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  • My Life Starts With Spending Money

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My Life Starts With Spending Money summary:

Fei Zhai Li Xian got a super spending game… [Lv main task: spend 10 million in seven days!] [Random Mission: Mans Dream (Send Big G)] [Skill Card: One-handed driving is super handsome] [Buff Card: Iron Fist Boy] [Passive skills: all wishes come true.] ……………………. Starting with 10 million and giving away big G for free, this is a rhythm that doesn’t give a way to survive.From then on, Li Xian was either spending money or spending money on the road.ps: The brief introduction is weak, the superb style is cool, there is daily life, there is a heroine…- Description from MTL

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My Life Starts With Spending Money Chapters

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