My Cold And Elegant Ceo Wife Chapter 2499

Chapter 2499 Destroying Godly Beasts And Killing Immortal Kings

Chapter 2499: Destroying Godly Beasts and Killing Immortal Kings

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Swoosh! Swoosh!

Qingfeng Li, Ling’er Ji, Treasure-Seeking Mouse, Longevity Immortal King, and Shenxiu Zhong moved like the wind, dashing toward the Immortal King Mountain.

Shooting up high into the heaven, the Immortal King Mountain was the No.1 mountain in the universe.

Among the 100 million planets, 3,000 Continents and 3,000 Great Daos in the Immortal Realm, the Immortal King Mountain was the summit.

Looking up, one couldn’t see the top of the Immortal King Mountain.

Shooting into the deepest part of the universe, it looked as if the mountain had pierced a huge hole in the universe. It was a horrifying sight.

Immortal King Mountain released the Laws of the Immortal King and the Great Dao Law, and the unrivaled suppression made it extremely difficult for people to get to the top.

The ordinary Immortal King Realm masters couldn’t even get close to it and only the ultimate masters of the pinnacle stage of the Immortal King Realm and half-step Immortal King Realm masters could enter it.

When Qingfeng Li and the others got close to the Primitive Monarch Mountain, they felt a tremendous power of suppression.

This Immortal King suppression made it hard for them to breath and to lift their feet; it was absolutely impossible to fly here.

Longevity Immortal King also felt the suppression, but he resisted it by channeling the Longevity Immortal Scroll in his body.

Longevity Immortal King said, “Qingfeng Li, we must walk step by step if we want to enter the Primitive Monarch Mountain.”

Qingfeng Li, Ling’er Ji, Treasure-Seeking Mouse, Longevity Immortal King, and Shenxiu Zhong walked toward the Immortal King Mountain before them.

They couldn’t activate their flying abilities or other forces in their bodies because the greater the force they used, the greater the suppression they would receive.

After 100 million years, the summit where Primitive Immortal King had once cultivated and understood the Dao had gained its own awareness.

Besides the chaotic laws, Great Dao orders and chaotic presence, there were shadows and spiritual marks of godly beasts in the Immortal King Mountains including true dragons, phoenixes, Kun Roc, Black Tortoise, Kirin, Baize, Undead Bird, and Taotie.

There were also some dharma treasure weapons such as Sky Connecting Immortal Sword, Thirty-three Heavenly Dao Picture, Haotian Tower, Fuxi Zither and Kunlun Mirror.

Extremely powerful, they attacked the self-cultivators who tried to climb the mountain.

The self-cultivators entering the Primitive Mountains were ultimate geniuses of the 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm and each of them had reached the highest point in their respective fields.

Having lived millions of years, their strengths could shake the sky and the earth.

However, they were now struck off the mountain easily by the legendary chaotic godly beasts and fierce beasts.

It was because they could use little strength on the mountain.

Qingfeng Li was different from them. Although he also couldn’t use too much of his cultivation techniques and dharma treasures, he possessed the physique of chaos and could continuously replenish his chaotic energy, keeping his strength at the peak state.

With his extremely powerful physical strength, he could withstand the attacks launched by the ancient fierce beasts with huge banging sounds.

Walking in the foremost of the group, Qingfeng Li shielded Ling’er Ji and Shenxiu Zhong behind him so they wouldn’t be attacked by the fierce beasts.


A true dragon’s spiritual mark appeared and spat out a pungent purple flood toward Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li punched out the Primitive Fist and shattered the true dragon mark and its flood.

In the next moment, a phoenix appeared in another direction and attacked Qingfeng Li.

He caught it with his hand but didn’t kill the spiritual mark of the phoenix.

After all, his wife Xue Lin was the Ice Phoenix and his mother was the Fire Phoenix of the world.

Qingfeng Li held special feelings toward phoenixes.

With a flick of his fingers, Qingfeng Li transferred a spiritual mark into the phoenix mark and bounced it off into the distance.

The phoenix mark glanced at Qingfeng Li and vanished.

In the next moment, an Undead Bird spat flames toward him.

Showing no mercy to the Undead Bird, Qingfeng Li shattered it with one palm.

While he ran up toward the top of the Immortal King Mountain, he encountered great dangers.

Several times, primordial fierce beasts, such as Kun Roc, Qiqiong, and Taotie, launched attacks on him, but he dodged them narrowly and killed them.

In the battles, he understood how to cultivate the remaining part of the Primitive Immortal Scroll and gained more experience in the usage of the physique of chaos.

Suddenly, he spotted Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess ahead of him.

They had been walking toward the top of the Immortal King Mountain, but they stopped on the mountainside due to exhaustion.

When Moon Fairy saw Qingfeng Li walked over, elation appeared on her charming face.

She said, “Qingfeng Li, Primitive Immortal King’s original force is on the mountain top, but due to our limited strengths, we can’t withstand the suppression anymore.”

Qingfeng Li smiled and comforted Moon Fairy, saying, “Don’t worry. I shall get the Immortal King’s original force.”

He pressed on with Longevity Immortal King and others while Moon Fairy and Moon Saintess cast admiring glances toward him.

Due to the suppression of the Immortal King Mountain, they couldn’t go on after climbing only five million meters with 95 million meters left, but Qingfeng Li was fine under this suppression.

While Qingfeng Li continued toward the mountain top, he overtook countless immortals and Immortal Kings who all glanced at him with complicated feelings.

In the end, some Immortal Kings even attacked him, trying to stop him from getting to the top.

After all, for them, Qingfeng Li was only an outlander from the Saint Realm.

Instantly, fists, dharma treasures, and weapons flew around the Immortal King Mountain, breaking time and space.

However, Qingfeng Li was so powerful that he shattered the body and soul of the ill-intentioned Immoral King Realm masters with one punch.

Even the godly beast shadows above the Immortal King Mountain were no match for Qingfeng Li, not to mention the Immortal Kings.

With his great power, he swept across the way while he advanced upward.

After one day and one night’s extremely hard journey, Qingfeng Li defeated more than one thousand Immortal King Realm masters and destroyed hundreds of spiritual marks of the godly beasts and fierce beasts from the Chaos Era of the Universe and finally came to the mountain top.

When they reached the top of the Immortal King Mountain, Qingfeng Li was so astonished that he gasped.

At the pinnacle stage of Immortal King Realm, Qingfeng Li was now only one step from the Immortal King Realm and few things could shock him. However, he was shocked now.

He had imagined for countless times the scene on the Immortal King Mountain, but he had never thought it would be like this when he was here in person.

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