My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2482

Chapter 2482 Killing Black Thunder Immortal King

Chapter 2482: Killing Black Thunder Immortal King

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Neither Pangu nor Nvwa could deal with the universe black hole which was an abnormity in the universe and part of the mysterious laws.

Merely one of the fierce beasts in the Chaos Era of the Universe, Taotie stood before the Devourer Bloodline vortex of the universe black hole like a snake standing before a true dragon, totally not in the same category.

The black vortex above Qingfeng Li’s head seemed to have sensed some delicious food and began to suck Taotie toward its vortex with a huge vortex sucking force.

Taotie struggled with all its efforts with terror in its eye as if it met its nemesis.

However, all its struggles were in vain.

Under everyone’s astonished and incredulous gaze, Taotie, one of the ten fierce beasts in the Chaos Era, was swallowed by the black vortex of the Devourer Bloodline.

Taotie let out furious roars which shook the sky and the earth and everyone on the 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm heard its shrill roars.

Instantly, many self-cultivators from other Continents turned their gazes to this place.

After all, as one of the ten fierce beast bloodlines in the Chaos Era, Taotie possessed great superpowers and great energy; more importantly, it was awakened by Black Thunder Immortal King.

However, it was being swallowed by the universe black hole, which stunned all the self-cultivators.

All the self-cultivators in the Immortal Realm who had seen the sight changed their expressions drastically with their eyes full of horror.

They were surprised that the universe black hole had reappeared in the Immortal Realm after 100 million years.

In the distant Chaos Era of the Universe, the universe black hole had appeared once and destroyed half of the Immortal Realm.

From then on, all the self-cultivators regarded the universe black hole as a powerful evil devil.

Of course, the self-cultivators didn’t inspect their own behavior in the distant Chaos Era of the Universe; like universe evil devils, they had done all the evil things they wished including burning, killing and plundering.

Half an hour later, Taotie’s shrill screams finally stopped.

It vanished from the world after its bloodline strength was completely swallowed by the universe black hole.

Qingfeng Li felt his strength was increasing continuously since the Devourer Bloodline fed some of the energy to Qingfeng Li after swallowing Taotie.

The immortal core in Qingfeng Li’s body expanded continuously and spun swiftly: one circle, two circles, three circles, four circles, five circles… until it spun 10,000 circles.

The sky, the earth, the Sun and the Moon rotated in the air above the Immortal Realm while large amounts of thunder energy and immortal essence swiftly flew toward Qingfeng Li.

Like a huge whale swallowing ocean water, Qingfeng Li swallowed the energy and essence which seemed endless.

Qingfeng Li’s physical strength was also increasing quickly, and his skin, muscles, meridians, bones and internal organs emitted radiant light and chaotic presence.

His immortal core exploded into golden pieces which immediately began to reorganize.

The came together continuously until ten colors and six marks appeared on the core.

Ten colors and six marks were the symbols of the breakthrough into the Immortal King Realm.

In the crucial moment during his battle with Black Thunder Immortal King, Qingfeng Li reached Immortal King Realm and released a presence that suppressed the sky and the earth.

The whole sky and the earth were shaking, while the world from the ninth heaven of the universe to the ninth level of Hell was shivering because of Qingfeng Li’s breakthrough.

Once he reached the Immortal King Realm, Qingfeng Li was unrivaled in the realm.

Qingfeng Li opened his eyes and the sun was falling in his left eye while the moon was sinking in his right eye with lots of corpses floating around in the distance behind both eyes.

Now that he had reached the Immortal King Realm, he completely awakened the memories of his previous life.

In the distant Chaos Era, Qingfeng Li was an immortal king.

As the famous almighty immortal king of the Human Race, he had suppressed dark rebellions and, in this life, he was a reincarnator.

In the past, Qingfeng Li’s memories had been suppressed due to his insufficient power.

Now that his memories of immortal king were awakened, the superpowers in his mind were also awakened. He had a great superpower called the Light of Sun and Moon.

In other words, his left eye could shoot out the sun and his right eye could shoot out the moon; when both the sun and the moon were launched, they could shatter the sky and the earth.


Black Thunder Immortal King opened his mouth and spat out a big mouthful of blood.

After his Taotie Bloodline was swallowed by the universe black hole, his body was greatly hurt, and he retreated with a pale face.

Black Thunder Immortal King pointed his shaking finger at Qingfeng Li and said, “You’ve just reached the Immortal King Realm while you were battling with me. How come your presence is much more powerful than mine?”

Rebellion, reluctance, despair and bafflement—all kinds of emotions fleeted on Black Thunder Immortal King’s face.

Qingfeng Li looked at Black Thunder Immortal King and said, “It’s time for you to die. I’ll kill you with one attack.”

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Black Thunder Immortal King laughed and said, “Qingfeng Li, I’m an immortal king who’s in charge of the thunder punishments of the Immortal Realm, and it’s impossible for you to kill me with one attack.”

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly but remained silent.

Abruptly he shot out the sun from his left eye and the moon from his right eye. The two light columns condensed a dazzling red sun and a pure white moon.

The sun and the moon mingled with each other with a power that could suppress the sky and the earth before crashing onto Black Thunder Immortal King.

Black Thunder Immortal King roared furiously and launched all the 10,000 black thunderbolts in his body, however, they were all destroyed by Qingfeng Li’s sun and moon.

Since the sun was condensed by the chaotic Ultimate Yang Energy and the moon was condensed by the chaotic Ultimate Yin Energy, they possessed the greatest power in the world.

The sun and the moon crashed onto Black Thunder Immortal King, exploding his body into countless pieces that vanished between the sky and the earth.

Black Thunder Immortal King died.

At this sight, the surrounding self-cultivators were dumfounded with horror in their faces and shock in their eyes.

“It’s astonishing that Black Thunder Immortal King who had swept across the Immortal Realm for millions of years died today.”

“He died a pathetic death since both his physical body and soul were turned into blood mist by Qingfeng Li.”

“Qingfeng Li is so powerful that he can shot out the sun and the moon from his eyes, just like the immortal king of the Age of Mythology.”

“Is it possible that Qingfeng Li will become an immortal king who suppresses the 3,000 Continents in the Immortal Realm?”

The surrounding self-cultivators were all talking among themselves in low voices while they looked at Qingfeng Li with a trace of fear in their eyes.

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