My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 184

Lian Yu sunk into silence. Even though she yearned to retaliate, she was at a loss. Countless expressions flashed past her face as she stayed in a daze. 

Mu Xuan and Lin Long were probably already aware of her feelings. They were perhaps not enough to be called love yet, but they were definitely more than the ability generated feelings she felt toward Yao Si. This explained how the arrogant Lian Yu could exploit Lin Long with such ease and without guilt even though she already knew Yao Si liked Mu Xuan. 

Humans were generally more unrestrained toward people they were close. Deep inside, Lian Yu had already accepted Lin Long. 

As for his indulgence for her actions, he was sure that there was no chance of her getting together with Yao Si. Moreover, he had to have already detected her feelings. 

It was particularly obvious during the period Lin Long and Yao Si had swapped their bodies. Even though Lin Long had told her his identity, she didn't bother trying to clarify the situation and had instead dragged him to register marriage. This proved that Lian Yu had a misconception in regards to her feelings. In truth, she didn't like Yao Si at all; it was all due to the ability that had caused the illusion. 

"But-but I..." Lian Yu was full of confusion. After half a second, she shook her head, unwilling to accept the situation. "That's not true. Sisi, you are really the only one I like. Lin Long is such an annoying person, how could I like him. I..." 

She paused, unable to complete the sentence. 

I guess a stimulant is necessary.

"He really is rather annoying!"

"Right? Right?" Lian Yu agreed, nodding aggressively at the common consensus. "You think so too, don't you?" 

"It isn't just me. Mu Xuan feels the same way as well. Lin Long has been irritating him for the past few days hence he decided to solve this problem once and for all." 

"Solve the problem?" Lian Yu stilled. "Wha-what do you mean?"

"Why else do you think Mu Xuan isn't back yet?" Yao Si waved her hand dismissively. "He is the king of the bloodlings after all, so he spared Lin Long before on account of being fellow clansmen, but even the mildest temper can be enraged after such constant irritation. Before Mu Xuan left, he reassured me that Lin Long would never be a hassle again."

"What?!" Lian Yu bolted upright. 

"We talked for..." She lowered her head to glance at the time. "It's almost half an hour! With Mu Xuan's ability, it should already be—"

Before she could even finish her sentence, Lian Yu had already dashed out like a gust of wind, completely forgetting that Lin Long was a pure breed bloodling that couldn't be killed. 

Ah! If it isn't true love...


Ever since the day Lian Yu had been scared off, she seemed to have smartened up, steering clear of the Red Planet for an entire month. That day, Lin Long was so badly bruised he could barely stand upright, triggering Lian Yu into attacking Mu Xuan. Due to her contractor status, Mu Xuan wasn't able to retaliate, hence… he vented his frustration on Lin Long even more. 

After several months, tranquility finally came to Yao Si and Mu Xuan. They could sleep in peace whilst in each other's embrace, but as usual… nothing happened!


Once Lian Yu's problem had been resolved, Yao Si finally had time to think about her own issues. That was when she uncovered a pressing problem—she still lacked a signature from her coming of age test! 

Moreover, due to the swapping of body mishap, Mu Xuan wasn't going to allow her back to Ability Planet anytime soon. 

This meant that she was still a... young cub!

○| ̄|_

When she finally processed the situation, she wanted to vomit blood. She glanced over at Mu Xuan who had one arm around her and the other on the optical computer where he was searching for something, and she felt an urge to cry... 

Lian Yu's forceful intrusion seemed to have triggered Mu Xuan, elevating his tolerance for intimate acts. He no longer flushed from just holding her hand and would now kiss and hug her every single day. They had done everything a couple would do except crossing that last line. He would always manage to stop at the last crucial moment, and Yao Si couldn't help but suspect that he had a special emergency program installed within him. 

Now that Lian Yu's problem was almost completely resolved, it would be a matter of time before she got together with Lin Long. Without that kind of interference, Yao Si predicted that her intimacy with Mu Xuan was bound to fall. 

Her mind went crazy with a single topic: One hundred ways to eat tofu. She pondered on how to convince Mu Xuan that she was already experienced. Just then, he came up with an unexpected request. 

"Sisi, let's register our marriage."

"What?" She wasn't sure if she was hearing things, and her whole body went still. "Could you repeat what you said? Was it consummate or marry?" 

"..." Mu Xuan froze, his originally cold face burning up instantly. In order to hide it from her sight, he pulled her into his embrace. "Don-don't talk nonsense, what are you thinking about? If you aren't willing—"

"I'm willing, who said I wasn't!" Yao Si pounced on him, pressing him onto the sofa. What a surprise, the pure-minded old man actually proposed voluntarily! It could only be considered a miracle! Was she dreaming? "I'm willing, alright?" 

"That's good..." He shifted his head, avoiding her gaze. But instinctively, he still tightened his grip around her to prevent her from falling. With forced seriousness, he continued, "Even though we bloodlings aren't big on marriage registration, but to prevent that aves from using this excuse to harass you, why don't we just register it." Then no one could snatch you from me!

So it was because of Lian Yu, Yao Si realized! The past few months of continuous harassment had to have been a traumatic experience for him! 

With that, Yao Si could only praise Lian Yu: You did well! 

"Sisi, I understand that this request is a little overboard." Mu Xuan seemed worried that she would misunderstand and explained himself with absolute seriousness. "You've been in hibernation for such a long time right after corverting, so you might not be able to comprehend what a bloodling's eternity means, so I'm... afraid you might regret it in the future.

"I originally planned on going slow, but your ability... is a little unique. Even thought the aves have been enlightened, she isn't a bloodling after all. But if... you don't agree on it, then—"

"Great, great, great! It's terrific!" Yao Si interrupted his words and grabbed his face in her palms to give him a kiss. Wasn't he just being jealous and wanting to eradicate all possibilities of her escaping? She gives thirty-two thumbs up for such a forward method. "Let's register, right now. Should we consummate our marriage first or should we hold our wedding ceremony first?" 


"Since you've been single for so many years, you might not understand. How about this, to prevent you from regretting, why don't you test it out before 'buying'? Why don't we try it tonight?" It's urgent, and I've been waiting for a while! 


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