My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2494

Chapter 2494 Lots Of Treasure

Chapter 2494: Lots of Treasure

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Despite their jealousy, Purple Sword Immortal King and the others had admitted in their hearts that Qingfeng Li was indeed powerful, since he could break the defense light shield of the Primitive Immortal Palace with one punch.

After breaking the defense light shield of the Primitive Immortal Palace, Qingfeng Li flew into the palace without hesitation with Ling’er Ji and Treasure-Seeking Mouse.

Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King, and Sky Shooting Immortal King also rushed into the palace without hesitation.

Everyone knew that the people who entered the Primitive Immortal Palace first would get the dharma treasures, spirit herbs, elixirs, weapons, and other precious treasures.

Besides, the legendary God List pieces were in the Primitive Immortal Palace and anyone who got them could seal others’ souls and sweep across the Immortal Realm unrivaled.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, Primitive Immortal king had defeated countless immortals and immortal kings and sealed their souls into the God List.

Built with Rock of Chaos, the interior of the Primitive Immortal Palace was extremely huge.

The walls, ceiling, ground and the stone columns were all made with the special ultimate treasures in the Chaos Era.

Looking around, Qingfeng Li gasped at the extravagance of the cultivation palace of Primitive Immortal king.

After all, it had taken an immortal rock as tall as a man and lots of his energy to make a fist-sized Rock of Chaos, which greatly pleased Longevity Immortal King.

However, in front of them were lots of Rock of Chaos.

Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King, and Sky Shooting Immortal King grew crazy.

As descendants of four top forces, their families had some immortal rocks and a few Rock of Chaos.

However, the number of the Rock of Chaos was so small that they could rarely use them since their masters and elders had the priority to use them.

Seeing so many Rock of Chaos before them, their eyes turned hot as if they had seen some ultimate treasures.

Purple Sword Immortal King rushed over before others and reached for a chair that was made with Rock of Chaos.

However, the moment his palm touched the chair, he activated the forbidden force on the chair and violent energy shot out, bouncing off Purple Sword Immortal King’s body.

Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King, Sky Shooting Immortal King also launched their best attacks and tried to grab the columns, ground, ceiling and the walls.

However, without exception, their bodies were bounced back by a mysterious force and they couldn’t take hold of anything.

Astonished and frustrated, they were puzzled.

After all, the force in their hands was as great as 5 million pounds and could shatter an immortal mountain.

However, their huge attacking force couldn’t break even one piece of Rock of Chaos.

In the next moment, they understood.

Made personally by Primitive Immortal king, the Rock of Chaos still possessed the immortal king-grade suppression despite their great age of 100 million years.

To attain these Rock of Chaos, there were two ways. The first was to become an immortal king.

However, it was an impossibility and by now no one had reached the Immortal King Realm in the whole Immortal Realm.

The second way was to break the Rock of Chaos with the force of the God List.

Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King, and Sky Shooting Immortal King were determined to find the God List and take it.

The rest self-cultivators had also understood the situation and had begun to search for the God List in the Primitive Immortal Palace.

In the huge palace, there were lots of scrolls including immortal cultivation techniques and even half-step immortal king-grade cultivation techniques.

Besides the scrolls, there were lots of immortal herbs, longevity elixirs, healing elixirs, and some immortal swords, immortal sabers, immortal armors, dharma treasures, and weapons.

Each of them was extraordinary and countless self-cultivators would have fought over it with their lives if it was taken outside of the palace.

However, no one paid attention to these treasures right now.

They had only one goal and that was to find the God List which was the star of the ultimate treasures.

With the God List, one could get all the other treasures.

Qingfeng Li, Ling’er Ji, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse were also searching for the other three pieces of the God List.

Qingfeng Li activated the Clairvoyance ability in his right eye which released radiant golden light and saw through the void and everything in it, searching each corner of the Primitive Immortal Palace.

However, after searching the whole palace, he still couldn’t find a trace of the God List.

He said in a low voice, “Treasure-Seeking Mouse, you search it with your sky and earth superpower.”

Nodding, Treasure-Seeking Mouse brought his hands together in a chanting gesture and chanted a passage of ancient chaotic sutra.

The character “Treasure” formed in the air above his head and began to search in the palace.

However, after a quarter of an hour, Treasure-Seeking Mouse got nothing.

It shook its head and said, “Master, the God List is a chaotic godly object refined by the first immoral Monarch of the Human Race and even I can’t find it. Only the Black-and-White Millstone in the depth of your mind can sense it.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and communicated with the Black-and-White Millstone in the depth of his mind, telling it to appear and find the other three pieces.

Black-and-White Millstone gave a wave of mana fluctuations and said in a low voice, “Qingfeng Li, I can help you find the other three pieces of the God List, but they have their own awareness and might try to swallow me. You must help me swallow their awareness and so I can help you suppress the others.”

Startled, Qingfeng Li asked, “Do you mean that the other three pieces have awareness of their own and that’s why they escaped from this place? And once you appear, they will try to merge with you, right?”

Black-and-White Millstone nodded and transmitted a message to him, “Yes. In the Chaos Era of the Universe, we were higher heaven godly object in which sealed countless godly spirits, which is why we have our own awareness.

“After the separation, they are three pieces and I have only two lights, the black and the white. If we meet each other, I will be at the disadvantage. You must help me with your Primitive Immoral Scroll and Primitive Fist so we can turn the tables.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, “Ok. Black-and-White Millstone, don’t worry; I’ll certainly help you.”


Black-and-White Millstone flew out from the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind, releasing two light beams, one black, and the other white.

Those were the lights of the chaos and primordial time, the original lights at the beginning of the universe.

Then, the Black-and-White Millstone flew toward the outside of the Primitive Immortal Palace.

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