My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 632


Jonathan was not friendly at all. He had long noticed Jiang Liushi, as well as the stunning beauties surrounding him. Jonathan was shocked by both their temperament and appearance. In fact, the females in this military area, no matter how hard they tried upkeep themselves, they had suffered a little during the transitional period after the virus outbreak. It was impossible for makeup to cover doomsday’s aftereffects such as despair and scarcity of resources.

However, all the girls accompanying Jiang Liushi were the total opposite. They were full of vitality, and they retained their youthful charm and beauty.

Due to his identity, Jonathan never took the initiative to greet girls. After all, in 20 days he would participate in the election for choosing a new five-star general, which was his primary task.

Jonathan’s cold attitude caused Jiang Liushi to also change his. “Whether you like tea or not has nothing to do with me. I just want to do business with you. I’m interested in buying a few level-2 mutant nuclei.”

“Oh?” Jonathan sneered. In his opinion, those people, who wanted to do business with them, did it for the sake of making money. But Jiang Liushi’s attitude dissatisfied him. Therefore, how could Jonathan agree?

“Since you are not interested in whether I like tea or not, we don’t have anything to discuss,” said Jonathan.

Truth be told, Jonathan didn’t lack anything, so he didn’t need to do business with anyone. Although Jiang Liushi’s companions attracted him, Jonathan could feel their energy fluctuations. It was evident that they were not ordinary girls. In other words, it would be challenging to treat them as commodities.

“Well, it really seems that we have nothing to discuss,” replied Jiang Liushi.

At the same time, Jiang Liushi heard someone from behind saying in English, “Since you have nothing to discuss, please get away.”

Jiang Liushi turned around and saw that the person who just spoke was the Japanese warrior that argued with Jiang Zhuying earlier. The warrior looked at Jiang Liushi with a scornful expression, and then he lifted a glass of whiskey and walked to give Jonathan a toast.

“Oh, it’s Mr. Yamada. Nice to see you!” Unlike his cold attitude toward Jiang Liushi, Jonathan smiled this time. But he merely smiled, after all, Jonathan preferred talking with beauties.

Yamada could be considered to be the strongest one among all the Japanese who had decided to go and seek refuge with the American army. Jonathan needed the Japanese’s approval, so he had to smile.

After toasting, Yamada looked at Jiang Liushi and said proudly, “If you really want to talk with Major General Jonathan, I can introduce you.” Of course, he was showing off. In his view, Jiang Liushi was just like a clown who wanted to express himself but was completely ignored.

However, Jiang Liushi just smiled because he didn’t want to pay any attention to Yamada. He walked away from the crowd and stayed in a corner. Jiang Liushi looked at Jonathan and gently rotated the teacup in his hand. Although he walked away from the crowd, he didn’t intend to leave at all. Since he had come to the military base, Jiang Liushi wouldn’t miss the chance to obtain level-2 mutant nuclei here. In this treacherous and lawless world, only strength mattered. Since Jiang Liushi was facing Genesis, a behemoth that wanted to conquer the world, he had long decided to grasp every chance possible to improve himself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am very glad that you could attend and celebrate this day with me. When our ancestors traveled across the ocean on Mayflower to the strange and mysterious land of the New World, they suffered from cold and hunger. Then, they were afflicted by disease, and many people died. Later, thanks to the help of the kind Indians, they got a bumper harvest. As a result, they celebrated the harvest with the Indians. That is Thanksgiving Day. Thank God for giving us enough food, opening a way to our bright future. America was great! However, after doomsday, our Earth returned to its roots, and now, we’re not that much different from our original ancestors. We traveled across the ocean to East Asia and rebuilt this wonderful land with our Japanese companions. We celebrate the harvest and the great day. I propose to establish this day as our new Thanksgiving Day! In the future, historians will be talking about us, and we will be pioneers of the new country!” explained Jonathan in excitement.

The crowd started cheering and clapping. Jiang Liushi noticed that many Japanese girls were moved by Jonathan’s speech. They shouted for him. Undoubtedly, Jonathan was quite charismatic. His popularity wasn’t without reasons. However, from Jiang Liushi’s perspective, all these things were flowers in water. Compared with Genesis, this base was too weak to be mentioned.

“Our chef has cooked the food, so please enjoy!” After Jonathan’s announcement, someone opened the hall’s door behind him, revealing a large garden. A bonfire had been set up in the middle, and various foods were on the table. Beautiful women were dancing around the campfire.

