My Mcv And Doomsday Chapter 633


All of a sudden, the previously noisy atmosphere turned quiet. The spectators’ eyes were wide open, trying to comprehend what happened. They were all staring at Yamada incredulously. The banana’s speed was so slow that even an ordinary soldier could have cut it. However, Yamada not only failed, but the banana even struck his face. He had split apart several stones, but not a simple banana. It was an inexplicable scene.

At that moment, the banana fell to the ground. Yamada was fuming in anger, while the hand holding the sword had turned white from his tight grip.

“You’re not very good at showcasing your special ability.” Jiang Zhuying sneered while holding the food plate joyfully. “Back in the days I was playing Fruit Ninja, I could earn thousands of points. Unexpectedly, you failed from the very start”

Yamada was at a loss for words. The only thing he knew was that Jiang Zhuying was mocking him. It was a pity that he could not see through Jiang Zhuying’s trick.

“It turns out that you’re powerful. I won’t be careless again. One more time!” said Yamada. He clenched the handle of his katana and squinted his sharp and dark eagle-like eyes. This time he was completely serious. He would not let Jiang Zhuying’s cute appearance fool him again.

“That’s the spirit!”Jiang Zhuying had prepared her fruit of choice, a yellow-orange round fruit, in advance. It was actually adurian! Yes, a durian!

“To think that you’d have the honor to eat a durian in this perilous world!” said Jiang Zhuying loudly.

Durians were considered luxurious goods. Thanks to the power supply, lots of resources could be stored in the base. Not to mention that after being frozen, bananas and durians would become more delicious.

“Ready?” she reminded Yamada and then flung the durian swiftly.

Seeing that Jiang Zhuying had actually thrown him a durian, Yamada was filled with terror. He held his katana firmly and concentrated all of his attention on the incoming durian. It seemed that what he was facing was not a durian but a level-2 mutant beast.

Yamada waved his katana furiously, struck the durian and split it two! It was a clean cut in the middle! Yamada was overjoyed that he stopped the girl’s fatal attack. However, in the next moment, Yamada’s expression solidified. He discovered that the durian he had split apart was stuck back together through a mysterious force, and it was about to hit him.

“Ah!” screamed Yamada as the durian was smashed on his face. Then, his body turned stiff while his head turned deathly white.

“Oh, my God!” shouted an American girl. In her opinion, it was a tragedy.

The spectators frowned, wondering how painful it must be. As soon as the durian struck Yamada’s face, it split apart again and fell to the ground.

Yamada’s body twitched, and then he collapsed on the ground. He wasn’t body-enhancing paranormal, so the durian damaged his face, and he was suffering in pain. After a while, Yamada came to his senses and tried his best to get up. His nose was bleeding, and his feelings were in disarray. He really wanted to commit suicide on the spot, but he also wanted to battle against Jiang Zhuying. Although he felt that her ability was more powerful than his, the only way to regain his dignity was through battle.

At that moment, Jonathan intervened, “Yamada, go and rest.” He had realized that Jiang Zhuying was tormenting him on purpose. She had completely suppressed Yamada, and fighting with her again would only bring more disgrace to Yamada.

All of a sudden, everyone looked toward Jonathan. After all, it was his celebration party, the so-called New Thanksgiving Day. As for the Shi Ying Squad, they were outsiders. Jonathan could not sit with crossed arms and do nothing about the provocation.

“For a girl, you’re really powerful,” said Jonathan to Jiang Zhuying. Meanwhile, he looked at Jiang Liushi, speculating that he was the foreign group’s leader. It was obvious that he had underestimated the newcomers’ strength.

“My friends, would you like to drink with me?” asked Jonathan, lifting his whiskey glass.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liushi played with the teacup in his for a while before responding, “I’m sorry. I find whiskey tasteless.” In this world, the most unpleasant thing was to use one’s own words to answer back.

Suddenly, Jonathan narrowed his eyes. Everyone was also astounded by Jiang Liushi’s response. In their minds, Jiang Liushi was way too arrogant. In this military area, Jonathan had many admirers. It was farfetched to call him the spiritual leader of the crowd attending his party. Naturally, they were all dissatisfied with Jiang Liushi’s attitude and his refusal.

“Oh, My God!”

“How arrogant is he!?”

“I wonder whether he is as powerful as his mouth.”

Four people discussed amongst themselves while walking behind Jonathan. They were three men and one woman, all of them Americans. They stared at Jiang Liushi and his members coldly and provocative expressions.

“They’re members of Jonathan’s Special Team!” shouted someone from the crowd.

The four people were prestigious figures in the military area. It was said that their abilities were on par with Jonathan’s. Although Jonathan was the strongest person there, he couldn’t possibly fight every battle on his own. He also needed subordinates, and four of them were people he had personally picked.

