My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2496

Chapter 2496 Longevity Immortal King Made His Move

Chapter 2496: Longevity Immortal King Made His Move

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The voice of Sky Shooting Immortal King was loud and Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, and South Demon Immortal King heard him clearly in the Primitive Immortal Palace.

Instantly, Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King rushed out and surrounded Qingfeng Li.

Everyone knew that they must kill Qingfeng Li if they wanted to get the God List pieces.

Now Qingfeng Li was in danger. Just a moment ago, Sky Shooting Immortal King had shot out Shooting Sky Arrow which according to the legends could even kill immortal kings.

With his physique of chaos, Qingfeng Li didn’t die, but he was severely wounded.

Besides, he had to split some of his strength to help the Black-and-White Millstone suppress the blue and purple pieces of the God List.

“Isn’t it a bit unfair that so many of you guys deal with one Qingfeng Li?” At that moment, an ancient voice came to them.

Longevity Immortal King walked out of the Primitive Immortal Palace with Shenxiu Zhong.

Seeing Longevity Immortal King, the expressions of Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King, and Sky Shooting Immortal King changed slightly.

However, with the God List just before their eyes, their expressions regained determination.

Sky Shooting Immortal King said, “Longevity Immortal, despite your mysterious and extraordinary background and powerful strength, you’d better not mess with the four of us who are descendants of the top forces. We won’t show mercy if you try to stop us from killing Qingfeng Li.”

Faced with the threat issued from Sky Shooting Immortal King, Longevity Immortal King looked calm.

He smiled slightly and said, “It’s been a long while since I engaged in a battle last time. If you want to attack, I don’t mind warming up my body with you.”

Then he turned and said to Qingfeng Li behind him, “Go ahead and help the Black-and-White Millstone suppress the other pieces of the God List. I’ll deal with them.”

Qingfneg Li nodded and thanked him.

He knew it was a show of Longevity Immortal King’s good will to him.

Although he didn’t understand why Longevity Immortal King helped him, he would remember this favor.

Channeling the immortal vitality strength in his body, Qingfeng Li healed his wound while he continued to launch the Primitive Fist to suppress the purple and the blue pieces of the God List.

Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King and Sky Shooting Immortal King emitted powerful presences and took out their dharma treasures which shattered the sky and the earth while they walked toward Longevity Immortal King.

They knew that if they wanted to defeat Qingfeng Li and get the God List, they must defeat Longevity Immortal King first.

From his back, Sky Shooting Immortal King took out the big golden bow and drew out a golden arrow with his right hand.

More than two meters long, the arrow was very powerful while the radiant golden runes it released illuminated the sky and the earth and tore open the space.

He bent and shot out an arrow which instantly tore open the space as if an extraterrestrial immoral was flying into this world abruptly.

The arrow pierced the time and the space and the Long River of Time, broke the ancient time and shook the stars before coming to Longevity Immortal’s side instantly.

The self-cultivators who had run out of the Primitive Immortal Palace were astonished at the sight.

They exclaimed when they recognized the golden arrow.

Among 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm, Sky Shooting Immortal King was the No.1 archer who had once killed ten immortal kings with his Sky Shooting Bow, being called one of the ten almighty masters in the Immortal Realm.

Seeing he shot out the golden immortal arrow, the self-cultivators turned pale and shivered all over as if they souls would collapse.

Although Qingfeng Li was helping suppress the blue and the purple pieces of the God List with his spirit energy, his mind was focused on the Sky Shooting Immortal King behind him.

Seeing this sight, Qingfeng Li frowned slightly.

Just a moment ago, Qingfeng Li’s chest had been pierced by one arrow shot from this Sky Shooting Bow and it left a big wound in his body.

A trace of worry appeared on Shenxiu Zhong’s charming face and she said, “Master, be careful.”

Longevity Immortal King stood there indifferently, not pleased or worried.

For him, despite the great power of the Sky Shooting Arrow which could even pierce the sky, it was not powerful enough to deter him.

With two fingers from his right hand, like a lightning flash, he caught the Sky Shooting Arrow.

Seeing this sight, the surrounding self-cultivators were all astonished and began to talk among themselves animatedly with horror in their eyes.

“My Gosh! Longevity Immortal King is so powerful that he caught the Sky Shooting Arrow.”

“No wonder Longevity Immortal King is the most mysterious immortal king in the long history. He caught the ultimate arrow technique of Sky Shooting Immortal King with only two fingers.”

“If it was me who tried to catch the Sky Shooting Arrow, I would have died without a doubt.”

The surrounding people looked toward Longevity Immortal King with a trace of admiration in their eyes.

In this moment, they had a deep understanding of the great power of Longevity Immortal and knew they were absolutely no match for him.

Sky Shooting Immortal King’s expression changed slightly with a cold glint and a trace of astonishment in his eyes.

Ever since he had mastered the Sky Shooting Arrow, he had swept across the Immortal Realm unrivalled and no on had ever caught his arrow.

Even Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King and South Demon Immortal King wouldn’t dare to catch the arrow shot by Sky Shooting Immortal King.

However, Longevity Immortal King caught it with two fingers.

Everyone could see the Longevity Immortal King’s great power.

With a slight smile, Longevity Immortal King said, “Your archery technique was too weak.”

His two fingers tightened and with a crack, broke the golden arrow into two halves.

Glancing at the people around him, Sky Shooting Immortal King said, “Longevity Immortal King is too powerful for me to fight alone. We attack him together.”

Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King and South Demon Immortal King nodded.

From his act of catching the Sky Shooting Arrow, they had felt clearly the extraordinary power of Longevity Immortal King who was no less or even more powerful than Primordial Dragon King.

With his will, Purple Sword Immortal King drew out the Purple Heaven Godly Sword.

The moment the Purple Heaven Godly Sword appeared, it emitted purple sky-piercing aura.

The purple aura shocked the universe starry sky and pierced everything in the world, as if the radiant sword was the only thing in the world.

In the distant Chaos Era, one of Purple Sword Immortal King’s ancestors had been an immortal king and this Purple Heaven Godly Sword had been his weapon when he was young. It was a famous dharma treasure.

Not to be overshadowed, Sky Battling Immortal King took out the Sky Battling Godly Spear.

More than three meters long and as thick as an arm, the spear was black all over, made with the legendary Sky Black Godly Gold.

An ultimate immortal material, Sky Black Godly Gold was very rare in the world and Sky Battling Immortal King’s ancestor, an immortal king, had searched all over the universe before he found one piece and made it into the Sky Battling Godly Spear.

The immortal king had swept across the nine heavens and ten lands unrivalled with this Sky Battling Godly Spear and the moment it appeared, it emitted the presence that shocked everything in the world.

Seeing Purple Sword Immortal King and Sky Battling Immortal King had taken out their ultimate treasures, South Demon Immortal King couldn’t hide his treasure any more and took out the Demon Sky Godly Drum from his interspatial ring.

According to the legends, this greenish blue drum was made with godly beast’s skin with the demon Monarch’s laws; it possessed great super powers and great ability that specialized in soul attacks.

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