My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2495

Chapter 2495 God List

Chapter 2495: God List

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Seeing this sight, Qingfeng Li was startled and asked in bafflement, “What are you doing, Black-and-White Millstone? Isn’t the treasure in the immortal palace? Why are you flying out?”

Black-and-White Millstone transmitted a message to Qingfeng Li, “I told you that the other three pieces of God List have gained their own awareness and know how to avoid danger. They’ve gone out of the immortal palace and went into hiding. No one but me can find them.”

Hearing Black-and-White Millstone’s words, Qingfeng Li understood suddenly.

No wonder Qingfeng Li had felt no presence of the God List pieces after searching for so long inside the Primitive Immortal Palace with his Clairvoyance ability; they had all gone out of the palace.

They were really powerful since they knew human’s minds.

Not only Qingfeng Li, but Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King, Longevity Immortal King, and all the other self-cultivators as well had expected that the God List pieces could avoid them.

Qingfeng Li felt lucky that he had the other two pieces of the God List in his possession, otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for him to get the God List today.

Releasing chaotic light, Black-and-White Millstone led the way while Qingfeng Li, Ling’er Ji, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse followed it.

Shortly, they came out of the Primitive Immortal Palace.

Qingfeng Li looked ahead and saw Black-and-White Millstone was staring at the characters on the plaque of the Primitive Immortal Palace like they were enemies, emitting chaotic presence.

Walking to Qingfeng Li’s side, Treasure-Seeking Mouse said, “Master, if I’m right, the other three pieces of the God List are hiding in the characters ‘Primitive Immortal Palace’. That’s really smart of them to hide behind the characters since no one would notice them up there.”

Nodding, Qingfeng Li circulated his Clairvoyance ability which saw through the void and emitted radiant golden light. In one glance, he saw the characters “Primitive Immortal Palace” were formed by the other three pieces of the God List and they were golden, purple and blue respectively.

Releasing mana fluctuations and chaotic energy, Black-and-White Millstone charged forward.

The characters of “Primitive Immortal Palace” turned into a millstone with colors of golden, purple and blue.

Even larger than Black-and-White Millstone, this millstone released radiant light that lit up the sky while it charged toward Black-and-White Millstone.

The two groups of God List pieces collided with each other in the sky with huge earth-shaking sounds.

Both were powerful godly objects of nature and their battle shattered the sky and the earth, breaking the universe space and the Long River of Time.

Fortunately, they were in the Primitive Mountains, otherwise they would have destroyed the planet or the continent they stood on.

Even though they were in the Primitive Mountains, the surrounding immortal rocks were falling one by one, great mountains as high as tens of millions of meters collapsed, and huge ancient trees exploded into pieces.

Black-and-White Millstone sent a message to Qingfeng Li, “Hurry up! Channel your Primitive Immortal Scroll and suppress it with your Primitive Fist, otherwise I’ll be defeated.”

Nodding, Qingfeng Li could see that the golden, purple and blue God List pieces were obviously more powerful and the chaotic lights they released were brighter, forcing the Balck-white Millstone to retreat continuously.

Qingfeng Li channeled the Primitive Immortal Scroll in his body and released chaotic presence.

Launching Immortal Rock Spreading Wings, he leaped up into the air and instantly came to the side of the golden piece of the God List, giving it a punch.

With a bang, the golden piece of God List stumbled backward for a long distance.

Angry at the humiliation, the golden piece of the God List transmitted a message to him in the chaotic language, saying, “Damned human, why did you hit me? Wait a minute, the Primitive Fist you used is the fist technique my master Primitive Immortal king had once used. Have you cultivated his Primitive Immortal Scroll?”

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, “Right. Your eyes are sharp and I indeed have cultivated the Primitive Immortal Scroll and the Primitive Fist.”

Excited, the golden piece of the God List said suddenly, “If you help me suppress the Black-and-White Millstone and refine it into my body, I’ll submit to you and take you as my master.”

Hearing its words, the Black-and-White Millstone was anxious, fearing Qingfeng Li would agree to its proposal.

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said to the golden piece of the God List, “The Black-and-White Millstone is my friend. You two are supposed to merge together become one and I’ll help the Black-and-White Millstone suppress you and merge you into one piece.”

Boom! Boom…

Qingfeng Li circulated the Devourer Bloodline, dragon blood and Wolf God Bloodline in his body and formed a huge black vortex in the air above his head.

The black vortex was the universe black hole which engulfed the sky and the earth and overawed heaven.

Meanwhile, behind Qingfeng Li appeared a huge godly dragon lying across the sky and a giant Wolf God which stunned the sky and the earth.

At the same time, Qingfeng Li’s left hand launched the twelve-colored godly flame of 300,000 degrees while his right hand punched out the Primitive Fist, crashing both toward the golden piece of the God List before him.

“So powerful.” Startled, the golden piece of the God List felt the unrivaled force of Qingfeng Li and tried to flee.

“Freeze time and space,” Qingfeng Li yelled and activated the time-space freezing technique, freezing all the time and the space around them and making it impossible for the golden piece to flee.

Then he shattered the golden piece of the God List with one fist.

The Black-and-White Millstone released huge black and white swallowing light beams which formed a black-white vortex, sucking in all the golden pieces of the God List and refining them.

The God List pieces had three colors which were golden, blue and purple. After refining the golden piece, the Black-and-White Millstone dashed toward the other two pieces.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng Li froze time and space and helped the Black-and-White Millstone swallow the golden pieces of the God List.

At this moment, a golden arrow was shot from the Primitive Immortal Palace below them.

The arrow was extremely fast and impossible to dodge.

With a “puchi” sound, the arrow pieced Qingfeng Li’s chest and blood gushed out from his wound.

Experiencing an acute pain, Qingfeng Li realized someone had launched a sneak attack on him in the critical moment while he was dealing with the God List pieces.

“Damn it! Who is it?” Furious, Qingfeng Li turned his head and saw it was Sky Shooting Immortal King who had launched the sneak attack on him.

With a big golden bow in his hand, Sky Shooting Immortal King had a trace of a sneer in his eyes.

Qingfeng Li said, “Sky Shooting Immortal King, you jerk! Why did you shoot me with your arrow?”

Sky Shooting Immortal King laughed and said, “Qingfeng Li, do you take me as a moron? The things battling in the sky are the pieces of the God List and you have acquired two pieces of them. Now I’ll kill you and take the God List pieces.”

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