My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2492

Chapter 2492 Rebuilding Physical Body

Chapter 2492: Rebuilding Physical Body

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Behind him, Treasure-Seeking Mouse said with excitement and admiration, “Master, you are so powerful.”

As a lucky guy of nature, Treasure-Seeking Mouse was experienced and knowledgeable and thus he knew about the great power of Sky Corpse Immortal King.

As an existence that had swept across the Immortal Realm, his great power made him stand out from the many immortal kings and had been called one of the ten ultimate masters of the 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm.

Besides, he controlled nine corpses of major immortal kings and including himself, he had the power of ten immortal kings.

Being attacked by ten immortal kings all at once, Qingfeng Li killed them in one breath without a fuss.

Qingfeng Li didn’t spare a glance at the body of Sky Corpse Immortal King because, in his mind, these people were just ants, and his goal was the Primordial Immortal Grass before him.

His body shifted and reached for the Primordial Immortal Grass.

Only one-third of a meter tall, the Primordial Immortal Grass emitted primordial light, which was the first light after the birth of the universe.

Below was the primordial soil that had nurtured it.

Primordial soil could be used to rebuild one’s physical body, and it was said that when Nvwa created humans, she had used such primordial soil.


In the next moment, a huge fierce beast appeared beside the Primordial Immortal Grass. It was Qi Qiong, a beast looked like a godly tiger with wings and dragon horns and its favorite food was humans.

As one of the ten fierce beasts, Qi Qiong’s body was huge and could swallow the sky and the earth.

Coming from the void, it bit toward Qingfeng Li, trying to devour him.

With a sneer, Qingfeng Li said, “I knew there would be a fierce beast guarding the Primordial Immortal Grass and the beast is you. If you dare to mess with me, I’ll destroy you.”

He knew that the Qi Qiong in front of him was just a thread of a spiritual mark, a very weak clone left by the fierce beast Qi Qiong in the Chaos Era of the Universe, while its original form had died in a battle in the Chaos Era.

Qingfeng Li channeled the Devourer Bloodline in his body and formed the universe black hole.

The moment the universe black hole appeared, it swallowed everything around it, including light, immortal rocks, chaotic presence, and Qi Qiong.

Qi Qiong’s clone roared furiously as if it had seen its nemesis.

However, all its efforts were in vain. In the blink of an eye, Qi Qing, one of the ten fierce beasts in the Chaos Era died.

Qingfeng Li’s strength had increased greatly, feeling he had reached the pinnacle stage of the Immortal King Realm, which elated him.

He knew that it was thanks to the Devourer Bloodline.

While the Devourer Bloodline swallowed the strength of the ultimate fierce beast, it had fed some of the strength to Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li reached out his right hand and picked up the Primordial Immortal Grass and dug out some of the soil beneath it at the same time.

Standing beside the cliff, he found a lake below which emitted a chaotic presence.

In the lake, there were chaotic immortal lotus roots and other living things that belonged to the primordial Chaos Era.

He picked some chaotic immortal lotus roots and wrapped the Primordial Immortal Grass with the primordial soil and the lotus leaf before the process of bodybuilding.

Circulating the Primitive Immortal Scroll, Qingfeng Li emitted god-like energy, looking as if Primitive Immortal King had come back to life.

His body released the light of the primordial time while the lotus roots, primordial soil and Primordial Immortal Grass were accumulating continuously.

Shortly, he built a complete body.

He built it according to the looks of Dark Night Monarch before he died.

“Building a human body with yellow mud—the master is so powerful.” Treasure-Seeking Mouse was stunned and could find no words to express his admiration.

It must be noted that only the ancient goddess Nvwa in the Chaos Era could build human bodies.

However, it took her great efforts to create humans with yellow mud, but Qingfeng Li did it with ease.

Of course, it was all thanks to the Primitive Immortal Scroll without which he couldn’t have accomplished it even if he had all other treasures.

As the first scroll after the creation of the world, Primitive Immortal Scroll was an immortal scroll that had built everything of the world at the beginning of the universe.


Dark Night Monarch’s soul flew out from Qingfeng Li’s mind and was elated when he saw the body.

His soul entered the body and merged into it instantly.

Meanwhile, his strength was growing continuously.

Made with Primordial Immortal Grass, primordial soil, lotus roots and leaf, his skin, muscles, meridians, bones, bloodline and internal organs contained the chaotic strength.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, “Senior, let’s go and find the pieces of the God List.”

Suppressing the elation in his heart, Dark Night Monarch said, “Little Guy, I was not mistaken to choose you in the Human Realm on the Earth. You have reached such a high cultivation realm and even rebuilt my physical body, giving me a second life.”

Qingfeng Li said, “Senior, please don’t mention it. You’ve saved me many times and you’re like my father in my heart.”

Then Qingfeng Li, Dark Night Monarch, Ling’er Ji and Treasure-Seeking Mouse dashed toward the east of the Primitive Mountains where the pieces of the God List were located.

Seeing Dark Night Monarch regained his physical body, the soul of the Fire Dragon in the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind was envious since it, too, wanted to regain its physical body.

Ever since its physical body was destroyed with only its soul left, recovering its physical body had been its dream and goal.

However, different from Dark Night Monarch who was a human and could be built with Primordial Immortal Grass and primordial soil, the soul of the Fire Dragon needed a godly dragon body.

To rebuild its physical body, the soul of the Fire Dragon must have the bones of a godly dragon.

Feeling the agitation of the soul of the Fire Dragon in the depth of his mind, Qingfeng Li comforted it, “Senior, don’t worry. Wait until I attack the Godly Dragon Continent and destroy Primordial Dragon Monarch. I’ll take his dragon bones and build you a godly dragon body unrivaled in the whole world.”

Exhilaration appeared in the eyes of the soul of Fire Dragon when it said, “Little guy, I’ll wait for it.”

Swoosh! Swoosh!

While Qingfeng Li was flying toward the east of Primitive Mountains, the other self-cultivators, ultimate geniuses and almighty kings from 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm were also flying over here.

Some of them had figured out the position of the pieces of the God List with the great superpower of Heaven Secrets Immortal Calculating Technique.

Shortly, Qingfeng Li and others arrived at their destination.

It was a tall and big immortal palace with radiant golden lights shooting into the clouds and nine heavens, just like the legendary immortal palace of the Jade Monarch.

Before the huge immortal palace stood many self-cultivators including Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King, and Sky Shooting Immortal King.

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