My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2488

Chapter 2488 Killing Nine Headed Immortal King With One Slap

Chapter 2488: Killing Nine-headed Immortal King with One Slap

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Suddenly, Qingfeng Li’s eyes glinted when he saw Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess who had come to the Immortal Realm with him.

However, Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess were now attacked by Nine-headed Immortal King.

Originally a godly worm, Nine-headed Immortal King had cultivated himself into an immortal king with nine heads.

Nine-headed Immortal King spat out godly flames and forced Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess to retreat continuously.

Pale-faced, Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess spat out blood and would die soon.

Qingfeng Li said, “Senior, I’m going to save my old friends and I’ll talk to you later.”

Qingfeng Li stepped forward and instantly came to the side of Moon Fairy.


Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and caught the flame of Nine-headed Immortal King and tossed it casually into the void in the distance.

Coming to the side of Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess, Qingfeng Li said, “Are you ok?”

Moon Fairy was about to answer but instead she spat out a big mouthful of blood.

She had been severely wounded by Nine-headed Immortal King.

A trace of worry entered Qingfeng Li’s eyes and he immediately took out elixir pills and fed them to Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess to heal their wounds.

Then he placed his palms on their wrists and transferred immortal essence into their bodies.

Shortly, he healed all their wounds.

With their recoveries, their pale faces turned pink and charming again.

They said, “Qingfeng Li, thank you!”

Behind them, Nine-headed Immortal King’s eyes flashed coldly.

He was furious that someone saved the women he had tried to kill.

Looking at Qingfeng Li coldly, Nine-headed Immortal King said with intense killing intent, “Who are you? You dare to save the damned woman Moon Fairy who should have gone to the eighteenth level of Hell long ago.”

Qingfeng Li turned and looked at Nine-headed Immortal King, saying coldly, “Come here and I’ll kill you with one palm.”

Qingfeng Li’s voice was loud, arrogant and overbearing and all the other geniuses from 3,000 Continents heard him clearly.

These powerful Immortal King Realm masters all looked over here with astonishment in their eyes.

“As a famous master, Nine-headed Immortal King possessed magic-like strength and his nine heads can swallow and spit out the sky, the earth, the sun and the moon.”

“Yeah. Who’s this young man? He’s quite ignorant that he dares to say that he will kill Nine-headed Immortal King with one palm.”

“Are you blind? Didn’t you recognize him as Qingfeng Li who’s quite popular in the whole Immortal Realm recently for killing several immortal kings successively?”

“Oh. He’s Qingfeng Li. I’ve only heard about his name and never seen him before. I’m surprised he’s so young; however, he’s so powerful that he killed even Black Thunder Immortal King, Hurricane Immortal King, Great Strength Immortal King and Heaven Fire Immortal King.”

The surrounding self-cultivators talked among themselves animatedly while some of them recognized Qingfeng Li with astonishment in their eyes.

Swoosh! Swoosh…

Many of them began to retreat, not daring to get too close to them.

Both Nine-headed Immortal King and Qingfeng Li were super masters and when they fought, one of them would die.

Hearing the conversations of the surrounding self-cultivators, Nine-headed Immortal King knew his rival was Qingfeng Li; he laughed with arrogance in his eyes.

He said, “So you are Qingfeng Li. Do you think you are as powerful as Primordial Dragon Monarch that you want to kill me with one slap?”

Nine-headed Immortal King’s nine heads lifted and yelled abruptly, spitting out the sun, the moon and starry light while his body expanded swiftly to 90,000 meters high.

With the sun, the moon and stars rotating around them, the nine heads surrounded Qingfenge Li from nine directions, including east, south, west, north, up, down, left, right and center, while they bit toward him.

Qingfeng Li looked calm and indifferent.

When the nine heads of his rival were almost upon him, Qingfeng Li abruptly reached out his right palm which turned into a Primitive Immortal Fist as big as tens of millions of meters.

When Qingfeng Li punched out the Primitive Fist, chaotic presence permeated the air and the Laws of the Great Dao flashed. Containing the natural laws of the godly flames and the Gold Flame, the fist crashed onto Nine-headed Immortal King’s nine heads with vicious force.

Crack! Crack!

Under everyone’s astonished eyes, Nine-headed Immortal King’s nine heads shattered.

Nine-headed Immortal King’s shrill screams resonated in the whole Primitive mountains.

Countless Immortal King Realm masters turned their eyes this way and were stunned when they saw Qingfeng Li shattered Nine-headed Immortal King’s nine heads with a single palm.

With disbelief in their eyes, they were astonished by Qingfeng Li’s great power.

Qingfeng Li’s Primitive Fist continued forward unstoppably, turning Nine-headed Immortal King’s body, legs, feet, body and soul into blood mist.

Nine-headed Immortal King died.


The whole Primitive Mountains was plunged into silence while everyone was stunned by Qingfeng Li’s great strength.

In the Immortal Realm, Nine-headed Immortal King was a famous master who overawed 3,000 Continents.

However, he was killed by Qingfeng Li with one palm.

They wondered how powerful on earth was Qingfeng Li who looked to be an existence as earth-shaking as Conqueror Third Master Li.

Seeing this sight, Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess were dumbfounded with astonishment on their charming faces.

In their minds, Nine-headed Immortal King was an almighty immortal king who could suppress nine heavens and ten lands with his magic-like strength, which explained their astonishment when they saw he was killed by Qingfeng Li with one palm.

In the next moment, elation and appreciation entered the eyes of Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess.

They ran to the side of Qingfeng Li and said gratefully, “Thank you for killing Nine-headed Immortal king and revenging our parents.”

At this moment, Moon Fairy felt lucky that she had invested in Qingfeng Li in the Saint Realm and she was astonished at the great speed of the increase of his power.

Qingfeng Li looked around and the surrounding self-cultivators retreated swiftly, stunned by his great power.


Primordial Dragon Monarch snorted while a trace of displeasure entered his eyes, thinking Qingfeng Li had insulted him by killing Nine-headed Immortal King in front of him.

Everyone knew that Nine-headed Immortal King had been a subordinate of Primordial Dragon Monarch and had submitted spirit rocks and treasures to Primordial Dragon Monarch.

Primordial Dragon King was very angry and the consequences would be severe.

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