My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2486

Chapter 2486 Primitive Immortal Kings Tomb

Chapter 2486: Primitive Immortal King’s Tomb

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Qingfeng Li smiled and said, “Let’s go into the Thunder Palace and the territories of the other immortal kings to get treasures. Now that they are dead, their treasures belong to me.”

Qingfeng Li took Ling’er Ji and Treasure-Seeking Mouse to Black Thunder Immortal King’s palace and dug out lots of treasures including many thunder crystals, immortal rocks, and immortal-grade techniques.

Of course, Qingfeng Li cultivated the Primitive Immortal Scroll which was the No.1 immortal scroll in the world, countless times more powerful than the immortal scrolls left by Black Thunder Immortal King.

However, the thunder crystals, immortal rocks, and immortal herbs were great tonics for him.

Opening his mouth, Qingfeng Li launched the universe black hole and Devourer Bloodline in his body and swallowed all the immortal crystals and immortal herbs into his mouth, refining them into his energy.

His immortal core improved quickly and in the blink of an eye, he reached the middle-grade of Immortal King Realm.

Without stop, he ate all the treasures collected in the past millions of years before going to the Immortal Continents of Hurricane Immoral King, Heaven Fire Immortal King, and Great Strength Immortal King.

In their dens, Qingfeng Li found lots of treasures, too.

Qingfeng Li took them without hesitation, after all, these were the loot of the enemies he had killed.

He swallowed all the treasures left by these immortal kings, including immortal herbs, immortal rocks, techniques, and dharma treasures.

His cultivation realm improved again and reached the upper-grade of the Immortal King Realm.

It meant that Qingfeng Li had reached the level of a famous master among the immortals of the 3,000 Continents in the Immortal Realm, powerful enough to battle the Primordial Dragon Monarch.

Qingfeng Li finally understood why the immortal kings liked collecting resources and attacking other immortal Continents and immortal kings; it was to increase their strengths.

By killing only four immortal kings and acquiring their treasures, Qingeng Li had gained a great growth of strength.

If he swallowed the treasures of other immortal kings, then his strength would undoubtedly gain greater improvements.

Ling’er Ji went to Qingfeng Li’s side and asked, “Senior Brother, where are we going next?”

After a moment of consideration, Qingfeng Li said, “We’ll go to the Godly Dragon Continent and help my father fight the Primordial Dragon Monarch, who is his archenemy. He even wants to marry my mother! I’ll kill him for it.”

Qingfeng Li, Ling’er Ji, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse were about to set out when a big event happened in the Central Continent where rare visions appeared with radiant lights.

As the middle ground of the 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm, the Central Continent possessed great natural treasures and essences of the sun and the moon.

This Continent was famous for its fertile ground, abundance of minerals and genius people.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, Primitive Immortal king was born and grew up in the Central Continent and finally became a powerful immortal king who ruled nine heavens and ten lands.

It’s said that Primitive Immortal king was buried in the Central Continent after his death and his tomb emitted golden light in the night.

The light lit up the whole sky and the earth, piercing a hole in the sky of the Immortal Realm through which one could see the extraterrestrial universe; the light cut a crack in the ground through which one could see the Hell King’s palace in the Hell and countless fierce ghosts.

A huge tomb was pulsating in the mountains.

The countless treasures, longevity immortal herbs, immortal dharma treasures in the tomb were clearly shown to the countless self-cultivators in the Immortal Realm.

“It’s astonishing that the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb is open.”

“This is a great opportunity. As the No.1 immortal king of the Human Race, Primitive Immortal king once ruled the whole nine heavens and ten lands, 3,000 Continents, Saint Realm, Human Realm, Demon Realm, Devil Realm, Ghost Realm, and Hell.”

“He swept across the world unrivaled and even killed the extraterrestrial gods.”

“According to the legends, in the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb, there are pieces of the God List and his full cultivation strength.”

“I heard about this legend, too. Anyone who gains Primitive Immortal king’s inheritance will receive the full cultivation strength he had once possessed before he died. By that time, this person will probably become an immortal king and rule the universe.”

All the self-cultivators in the 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm were talking about it animatedly.

Many families, sects, ancient forces, living fossils, no matter they were orthodox, unorthodox, demons, devils or evils, were all preparing to fly to the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb in the Central Continent.

Wherever he went, Qingfeng Li heard such conversations.

He frowned, feeling this would be a great opportunity for him and he would regret all his life if he missed it.

The voice of Fire Dragon’s soul sounded in the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind, “Little guy, don’t go to the Godly Dragon Continent to deal with the Primordial Dragon Monarch, who is very powerful and even destroyed my physical body and almost my soul.”

“Primordial Dragon Monarch is so powerful that you can only destroy him after you become an immortal king. You must go to the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb first and acquire the strength he possessed before he died.”

The moment he finished his sentence, Dark Night Emperor also transmitted a message in the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind, “Little guy, listen to me and the Fire Dragon’s soul and postpone your plan to deal with the Primordial Dragon Monarch, who for the time being can’t kill your father yet. You must go to the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb first and get the pieces of God List and the original cultivation techniques left by the Primitive Immortal king.”

Qingfeng Li knew that Dark Night Emperor and Fire Dragon’s soul were telling him this for his own good.

After a moment of consideration, Qingfeng Li said, “Don’t worry. I’m going to the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb now and fighting for the God List pieces and the original strength left by Primitive Immortal king.”

Then he dashed toward the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb in the Central Continent with Ling’er Ji and Treasure-Seeking Mouse.

On the way, he saw lots of self-cultivators, immortal boats, flight ships, battle ships, demon cranes and all kinds of human self-cultivators who were all rushing toward Primitive Immortal king’s tomb.

Right now, all 3,000 Continents in the whole Immortal Realm were erupted with excitement.

Nothing had ever induced such enthusiasm from the self-cultivators of 3,000 Continents in the Immortal Realm.

On the way, Qingfeng Li encountered some aggressive self-cultivators who demanded Qingfeng Li to make way for them and they were all killed by him with one palm.

After he had killed more than ten immortal kings, no self-cultivators dared to make trouble for him anymore, knowing he was a master they couldn’t afford to offend.

Some of them even recognized Qingfeng Li was the super master who had killed Black Thunder Immortal King and three other immortal kings.

Instantly, they kept clear off him, not daring to get too close.

After flying one day and one night, Qingfeng Li finally arrived at the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb in the Central Continent.

The Primitive Immortal king’s tomb was situated in a primitive mountain which was the first mountain that appeared after the birth of the sky and the earth.

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