Senior Brother, you must be careful,” Ling’er Ji said to Qingfeng Li gently before retreating 10,000 kilometers with Treasure-Seeking Mouse.

They watched the battle from the distance with their Heaven Eye super power.

Qingfeng Li’s presence increased with each step he took forward, leaving a huge crack in the ground beneath his feet.

Although the ground was paved with thunder rocks, they were fragile under Qingfeng Li who was like an ancient giant in disguise.

“Immortal King Thunder Spear,” Black Thunder Immortal King yelled and took out a long spear.

More than three meters long, the long spear had lots of black thunder patterns engraved on it and the earth-shaking presence it emitted pierced a hole in the sky and the earth.

As a powerful immortal king-grade dharma treasure, the Immortal King Thunder Spear had a great reputation in the Universe Saint Realm and the Immortal Realm and could launch immortal king attacks.

Having killed many immortal kings, the Immortal King Thunder Spear was covered with blood.

Black Thunder Immortal King had killed 3,000 Immortal King Realm masters with the Immortal King Thunder Spear, which was why his reputation had spread across the whole Immortal Realm.

On the Fire Continent and the Strength Continent near the Thunder Continent, two Rulers, Heaven Fire Immortal King and Great Strength Immortal King, were talking with each other.

Heaven Fire Immortal King had fire-red hair and even his face and eyes were as red as flames.

Wearing flaming-red clothes, he stood there like a burning flame.

At least ten meters tall, Great Strength Immortal King had bulging muscles and arms as thick as big trees.

He stood there like a small hill.

Heaven Fire Immortal King asked, “Great Strength Immortal King, who do you think will win, Qingfeng Li or Black Thunder Immortal King?”

After a moment of consideration, Great Strength Immortal King said, “I think Black Thunder Immortal King will win. After all, he controls the thunder punishments of the Immortal Realm and is a senior Immortal King Realm master while Qingfeng Li is an unknown figure.”

Heaven Fire Immortal King nodded and said, “Great Strength Immortal King, I agree with you. The winner will be Black Thunder Immortal King.”

Heaven Fire Immortal King and Great Strength Immortal King were friends with Black Thunder Immortal King, which was why they were sure the latter would win.

As to Qingfeng Li, the new comer, they held resentment and displeasure toward him.

Qingfeng Li ignored the Rulers on the surrounding Continents and focused his attention on his enemy Black Thunder Immortal King.


With his will, Qingfeng Li took out the Thunder Immortal Sword.

He would kill Black Thunder Immortal King with the Thunder Immortal Sword to revenge Thunder Immortal.

Seeing the Thunder Immortal Sword in Qingfeng Li’s hand, Black Thunder Immortal King’s expression changed slightly and said, “You inherited from Thunder Immortal and that’s why you came to me for revenge. Very good; today I’ll kill all his descendants.”

Black Thunder Immortal King whipped out his Immortal King Thunder Spear, which tore open the sky and shot out black thunder bolt runes flashing in the sky; instantly, it pierced the void and came before Qingfeng Li.

Fearless, Qingfeng Li hacked the Thunder Immortal Sword forward and shot out ten-colored lightning bolts.

These lightning bolts he had just understood possessed great super powers and they shattered the void instantly before colliding with black thunderbolts with earth-shaking sounds.

Cracks appeared on the city walls while the void was shattered.

The collision of two immortal king-grade dharma treasures released such violent energy that even the whole sky and the earth couldn’t withstand it.

Even in the Immortal Realm, few immortal kings battled with each other, especially among the masters such as Qingfeng Li and Black Thunder Immortal King.

Deng! Deng!

In the next moment, Qingfeng Li and Black Thunder Immortal both retreated one step and they looked at each other with astonishment.

Qingfeng Li said, “No wonder you can control the Immortal Realm’s thunder punishment; you are powerful enough to block my Thunder Immortal Sword.”

Black Thunder Immortal King looked at Qingfeng Li with a grim expression on his face.

After the first round of attacks, Black Thunder Immortal King had regarded him as his great rival since the power of the young man exceeded his expectation.

Unrivalled in the half-step Immortal King Realm and able to challenge Immortal King Realm masters, it was no wonder Qingfeng Li could kill his sons and so many half-step immortal kings.

More importantly, Qingfeng Li emitted a chaotic presence, which showed that he cultivated a powerful chaotic technique that had toughened his skin, muscles, meridians, bones and internal organs into physique of chaos.

Looking at Qingfeng Li, Black Thunder Immortal King said with intense killing intent, “You are very good since you could force me to retreat one step. I’ll show you the power of my Thunder Spear Techniques.”

“Spear Breaks Heaven,” Black Thunder Immortal King yelled while he whipped out the Immortal King Thunder Spear and stabbed it forward.

The spear pierced a huge pitch-black hole in the sky and the earth and hundreds of thousands of thunderbolts gushed out of the black hole and turned into Death God sickles hacking toward Qingfeng Li.

More importantly, Black Thunder Immortal King had merged himself with the Immortal King Thunder Spear, which was a rare realm in the whole world of self-cultivators.

The fact that he could understand this realm meant that he had a very great talent.

Qingfeng li grew cautious, knowing Black Thunder Immortal King was an Immortal King Realm master who had gained his reputation billions of years ago and thus possessed much more battle experience and battle awareness than Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li decided to launch his best technique, the Union of Nature and Man Thunder Immortal Sword Technique.

He launched the technique he had recently understood, so he could integrate the Great Dao of the sky and the earth into everything in the nature.

The sword was Qingfeng Li and Qingfeng Li was the sword.

The sword contained ten-colored thunderbolts and Qingfeng Li transformed into ten-colored thunderbolts.

Opposite to him, Black Thunder Immortal King’s body also turned into rolling black thunders.

The black thunders covered the whole sky, as if they would swallow Qingfeng Li.

Undaunted, Qingfeng Li’s ten-colored thunderbolts shot through the sky and looked down at everything in the world arrogantly.

Thunderbolts mingled with sword auras pierced the sky, broke the black mist, tore open the void and sealed the sky and the earth.

Boom! Boom!

Qingfeng Li and Black Thunder Immortal King collided with each other continuously, breaking open the sky and the earth while the Laws of Immortal Dao appeared near them before breaking into pieces immediately one by one.

The huge palace was completely destroyed since the immortal king-grade Immortal Rocks that were used to build the palace couldn’t withstand their violent energy; even the huge city and the Thunder Continent were covered by craters created by the energy released from the battle.

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