My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 135

"Is this the map of world affairs?" Bai Yi regarded the surrounding lava with curiosity. He opened the map and froze, his pupils dilating. "F*ck, it's a level 100 map! Could the legendary demonic dragon be a level 100 beast?"

The next second, a sudden howl from the mountaintop reverberated through the air in reply. A gigantic dragon flew into the clouds, making a couple circles in the sky before landing on a volcano. There were a few words in bright red displayed above its head: Ancient Demonic Dragon (Lv. 102).

"Level 102!" Bai Yi'seyes widened in shock. "Isn't the level discrepancy a little extreme? How are we going to fight that monster?"

"Bai Yi, this map is draining our blood continuously." Li Zheng pointed toward the solidified lava on the ground.

As expected, their blood level was dropping by a hundred points per second. In a short while, their blood supply was halved. Li Zheng waved the fan in his hands, restoring it. However, the next second, with a snap, his fan broke into two.

"That's another piece of equipment down." Li Zheng sighed. "That was my last one."

"Indeed, this mission is proving to be a real challenge." Bai Yi frowned, rummaging through his bag. "Since it's the only mission, we won't be able to give up or go offline. Now that all the equipment is gone, what are we going to do? Not that any normal equipment would do us any good now."

"I have a few things in my bag," Yao Si volunteered, recalling her full bag.

"I guess beginner stuff will do too. Pass something to Li Zheng so that he can restore our blood supply. We need to stay alive."

Yao Si opened her bag and pulled out a fan that was glowing with all the colors of the rainbow. "Is this alright?"

Four gleaming words appeared above the fanMythical equipment: Time Immemorial Fan!

"..." Bai Yi.

"..." Li Zheng.

"My-mythical... mythical weapon! Oh god! What did I just see? Is this a dream? Forget about the Scroll of Poetic Saga, how did the legendary mythical equipment end up in Her Highness' hands?! Wasn't it supposed to appear after the great war?

"Your Highness, where did you... get this?"

"From the NPC in newbie village," Yao Si replied. "Didn't I tell you it's a beginner item?"

"..." The two of them blinked. Is the NPC in beginner village your relative?!


"What's wrong?" Their silence caused a momentary disappointment within Yao Si. I guess beginner items aren't good after all. "Can it be used?"

"Your Highness..."


"Do you still have other beginner equipment? Could you take them all out?" One is scary enough!

"I don't have much..." Sensing their interest, Yao Si removed the equipment from the bag one by one.

Mythical equipment: Phoenix Feather Celestial Coat.

Mythical equipment: Phoenix Feather Celestial Shoes.

Mythical equipment: Phoenix Feather Hairpin.

Mythical equipment: Heavenly Erupting Hammer.


The entire ground was littered with equipment with a golden glow...

"..." Bai Yi.

"..." Li Zheng.

Silence fell upon them.

Her Highness... did she kill an entire celestial race?

After a second, Yao Si dusted off her thighs.

"Let's go! Off to chase that dragon!"

Her Highness was indeed the most reliable comrade, one in a million. With all the mythical equipment, they would be able to eliminate the entire demonic race, not just the level 102 dragon.

After equipping themselves, they entered the volcano entrance confidently. Amid a pile of lava stones, the black dragon, which had been sleeping, opened its eyes.

The fight began.

[Ancient Demonic Dragon: Hahaha! Did the heavenly king send you guys here to die? He must be dreaming. How can you babies (Lv 80) have any chance of defeating me? Heh! Today, I'm going to kill the apple of his eye, The Prettiest Celestial of the Seven Seas, Han Yue, in front of you. It will serve as a reminder to those ignorant celestials who the real master of the three worlds is!]

With a sway of its tail, a transparent bubble started to ascend with the words 'Celestial Han Yue' at the top of the white figure inside.

Even though it was just an NPC, Yao Si couldn't help feeling her anticipation rise as she focused on the ascending bubble. What could the Beauty of the World look like? The person inside seems to be clothed in a gray male outfit, a ribbon wrapped around him, his face taut and stripped off any emotion. He looked like...


"Mu Xuan?"

( o )

Why did this NPC look so much like Mu Xuan? Wasn't the Beauty of the World supposed to be a female celestial? How did the gender change?

Perhaps... this was made by another of Mu Xuan's brainless fans?

[Sisi?] a familiar voice asked.

"..." Yao Si.

"..." Bai Yi.

"..." Li Zheng.



It wasn't an NPC, but it was really him! How did he end up there? That explained why he hadn't found her after such a long time... he had turned into an NPC and was now the beauty of the... world?

This was too much to handle!


At the game company, someone asked, "What's going on? Isn't the Beauty of the World supposed to be Celestial Han Yue, an NPC? How did a player end up in her place?"

"Give me a moment, I'm getting it checked..."

After ten minutes.

"Eh, there seems to be a problem with this player's stats..."

"What's the problem?"

"Celestial Han Yue has the highest charisma level in the system. Logically speaking, there is no way a player could exceed that, but this player's charisma level... seems odd, but during the transportation, the system was confused and ended up sending him in Celestial Han Yue place."

"... Why is his charisma level so high? Isn't the basic data based on Mu Xuan's looks?"

"This... I don't know, could he have been using additional software?"

"F*ck! What should we do? Poetic Saga can't just end here or the advancement won't succeed. There should be enough time for us to get Celestial Han Yue over."

Silence reigned in the room.

"Should we... just go on with the mistake?"


Han Yue was just a minor plot point which was required to push the player. She wasn't a BOSS so it wasn't a big deal. Besides, it was the weekend so they wouldn't be able to get their marriage certificates!

Which meant... they should just cover up the entire incident.


The two operators switched off the warning silently.


[Ding! Poetic Saga begins! Brave cultivators, please defeat the beast and save Celestial Han Yue to win amazing rewards and the world's gratitude. You would also be able to receive love from the celestial herself!]

The corners of Yao Si's lips twitched. The celestial's love?

Without much time for them to process the situation, the 'ready for battle' notice popped up. The next second, the dragon opened its mouth, spitting multiple lighting daggers toward them.

"We have to save him!" Yao Si's heart sank as she turned around. "Bai Yi, you're a front damage dealer. Go close in and attack. Li Zheng, continue to restore our health. I'll serve as backup."

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