My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2487

Chapter 2487 Geniuses Of 3000 Continents

Chaotic presence and the Laws of Great Dao permeated in the Primitive Mountains while godly light from the sky and the earth flashed.

From the distance, it truly looked like a treasure place of an Immortal king.

Qingfeng Li circulated the Clairvoyance ability in his right eye and could clearly see nine corpses of true dragons lying in the mountains.

Those were true dragons whose bones had turned into the ridges of the mountains after they died.

According to the legends, in the Chaos Era of the Universe, some Dragon Clan members tried to hunt down Primitive Immortal king, bur were all tamed by him.

Later, the nine true dragons died and became mountains around his tomb, protecting him from being disturbed by outsiders.

When Qingfeng Li came to the outer edge of the Primitive Mountains, he was stunned by what he saw.

The mountains were so high that each of them was ten million meters high while the main mountain in the center was 100 million meters high.

A mountain with a height of 100 million meters meant that its age was 100 million years.

The ocean turned into fields.

The time changed everything.

Countless masters and mountains had vanished in the Long River of the Time and only the Primitive Mountains existed until now.

Looking at the Primitive Mountains, Qingfeng Li had a familiar sensation rising in his heart.

He cultivated Primitive Immortal Scroll and Primitive Fist while two pieces of God List—Black-and-White Millstone–lived in the depth of his mind.

And that was why he had a familiar sensation when he came to the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb, as if he had come home.

He looked around and saw many big ancient trees on the outer edge of the Primitive Mountains; each of the trees was hundreds of thousands of meters tall, shooting up high into the clouds while the Laws of Immortal Dao floated around them and the talisman scripts of order permeated in the air.

Lots of self-cultivators gathered under the trees in the mountains and they were all geniuses coming from the 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm.

Each of them emitted earth-shaking presence and most of them were Immortal King Realm masters.

They all carried powerful dharma treasures and immortal devices while they looked at each other with grim expressions.

They all wanted to enter the Primitive Mountains and take the God List and the original strength left by Primitive Immortal king, which would give them a great boost to becoming an immortal king.

“Big Brother Li, you are here too!” Suddenly a charming voice sounded beside him.

Qingfeng Li turned his head and saw the speaker was Shenxiu Zhong and beside her stood Longevity Immoral, or more accurately, Longevity Immortal King.

Qingfeng Li was very grateful to Longevity Immortal King who had provided him with the Longevity Immortal Fruit with which Qingfeng Li had gained a great improvement in his strength and killed other masters, protecting Xue Ling and Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng Li cupped his hands at Longevity Immortal King and said, “Senior, you are here, too.”

Longevity Immortal King nodded and said, “Qingfeng Li, you are very good. You’ve been here for a little while and you’ve caused a great disturbance in the Immoral Realm by killing so many immortal kings. Now all the people in the Immortal Realm are talking about your feats and you are the pride of our Saint Realm.”

Qingfeng Li smiled in embarrassment, feeling modest before Longevity Immortal King who was a super master sweeping across the Chaos Era of the Universe until now.

Longevity Immortal King smiled and said, “Qingfeng Li, it’s good of you to be modest. Despite your great strength, the people coming to the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb are all super geniuses from 3,000 Continents. They are the masters of masters with no less power than mine.

“I’ll give you a brief introduction of the super masters. Look at the east of the Primitive Mountains and that is the sect force of Primordial Dragon Monarch.

“Since Primordial Dragon Monarch and Conqueror Third Master Li are in the critical moment of their battle in Godly Dragon Continent and can’t come to the Primitive Immortal king’s tomb, Primordial Dragon Monarch has sent his son Primordial Dragon King.

“Primordial Dragon King is extremely powerful and he’s called the No.1 master under the Dragon Monarch. Having reached the pinnacle stage of the Immortal King Realm, he sweeps across the world unrivalled, which is why people call him the most likely candidate for the immortal king.”

Qingfeng Li looked toward the east where Longevity Immortal King pointed and saw a tall young man.

This young man was Primordial Dragon King. With a rugged face, bushy black eyebrows, big figure and brawny back, he stood there absorbing and spitting out the light of the sun, the moon and the stars.

Wearing a golden dragon robe, he looked like a godly dragon lying there emitting the presence that separated the sky from the earth and frightened off the chaotic presence nearby. He was indeed powerful.

Longevity Immortal King pointed his finger to the west of the mountains and said, “That is Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Connecting Immortal King’s son and an almighty master.”

Qingfeng Li saw the Purple Sword Immortal King was very handsome with his tall and lean figure, sword-shaped eyebrows and bright eyes.

However, while he stood there, he felt like a long sword sweeping across the world, emitting the realm of combining with the power of heaven.

Qingfeng Li knew he was a powerful master.

Longevity Immortal turned to the north and said, “That’s Sky Battling Immortal King, North Limbo Battling Monarch’s son and an almighty master, no less powerful than Primordial Dragon King and Purple Sword Immortal King.”

Qingfeng Li looked over and immediately sensed an aggressive presence coming from the young man who had a medium size, but his presence could suppress the ancient times and overawe nine heavens and ten continents.

He stood there as if he was ready to battle with the heaven and fight the sun and the moon.

Longevity Immortal King pointed to the north and said, “That’s South Territory Demon Monarch’s son, South Demon Immortal King, who is more demonic compared with the other three. He excels in weird mana attacks which can pierce everything in the world and it’s hard to defense against them.”

Qingfeng Li looked toward the north and saw a demonic young man.

With green hair, slim and tall figure, sword-shaped eyebrows and bright eyes, he looked extremely pretty, but the weird presence he emitted was scarier than that of the Hell King.

Longevity Immortal King said, “The Primordial Dragon King, Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King and South Demon Immortal King are descendants of four super forces of the Immortal Realm and their ancestors had once been immortal kings, which explains their great powers. You must be careful around them.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, “Senior, thank you for your reminder.”

With a smile, Longevity Immortal King said, “Besides the descendants of the four super immortal kings, there are some other super masters such as Sky Corpse Immortal King who gained Dao from a sky corpse.

“Apart from them, there are White Tiger Mountain, Vermilion Bird Mountain, Black Tortoise Realm, Ultimate Yin Sect, Ultimate Yang Sect, Burial Ground, Five Elements Immortal Palace and Nine-headed Clan, etc. each of which is a conqueror of the Immortal Realm with extremely great power.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and thanked Longevity Immortal King again.

Hearing Longevity Immortal King’s explanation, Qingfeng Li had a clear picture of the major forces in the Immortal Realm.

He knew that all the top masters except Primordial Dragon Monarch and the Conqueror had come here.

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