My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 631


When Ying opened the door and got off, not only Abbott but also all the American soldiers were stunned by her beautiful appearance.

America could be considered as a country on wheels. It owned most cars in the world. Even its per capita car occupancy rate was ranked in the top, which was similar to some small countries with high per capita income. Although luxurious motor homes were still rare in China, they were pretty popular in America.

“The girl is cool!”

“Maybe she is a racing driver…”

“The skills needed to drive such a huge vehicle in that way are not something ordinary racing drivers possess”

Amongst the crowd, most of the people were young men in their twenties. Cars were a common topic for discussion, so the moment they saw the tour bus and its beautiful driver, their excitement skyrocketed. Naturally, after seeing Jiang Liushi, as well as the beauties surrounding him, the flames of jealousy were ignited in their hearts.

“Why? How can he enjoy life in this chaotic world? It’s like he’s touring!” Some people discussed amongst themselves.

Jiang Liushi stole the spotlight even before entering the building. After all, the females serving in the aircraft carrier was a handful. Therefore, 90% of the females living in this area were all Japanese.

After doomsday, in order to take shelter, the locals had moved to the base to help. Some of the lucky females became intimate with the soldiers and developed long-term romantic, as well as sexual relationships. Unfortunately, most of the females ended up joining the brothels to make ends meet. Even so, the females in this area were not enough to satisfy everyone.

Abbott showed his documents to the soldier standing guard at the door, and then he led the Shi Ying Squad inside. Even Abbott could not help to suppress his shock. “Mr. Jiang, you’re really eye-catching. Even I was shocked by your companions.”

Abbott was still amiable, so Jiang Liushi had a good impression of him.

“Abbott, I’d like to buy a few level-2 mutant nuclei. Do you know any seller?” asked Jiang Liushi.

“Level-2 mutant nuclei? What do you want to do with them? You want them to purchase evolution crystals? Actually, level-2 nuclei are not any better than level-1 when used to create evolution crystals. That’s why many people find it too wasteful to use level-2 nuclei to produce evolution crystals. They mostly collect level-2 mutant nuclei as a symbol of glory.”

After killing a level-2 mutant beast, the most concrete evidence for testifying a team’s strength was its nucleus. If that said nucleus were to be used for the production of an evolution crystal was at most equivalent to using three level-1 mutant nuclei, mainly because the current extraction technology was still in the exploration stage. As such, the level-2 mutant nuclei could not be used to their full potential. Although in this respect, superpowers such as China and America had already taken the lead to improve the utilization rate, it was still impossible to achieve this at the American military area in Japan.

“Commemorate?” Jiang Liushi was rendered speechless. In his mind, that was too wasteful!

His laboratory could produce at least dozens of evolutionary crystals with a single level-2 mutant nucleus. As for himself, a level-2 mutant nucleus was pretty precious as it could strengthen his body and improve the blue light.

While Jiang Liushi was thinking, the roaring sound of an engine interrupted his train of thought. Soon after, a big truck painted in red and blue stopped before the building’s entrance. It was 2.5 meters high and more than 10 meters long, which made it look quite elegant. On the back of the truck was not a trailer, but instead a humongous crab. The crab’s legs were like spears, while its chelas were so big that they could easily break apart a tower. Evidently, that was the level-2 mutant beast which had come ashore.

When Jiang Liushi fixed his eyes on the truck and the crab, he felt it was a ridiculous sight. Other than the crab, the tuck was also filled to the brim with seafood.

At that moment, the truck’s door was opened, and a 1,9-meter-tall man jumped out. The man was in his thirties, wearing a military uniform and military-grade boots, and his eyes were like sapphires. His facial features were truly elegant.

It must be said that foreign men were naturally in line with the aesthetics of Asians because of their three-dimensional facial features. That’s why many white handsome young men were very popular in Asia.

Many Japanese women cheered when they saw that man, and they kept shouting his name in English or Japanese. In this terrible world, most people were likely to succumb to despair and insanity. Japanese females could be considered as the shy type in the past, but now, their temperament had changed.

“Jonathan? Is he the highest authority in this region?”

“No, he is not the highest authority here, but he is the strongest person. Relying on his current popularity, he will soon get promoted. The next campaign is in 20 days from now. He can’t lose. After that, he will become a five-star General. He is the greatest candidate for that position,” said Abbott enviously.

In Abbott’s mind, the best perk of being a prestigious figure, except for booze, cigars, and an endless amount of steaks, should be countless women’s admiration. They would line up to warm Jonathan’s bed.

What woman would say no to spending a night with such a handsome man? Moreover, it was said that Jonathan was a quite energetic man. He could make love several times in a day, and go at it for the whole night without stopping. Today was not an exception. After the party, he would spend a sleepless night.

“Chef, take this crab to the kitchen! Roast it, steam it! Make crab cakes and burgers! Oh, my female companions like sashimi, so use its legs to make some,” said Jonathan boldly.

