My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2481

Chapter 2481 Taotie Bloodline

Chapter 2481: Taotie Bloodline

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Qingfeng Li and Black Thunder Immortal King fought from the sky to the earth, then back to the sky and then into the ocean and the lake.

Wherever they went, they ruined everything in the Thunder Continent.

Cracks and broken limbs were everywhere; countless cities were shattered, countless mountains vanished, countless rivers evaporated, and countless self-cultivators died.

In the nearby Continents, lots of self-cultivators were secretly watching the battle in the Thunder Continent with their Heaven Eyes.

They all gasped at this sight.

“The battle between Qingfeng Li and Black Thunder Immortal King is so fierce that the whole Thunder Continent will probably be destroyed in the end.”

“Yeah. I thought Black Thunder Immortal King could easily kill Qingfeng Li. No one expected that Qingfeng Li could break even in the battle with an immortal king.”

“Didn’t you see the misty chaotic presence emitting from Qingfeng Li? He must have cultivated some powerful immortal-grade technique and gained the physique of chaos.”

The self-cultivators on the other Continents talked among themselves animatedly and had cleverly seen the unique feature of Qingfeng Li.

Black Thunder Immortal King’s face turned darker with fury while he battled with Qingfeng Li.

He had battled with Qingfeng Li for 1,000 rounds with all his techniques but couldn’t defeat Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was so resilient that he resisted all his fist techniques, palm techniques, flames, body movements, space techniques, and arrays.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng Li had also used up all his attacking techniques, including the Union of Nature and Man of the Thunder Immortal Sword Technique, the Killing God Law, twelve-colored flame and ten-colored thunderbolts.

In short, he had launched all his techniques against Black Thunder Immortal King.

After 1,500 rounds of attacks, neither Black Thunder Immortal King nor Qingfeng Li could gain the upper hand.

However, strictly speaking, the winner was obvious.

After all, as a famous Immortal King Realm master, Black Thunder Immortal king was one realm higher than Qingfeng Li, but he couldn’t gain the upper hand over a half-step immortal king.

Besides, he was millions of years older than Qingfeng Li, which was a great gap of age between them.

If Qingfeng Li had time to cultivate to a higher realm, he could kill Black Thunder Immortal King with one finger,

Black Thunder Immortal King had to admit Qingfeng Li was a demonic genius.

In the past millions of years, Black Thunder Immortal King had seen countless geniuses and Qingfeng Li was undoubtedly the No.1.

It was a sign of his great talent that with his short cultivation time and youth, Qingfeng Li could battle with Black Thunder Immortal King for so long and even broke even with him.

Furious, Black Thunder Immortal King said, “Qingfeng Li, you are very good and it’s no wonder that you could gain the inheritance of Thunder Immortal. However, you shall die today without a doubt.”

Qingfeng Li laughed and said overbearingly, “Black Thunder Immortal King, don’t boast. You’ve used all your techniques and still, you can’t defeat me.”

Black Thunder Immortal King said coldly, “Except techniques, I have the most powerful bloodline strength. I’ll launch my bloodline strength and swallow all the bloodlines in your body, making you regret you were ever born into this world.”

Hearing his words, Qingfeng Li showed no fear; instead, a trace of excitement appeared in his eyes.

He hadn’t used his bloodline strength for a long time since he had attacked his enemies with fist techniques and physical strength.

Now that his enemy would launch bloodline strength, he would provide some food to his Devourer Bloodline.

Hearing the Black Thunder Immortal King would launch his bloodline strength, the surrounding self-cultivators changed their expressions and immediately retreated.

The last time Black Thunder Immortal King launched his bloodline strength was 500,000 years ago and he had destroyed one Continent with it.

That Continent had offended Black Thunder Immortal King and the latter swallowed all the living things on the Continent with his bloodline.

“Taotie Bloodline!” Black Thunder Immortal King yelled and activated Taotie Bloodline in his body.

Before Black Thunder Immortal King appeared a huge shadow as big as a planet.

With its eyeballs as big as the Earth and its upper limbs as long as two Earths, it stood in the void while the whole Thunder Continent shook under its weight.

This shadow was Taotie from the Chaos Era and it possessed the energy that could swallow the sky and the earth.

No one had expected Black Thunder Immortal King had awakened this bloodline.

There were billions of demon beasts in the Thunder Continent, but now they all exploded, and their essence blood entered Taotie.

All the spirit essence, spirit herbs, and liquids on the Thunder Continent were swallowed by Taotie. It was a catastrophe for the whole Thunder Continent.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, Taotie was one of the ten fierce beasts and it specialized in swallowing all the bloodline energy in the world, making it an extremely cruel and fierce beast.

Qingfeng Li looked at all this without speaking; since he had once suppressed a Taotie on the Earth, he wasn’t afraid of it.

Now, the remaining self-cultivators including those in the Thunder Palace were completely disappointed in Black Thunder Immortal King.

In the past, they had regarded Black Thunder Immortal King as a merciful god who guarded the Thunder Continent so the people in here would have a happy life.

However, to their astonishment, Black Thunder Immortal King had become an evil devil who was swallowing demon beasts, essence energy and even essence of self-cultivators all over the Thunder Continent.

Black Thunder Immortal King looked crazy, with cruelty and murder in his eyes.

He said, “Qingfeng Li, after absorbing enough energy, my Taotie Bloodline is now totally awakened. Today it will eat you.”

Black Thunder Immortal King controlled the Taotie above his head and turned it into a huge devouring vortex that swallowed the energy from the void, time, and space while it dashed toward Qingfeng Li.

Fearless, Qingfeng Li yelled, “Devourer Bloodline.”

Circulating all the energy in his body, he activated his Devourer Bloodline which formed a black vortex with a diameter of tens of millions of meters.

Like a universe black hole, the black vortex was extremely huge, coming from the unknown Chaos Era of the Universe.

When the world was in the misty chaos, Pangu separated the sky from the earth, Nvwa created human kind, and the Three Monarchs and Five Sovereigns established the laws.

However, during all the process, a universe black hole had been watching silently.

Now, it finally bared its fangs and released a horrifying presence.

In the distant Chaos Era of the Universe before the sky and the earth were separated, Pangu had discovered the universe black hole and wanted to destroy it.

However, he couldn’t accomplish this feat in the end.

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