My Dad Is The Galaxy's Prince Charming Chapter 185

The plans to register marriage were thwarted when Lin Long sent a message for them to head back, since he had completed the reconstruction of the Blue Planet. 

Yao Si was confused when she received the message. Hadn't he already found his contractor? Why did he still want to go back? Was there something wrong with his relationship?

Mu Xuan shared a glance with her before opening a space portal to the reconstructed Blue Planet. It was only when they caught sight of both Lian Yu and Lin Long standing together that they heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that they weren't having a conflict after all!

"Sisi!" Lian Yu was the first to notice their presence, and out of habit, she pounced onto Yao Si. 

The faces of the two men darkened instantly. Lin Long hurriedly pulled Lian Yu aside while Mu Xuan did the same with Yao Si. 

"What are you doing? Let go of me!" Lian Yu turned to glare at Lin Long.

"Xiao Yu." Lin Long sighed. He didn't retort as was normal to him, but instead pleaded with her in a placating tone. "You promised me." 

"What did I promise?" Lian Yu rolled her eyes. "The agreement was temporary. Don't you understand what temporary mean? Let go of me!" 

Lin Long released her cautiously, tenderness oozing from his every move. His whole being was shrouded with the stench of love. Yao Si could no longer associate him with the potty-mouthed individual in her memory. 

"You guys?" Yao Si glanced between them, which was when she noticed a familiar blood deed mark on Lian Yu's forehead. Hey, wasn't he a little quick? It didn't take long for him to catch her, so why was he still going back?

"Sisi, why don't you come along with us?" Lian Yu extended both arms in an attempt to beg for a hug. 

"Come along?" Yao Si exclaimed. "Where are you going?!" 

"Of course she's going home with me." Lin Long lifted his head in pride as his arms circled around her possessively, which was then swatted away by her paws. 

"Are pure breeds required to report back once they found their contractors?" Yao Si asked. 

"That's not necessary." He glanced over at Lian Yu with affection pouring from his eyes. "Generally, we follow our contractor." 

"Then?" Why was he going back?

"My situation is a little unique," he explained. "I wasn't in this universe just to find my contractor, but also on a mission. Now that I have Xiao Yu"—his eyes curved up—"I won't be able to continue with my mission and have to head back to tie up some loose ends." 

"You're bringing Lian Yu to another universe?" 

"Of course!" He nodded firmly. "It took me so much effort to find her, so naturally I won't be able to bear leaving her even for a second." He lowered his head and glance down at her.

It seemed as though she was all that he could see. It sent goosebumps all over Yao Si. 

As expected of someone who had been single for such a long time, he was indeed insufferable! Lian Yu, on the contrary, remained nonchalant as though accustomed to his actions. 

"Are you guys still coming back?" Yao Si asked. 

"Sisi..." Lian Yu's eyes lit up instantly, and she looked at her with excitement. "I knew you wouldn't be able to bear for me to leave. I won't be able to bear it as well; my heart will always be here with you. If you were to stop me, I wouldn't go." 

The corners of Yao Si's lips twitched. "You can go then!" That incorrigible ability!

"Sisi..." Lian Yu's eyes dimmed. With a hurt expression, she was about to say something more, but Lin Long cut in impatiently. 

"We will be back soon. Mu!" He lifted his head to glare furiously at Mu Xuan. "You guys promised that you would help me open a portal back to my original universe, so now's the time for you to fulfill your promise." 

Mu Xuan frowned, but without another word, he took a step forward. "What do I have to do?" 

"You just have to use all of your power to open the biggest space portal you can. I'll deal with the rest," Lin Long explained. 

"The biggest space portal?" Yao Si asked. "How big is that?" 

Lin Long raised his finger toward the Blue Planet. "About the size of it." 

F*ck! Isn't that too big? Are you planning on bringing the entire planet back?! 

"Hurry, hurry!" He rushed them impatiently. "I've already contacted my race after reconstructing the Blue Planet and promised to return at this time, so don't cause me to be late." 

"Mu Xuan?" Yao Si asked with worry. After all, opening a space portal of such a scale would definitely pose some difficulty. 

Mu Xuan caressed her head to reassure her before stepping forward with his hands raised. Shortly after, a black hole appeared. It enlarged rapidly, and soon, it filled the void above the Blue Planet. 

"F*ck, that was fast! You are indeed a monster," Lin Long muttered with envy. He tapped open his optical computer and almost instantly several screens appeared. He clickened endlessly while shouting, "Hold on for a while with the portal about this size." 

After ten minutes, he clicked something which ignited a green glow near the Blue Planet before the portal Mu Xuan had opened up. With a loud eruption, the green glow spread across the opening like an external layer, and seconds later, the entire portal was covered. 

"It's done!" Lin Long exclaimed with joy.

The next moment, the portal about the size of the Blue Planet started to shrink rapidly. The core which was black with a green middle started to merge into a single white color. 

Mu Xuan who was maintaining the portal with ease started to frown as beads of perspiration started to form along his forehead. 

"Mu Xuan!" Yao Si who had been focusing on him the entire time was the first to detect his struggle. Her heart clenched with worry. "Are you okay?"

"Don't worry, he won't die!" Lin Long rolled his eyes. "Do you think it'd be easy to create a portal between two universes? Back then, both me and the old man used a great amount of power just to come over. Since he's doing it alone right now, it's definitely exhausting. But after recuperating for a few days, he'll be fine."

"I'm fine." Mu Xuan turned over to reassure Yao Si.

Even though she was trusted him, she could not help turning to glare at the culprit. "Didn't you open the portal with the old man? Why aren't you doing anything this time, forcing my Mu Xuan to tackle it alone?"

"F*ck, who's going to operate the portal switching device if both of us were to activate our abilities?" Lin Long glared at her, pointing to the shrinking portal. "Can you see that green glow? Its the power I compressed into the portal switching device. The state of my ability isn't much better than that of Mu Xuan. Besides, if you guys hadn't killed my king beast, we wouldn't be suffering so much right now." 

"..." Alright, Yao Si didn't have a comeback for that. 


As the portal continued to shrink, its glow intensified. After half an hour, the blinding light started to dim, and a about five to six meters tall coalesced. Its interior was completely white.

Was that the portal to the other universe?!

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