They could throw the celebration party mainly because Jonathan was the one that contributed the food. It may also be the reason why he was so popular. Parties and events! Even in this treacherous world, parties and themed events were as popular as ever.

After getting off, Jonathan became the center of attention. Various people such as military officials, paranormals as well as stunning beauties lined up to drink with Jonathan.

Although Jiang Liushi was not interested in joining, he still had to purchase level-2 nuclei. Be it Jonathan’s status or abilities, Jiang Liushi knew that the former was the person he had to approach for that matter.

Currently, Abbott was not present. He was a sleek officer in the military area. Thus, in such a banquet, naturally, many people wanted to get to know him. Initially, Jiang Liushi didn’t intend to bother Abbott introducing them.

Jiang Liushi intended to get a glass of whiskey and take the initiative to greet Jonathan. In fact, he didn’t like the whiskey, but he needed an excuse to go and greet Jonathan. After all, following others’ habits was the basic rule to mingling.

“Sorry sir, you can’t take this glass of whiskey.” Jiang Liushi was stopped by a waiter as soon as he held up the glass. The Japanese waiter interrupted Jiang Liushi with his fluent English.

“What?” Jiang Liushi was stunned.

“The supply of whiskey is limited, and we’re allowed to only open 20 bottles for the party,” explained the waiter. Although his tone sounded polite, his expression was indifferent.

“I see” Jiang Liushi frowned slightly. He thought about this matter carefully and showed understanding. Although he felt a bit annoyed, he didn’t try to find trouble with the waiter.

“Hello, ladies! If you need, you can get a glass of whiskey,” said the waiter. In his mind, Jonathan’s time was precious, and he was unwilling to meet ordinary people like Jiang Liushi. But females, especially beautiful one would receive different treatment. Jonathan was quite willing to chat with young ladies.

“Eh?” Jiang Liushi felt quite annoyed. Even blind people could tell that the girls were his teammates. Even if they were not his companions, the waiter should not have said that.

Obviously, the waiter looked down on Jiang Liushi. In his eyes, in regards of height, appearance, strength or status, Jiang Liushi didn’t even hold a candle against Jonathan. As for any female, it was obvious that Jonathan would be the best choice.

“Hahaha! Even if you were to give me the whole bottle, I wouldn’t drink!” said Jiang Zhuying. She wanted to pick up a bottle and smash it on the waiter’s head, but she restrained herself from doing so as they were here to relax and do business.

As Jiang Liushi’s woman, Li Yuxin could not stand the waiter’s treatment to her man. While she was pondering over what to say, at that moment, Xiang Xuehai hugged Jiang Liushi’s waist from behind. Her ample breasts were pressed against his back.

“Brother Jiang, we will ‘accompany’ you at the end of the banquet. No matter who you choose, you have to let me join you!” Xiang Xuehai’s English was good. Her tone sounded soft and gentle. Then, she deliberately blew on Jiang Liushi’s ears, which made him feel quite comfortable.

Jiang Liushi touched his nose. Xiang Xuehai’s actions were too quick to be prevented. Originally, the relationship between Jiang Liushi and Li Yuxin had been semi-disclosed. Xiang Xuehai, of course, knew about it. Although she was quite eager to be close to Jiang Liushi, she had been trying her best to maintain the distance with Jiang Liushi. She smiled at Li Yuxin shyly at the same time.

Li Yuxin understood immediately, so she also smiled. Then, Xiang Xuehai held Jiang Liushi’s arm tightly and Li Yuxin the other.

The waiter felt confused, wondering why such beauties were following such an ordinary-looking young man.

“Since you don’t want to drink, please don’t stand here. You’re blocking the guests behind you. Please make way,” said the waiter coldly, but with an amiable smile.

“Haha! The whiskey is so disgusting to the point I want to vomit!” said Jiang Zhuying loudly.

The people around them were annoyed by her words. One of the people standing behind them was Japanese, and he had a katana. Evidently, he was an important figure. He coldly snorted and said, “Little girl, you probably don’t know whiskey’s current price. Two bottles can buy a woman.”

The man’s words touched Jiang Zhuying’s nerve. He regarded women as commodities. She was about to attack him, but Li Yuxin stopped her.

Jiang Liushi lifted a cup of tea from the table and walked toward Jonathan, who was surrounded by many people. Although he intended to wait for a while, Jiang Liushi changed his mind after what he experienced. He walked past the crowd carefree, and then he stood beside Jonathan.

“Major General Jonathan, can you spare a few minutes of your time for me?” asked Jiang Liushi in English.

Jonathan merely glanced at Jiang Liushi, showing his disinterest to chat with such an ordinary Asian. He wore a fake smile and said, “Only the Chinese, Japanese and British love drinking tea. I find it tasteless.”

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