The alluring dancers attracted more and more people. Of course, they were not the main attraction. Americans knew how to captivate the crowd’s attention and entertain it. Therefore, they had prepared plenty of performances. A paranormal, whose special ability was related to fire, sprayed out a tongue of fire that exceeded the height of the bonfire in the center. Next, an American soldier came up to perform his precise marksmanship. He held two guns and shot various targets with his dazzling movements. He wasted no bullets. A hundred shots were fired, finding one hundred bull’s eyes. After him, it was a Japanese warrior’s turn to perform his skills. He wanted to showcase his ability using his katana. That man was none other than Yamada, who was at odds with the Shi Ying Squad earlier.

Yamada practiced in Iaido, and only the katana’s afterimages could be seen. The spectators could only catch a glance of the cold steel’s flashes. One of Yamada’s companions threw stones at him, and even though they were lightning-fast, Yamada cut them all accurately. Some of them were even cut to several pieces with smooth fractures!

Many American soldiers cheered after witnessing that. They were accustomed to using guns instead of swords, so the mysterious fast-drawing eastern technique, known as Iaido, was quite fascinating.

“Oh! This is Fruit Ninja!” After witnessing Yamada’s technique, Jiang Zhuying laughed loudly. Yamada’s words two bottles of whiskey for a woman had truly annoyed her. How could she tolerate such a despicable fellow?

Jiang Zhuying’s words, naturally, aroused many people’s attention. After all, the so-called Fruit Ninja had been a popular game app before doomsday. After correlating his skills with the app, many people felt that his performance was indeed kind of comical. Some Americans even laughed out loud after hearing what Jiang Zhuying said.

As expected, Yamada stopped and looked at Jiang Zhuying with a frown on his face.

“Hey, you must be tired after throwing so many stones. How about you let me do it instead?” asked Jiang Zhuying the stone-thrower.

Yamada knew what Jiang Zhuying was playing at she was challenging him. However, in his mind, his special ability was unparalleled in the world. How could he dare not to fight against a girl? If Jiang Zhuying’s speed was fast, his was faster, or so he thought. Moreover, he believed that Jiang Zhuying wasn’t good at using her strength.

“Are you a paranormal? You want to attack me while throwing the stones, right?”

“Haha, are you afraid? Don’t worry, I will not attack you. I’d despise myself for stooping that low,” said Jiang Zhuying.

“It’s important to know your limits. Being arrogant in these dire times will only bring you troubles, little girl!” said Yamada with a cold smile. He wanted to discipline Jiang Zhuying.

“Yes, you are right. Being arrogant in these dire times will only bring you troubles!” said Jiang Zhuying gleefully. Then, she picked up a banana from the food tray. Yeas, a banana!

“You!” barked Yamada. “Are you kidding me?” In his mind, if Jiang Zhuying were to throw the fruit, it would be an insult to him.

“Aren’t we playing Fruit Ninja? Be careful, you may not cut my banana!” Jiang Zhuying played with the banana in her hands and then counted down, “Are you ready? Three! Two! One! Go!” She gave enough time to Yamada to prepare and then she casually threw the banana.

The banana swung in the air and crossed an arc. It flew softly and was as fast as an “Angry Bird” flung by a slingshot.

Yamada’s face turned ugly, while some of the soldiers in the vicinity held their stomachs due to laughter. Initially, they believed that the girl had a special power. But facts spoke louder than words. The girl was playing the fool, so the whole charade was meaningless.

“You thought that you were fooling me, but actually, you are fooling yourself,” shouted Yamada. At the same time, he held up his katana. Even if it was just a fruit, he must also cut it off!

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying winked at her brother. Jiang Liushi knew his sister better than anyone. He shook his head helplessly but couldn’t allow his sister to suffer any harm, Then, Jiang Liushi moved his finger gently, and a beam of blue light entered the banana like a ghost.

Meanwhile, Yamada waved his arm to cut the banana. As his katana was about to split it in half, the banana suddenly started rotating. Thus, he failed to cut it! In the next instant, Yamada reacted swiftly, trying to dodge, but he was utterly shocked by the strange banana’s movement it looked very slow, but it crossed the air in strange trajectories. In the end, the banana flew in front of his face as if it was imbued with magic power.


The banana struck Yamada’s face and issued a crisp sound. Yamada still maintained his posture, as if he was poured by plaster. Being completely solidified, Yamada was hit by the banana, standing beside the campfire poorly…

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