My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2485

Chapter 2485 Killing Three Immortal Kings Successively

Seeing this sight, even Hurricane Immortal King was horrified.

His opponent had swallowed his hurricane attack, which showed that his opponent was a monster instead of a human.

After swallowing the Hurricane Field, Qingfeng Li began to understand it carefully.

Since he had understood the energy of wind style laws before, the hurricanes entered his body and began to circulate continuously.

Shortly, layer by layer, Qingfeng Li understood all the conditions that were used to form the Hurricane Realm and the hurricanes.

Despite the lack of wind, Qingfeng Li’s hair moved automatically while each of his hairs released a hurricane, forming a huge hurricane in the air above his head.

This hurricane was five times bigger than the hurricane formed by Hurricane Immortal King.

working in sync with the hair on his head, Qingfeng Li opened his mouth and blew with force, crashing the hurricane, which was four times stronger than its original one, onto Hurricane Immortal King.

Crack! Crack…

Under everyone’s horrified eyes, Hurricane Immortal King’s body was shattered into pieces and blood mist by Qingfeng Li’s hurricane and even his soul was blown away without a trace.

In the 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm, Hurricane Immortal King was in charge of hurricanes since he possessed the greatest wind style power and the unrivaled wind style laws.

But now he was killed by a hurricane, which shocked all the people.

Qingfeng Li turned to look down at Heaven Fire Immortal King and said, “I know you excel in flames. Launch your godly flames and I’ll defeat you with flames and nothing else.”

Heaven Fire Immortal King was furious and a bit terrified when he said, “Well, Qingfeng Li, today you killed several of my buddies, and I shall fight out with you, showing you the great power of my godly flames.”

With the deaths of Great Strength Immortal King and Hurricane Immortal King, Heaven Fire Immortal King was enraged, and knowing Qingfeng Li’s demonic great strength, he was prepared to launch all his force.

“Red Fiery Godly Flame!” Heaven Fire Immortal King launched Red Fiery Godly Flame.

A famous godly flame in the Immortal Realm, it ranked No.10 among the universe godly flames and had even burned Immortal King Realm masters to death.

The moment the flame appeared, it burned up the void and destroyed the black thunders in the sky above the whole Thunder Continent and shattered the forces in the sky.

Red Fiery Godly Flame engulfed the whole Realm and crashed toward Qingfeng Li with a presence that could melt everything in the world.

Elation appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eyes while he said, “Great! It’s the Red Fiery Godly Flame! I just need it to replenish my energy.”

He channeled the twelve-colored godly flame and Golden Flame and they shot out from his body.

The flames dashed forward and engulfed the Red Fiery Godly Flame.

Ranked No. 9 among the universe godly flames, Qingfeng Li’s twelve-colored godly flame had merged completely with the Golden Flames, and after engulfing the No. 10 Red Fiery Godly Flame, it began to swallow its opponent.

Possessing its own spirit, the Red Fiery Godly Flame certainly wouldn’t admit defeat and began to struggle fiercely.

Two godly flames fought with each other viciously, but the result was obvious.

In the end, Red Fiery Godly Flame was swallowed by the joint forces of twelve-colored godly flame and Golden Flame which turned their opponent into their own energy.

The temperature of Qingfeng Li’s twelve-colored godly flame began to increase swiftly, from about 100,000 degrees to 120,000 degrees, 130,000 degrees…

In the end, the twelve-colored godly flame’s temperature increased to 300,000 degrees.

300,000 degrees were terrifying high temperatures which could burn immortal kings to death.

Qingfeng Li launched 300,000-degree twelve-colored godly flame forward and engulfed Heaven Fire Immortal King with it.


Heaven Fire Immortal King let out shrill screams while his physical body, soul and strength in his body were burned and swallowed by the 300,000-degree twelve-colored godly flame.

Half an hour later, Heaven Fire Immortal King died pathetically.

His physical body, soul and blood were burned up by the twelve-colored godly flame with nothing left.



It was silent between heavens and earth.

All the people were dumbfounded at the final result.

Hurricane Immortal King, Heaven Fire Immortal King and Great Strength Immortal King besieged Qingfeng Li but were killed one after another by Qingfeng Li with skills they excelled in.

By killing four immortal kings, including Black Thunder Immortal King, Great Strength Immortal King, Hurricane Immortal King and Heaven Fire Immortal King, Qingfeng Li overawed the whole Immortal Realm.

Now, two persons possessed the greatest powers among the 3,000 Continents in the Immortal Realm. One of them was Conqueror Third Master Li who had conquered 50 Continents, ruining the auxiliary immortal Continents under the rule of Primordial Dragon Monarch.

Among the 500 Continents ruled by Primordial Dragon Monarch, a great many had been occupied by the Conqueror while the Immortal King Realm masters were killed by him.

While the whole Immortal Realm was living in fear, Qingfeng Li appeared and he had also begun to attack the immortal Continents and kill the immortal kings.

Shortly, all the people of the Immortal Realm became even more scared than before.

In the past, the immortal kings were Rulers of the immortal Continents, enjoying a lofty place and controlling tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of self-cultivators’ lives.

Very close to Immortal king Realm, immortal kings were the people most likely to reach the Immortal king Realm.

The first immortal king who reached the Immortal King Realm could rule nine heavens and ten lands and suppress the universe.

However, the immortal kings were now being butchered freely as if they were ants.

For example, Qingfeng Li killed the Great Strength Immortal King with one fist.

When Qingfeng Li killed Hurricane Immortal King, he swallowed and refined the latter with a super hurricane, which was a method beyond people’s common sense.

According to the legends, only a few immortal kings had been this powerful when they were young.

For example, Primitive Immortal king from the Human Race in the Chaos Era of the Universe had been an almighty master.

In his lifetime, he had been unrivaled across the Human Realm, Saint Realm and Immortal Realm and any self-cultivators who dared to block him were killed by him with ease.

When he was young, he had also killed immortal kings with one fist, turning immortal kings into screaming babies.

When Qingfeng Li landed from the sky, Ling’er Ji and Treasure-Seeking Mouse hurried over to him with elation on their faces.

Ling’er Ji’s charming face flushed with excitement when she said, “Senior Brother, you are several times more powerful than my father millions of years ago.”

Treasure-Seeking Mouse also flattered him, saying, “Master, I’m so happy that I can stay with you.”

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