My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2497

Chapter 2497 Mastering The God List

Chapter 2497: Mastering the God List

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Seeing Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King and South Demon Immortal King take out their ultimate dharma treasures, Longevity Immortal King frowned slightly.

As an almighty hermit master who had swept across the Chaos Era, Prehistoric Era, Ancient Era of the Universe, Longevity Immortal King had recognized these dharma treasures.

Each of them had an extraordinary background related to a certain immortal king and they had no sign of erosion after trillions of years of use, which showed the great power of these weapons.

Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King and Sky Shooting Immortal King all circulated the immortal vitality strength in their bodies and launched out their dharma treasures which tore open the universe void, shook nine heavens and ten lands, and cut open ancient times while crashing toward Longevity Immortal King.

With only his bare hands, Longevity Immortal King released radiant laws which crashed with these legendary ultimate treasures of immortal kings with huge earth-shaking sounds.

Qingfeng Li saw this sight from the distance and his expression changed slightly.

Qingfeng Li thought to himself, “No wonder the Longevity Immortal King is the most mysterious immortal king in the whole history. According to the legends, he has met several immortal kings and is thus familiar with these immortal king dharma treasures, which is why he can sweep across the sky and the earth with only his bare hands.”

After watching for a while, Qingfeng Li was relieved to see that Longevity Immortal was powerful enough to block them all.

Then he put all his immortal vitality energy and spirit energy into the suppression of the purple and blue pieces of the God List.

After refining the golden piece of the God List, Black-and-White Millstone now showed three colors: black, white and golden.

Containing great energy, the three dazzling lights lit up the world and turned the tables instantly, forcing the blue and purple pieces of God List to retreat continuously.

Qingfeng Li froze the time and the space, making it impossible for the God List pieces to flee.

In another direction, his universe black hole was staring at them aggressively, ready to rush up and swallow the purple and blue pieces of the God List.

“Gravity Immortal Technique! Hurricane Immortal Technique!” Qingfeng Li yelled.

First, he immobilized the purple and blue pieces of the God List with the Gravity Immortal Technique.

Then he blew the pieces toward the vortex black hole released by the Black-and-White Millstone, so the latter could refine the pieces.

After killing Gravity immortal King and Hurricane Immortal King, Qingfeng Li’s strength had increased greatly and had gained a deeper understanding of the Hurricane Immortal Technique, which was why he defeated the purple and blue pieces of the God List so quickly.

The Black-and-White Millstone naturally wouldn’t let the rare chance go. Instantly, it formed an even more powerful black vortex which swallowed the purple and blue pieces of the God List and began to refine them.

However, the purple and blue pieces of the God List were so powerful that they were still struggling and even trying to refine the Black-and-White Millstone after being swallowed by the latter’s black and white lights.

Frightened, the Black-and-White Millstone broke out in a cold sweat. Since it hadn’t completely refined all the golden piece of the God List that it had just swallowed, it would be dangerous if its rivals turned the tables.

The Black-and-White Millstone released a wave of mana fluctuations of chaotic language, saying to Qingfeng Li, “I need you to loan me your strength.”

Qingfeng Li asked, “How can I loan you my strength?”

The Black-and-White Millstone transmitted a message in chaotic language, “Very simple. You put a drop of your essence blood onto the pieces of God List and then you can use my strength while I can also use your strength. In short, you’ll have one servant of dharma treasure.”

Qingfeng Li understood then that it would be a bonding contract like the one he had with the Treasure-Seeking Mouse.

From now on, the Black-and-White Millstone would become his ultimate treasure.

Without any hesitation, Qingfeng Li cut open his finger and put a drop his essence blood onto the Black-and-White Millstone.

Meanwhile, the Black-and-White Millstone released a wave of mysterious runes and fluctuations into the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind, building a spiritual bond between them.

The Black-and-White Millstone borrowed the strength of the Primitive Immortal Scroll and the Primitive Fist from Qingfeng Li’s body, emitting a chaotic and primitive presence.

The presence was very powerful. After all, the God List had been made by the Primitive Immortal king and this presence naturally could suppress the blue and purple pieces of the God List.

Half an hour later, the Black-and-White Millstone had completely refined and merged the blue and purple pieces of the God List with the golden piece.

Now the Black-and-White Millstone had expanded to three times of its former size with five colors: black, white, golden, blue and purple.

The five colors released five-colored light which lit up the sky and the earth and formed a complete millstone which flew into Qingfeng Li’s hand.

Then it shrunk swiftly into the size of a palm, which meant that the millstone could shrink and grow at will.

Elation appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eyes because he clearly sensed the mysterious bond between himself and the Black-and-White Millstone while he learnt many things from the God List.

“With the Heavenly Dao of Yin and Yang, God List issues the order to seal the immortals. and ten thousand immortals are sealed in the God List.”

Qingfeng Li closed his eyes and began to carefully understand the instruction on how to use the God List and shortly memorized the usage instruction of the ultimate treasure God List.

Meanwhile, Qingfeng Li’s wounds were being swiftly healed.

With the help of the chaotic presence, Qingfeng Li healed all his wounds within half an hour.

He turned and all his body emitted a chaotic presence, as if he was the Primitive Immortal king descending to the immortal world.

Sensing the chaotic presence released from Qingfeng Li, Longevity Immortal King turned his head and said, “Congratulations to you for completely mastering the God List.”

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, “Thank you for your help. Now Let me deal with them.”

Now he was full of self-confidence and wanted to test the power of the God List.

He would battle with Purple Sword Immortal King, Sky Battling Immortal King, South Demon Immortal King and Sky Shooting Immortal King all by himself.

Longevity Immortal King nodded and backed to make way for him.

Qingfeng Li walked forward and said, “You guys attack me all together.”

Sky Shooting Immoral King sneered and said, “Qingfeng Li, you’re too arrogant. I’ll show you again the power of my Sky Shooting Arrow.”

Sky Shooting Immoral King bent and placed the arrow on the bow, launching the Sky Shooting Arrow.

The Golden arrow broke the time and the space and separated the Long River of Time, coming before Qingfeng Li instantly.

Qingfeng Li raised his right and placed the God List before him, absorbing the Sky Shooting Arrow into it.

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