The woman was originally a military doctor. She was a little bit weak, but she had obtained two abilities after the virus outbreak. It could be said that she was able to undertake any mission on her own. Using his prestige, Jonathan had gathered the four powerful paranormals, creating an invincible team. They had killed plenty of level-2 mutant beasts.

After seeing them, the crowd was stirred up. After all, the strongest people were present at this party. It was impossible for regular people to see them together, and also no wonder that the crowd was so hyped.

Someone couldn’t help but whistle from excitement. Everyone wondered whether the foreigners could make them use their true strength. Actually, they felt it was a little bit to make a mountain out of a molehill.

At that moment, Xiang Xuehai, Ying, Ling, and Ran Xiyu approached Jiang Zhuying and stood beside her. The five stunning beauties standing together was an unforgettable scene. As for Jiang Liushi, he remained in that corner quietly.

A strong man, holding a quite huge two-handed sword on his shoulders, from Jonathan’s group asked, “Hey, beauties. You have exceptional figures. Do any of you dare to fight against me?” The blade was wide and thick, probably crafted by a mixture of special alloys, and it probably weighed about 30kg. It may look heavy, but in the man’s hands, it was as light as straw. Obviously, that man was a power-type paranormal.

After seeing Ying and Ling’s weapons, the man sneered. “You use daggers? Heh, those are children’s toys!” Then, he lifted his weapon and started waving it.

“You can come together, hahaha! But you may get hurt while playing with me. If you lose, how about accompanying to bed tonight?” said the man with a taunting smile.

However, before his voice faded, a shadow-like figure pounced at him soundlessly. Ying, holding her tri-edge bayonet, crossed through the night sky like a ghost.

Upon seeing her, the man cut down with his sword swiftly. Generally speaking, one inch long and one inch strong! Of course, Ying’s tri-edge bayonet couldn’t be compared with the man’s sword. Moreover, the sword could even cut down a tall and huge tree.

However, at that moment, Ying somersaulted in mid-air so flexibly as if she had no bones in her body. Then, she stepped on the sword’s broad surface lightly, and like a deadly viper, she stabbed at the man’s throat with limited speed.

“Eh?” The man instantly had a foreboding feeling, and he jumped back without hesitation. Unfortunately, Ying’s speed surpassed his, and the blade of the dagger slit the right side of his neck. Not letting up, Ying cut diagonally, inserting the dagger deeper, all the way to the carotid artery hidden under his neck’s thick muscles! In no time, a jet of blood surged out of the wound and high in the air. The man collapsed on the ground, and his body convulsed uncontrollably.

“Aaah!” screamed the man in pain while pressing against the wound on his neck tightly, His face had already started changing color from the loss of blood. It had to be known that there were two types of carotid arteries: an internal and an external. Once one of the two was cut, that person would die of excessive blood loss.

Seeing the pool of scarlet blood, everyone was terrified. How fierce was that woman? Using a mere tri-edge bayonet, she had taken the initiative and launched a swift attack! It was so swift that only her afterimage could be seen!

Jonathan glared at Ying like a ferocious tiger. He and his subordinates had been fighting alongside a long time now, so they were close to each other.

“John!” shouted the female doctor and run to her subordinate’s side. She lifted the 1.9-meter-tall John with one hand, while she pressed her other hand against his carotid. Light danced in her palm, and John’s blood loss quickly stopped.

“F*cking b*tch! You’re courting death!” shouted the female doctor, glaring at Ying. At the same time, a sharp mental-manifested needle jumped out of her eyebrows, aiming at Ying’s head.

Evidently, the female doctor possessed both psychic and healing abilities. She was an indispensable member of the team as she acted as a supporter. As long as she concentrated all of her mental power, she could convert it in a sharp mental needle. Even strong paranormal could not withstand her attacks. Moreover, it was quite hard to detect her attack. She wanted to use her mental attack to avenge John. However, to her shock, no matter how hard she tried to hit Ying she was unable to! It was if it was hitting against a hard mental wall!

“No!” she screamed and staggered back with a pale face. At the same time, John’s wound erupted again because of her reaction.

‘Psychic paranormal?’ the female doctor was horrified after discovering the terrifying adversary’s existence. She stared at Ran Xiyu intently because she could feel that she was the psychic paranormal.

At first, she had observed her opponents carefully, but she hadn’t found out anything special about them. That only meant that her power was way inferior to Ran Xiyu’s. At that moment, the female doctor could clearly see a mental field covering Ran Xiyu’s whole body. Even looking at Ran Xiyu’s star-like eyes, made the female doctor’s head ache in pain.

Truth be told, Ran Xiyu had reached an unfathomable level. Other than Genesis’ Advocates and Chancellor, nobody could defeat her.

Noticing that the female doctor’s attack had ended up in failure, Jonathan’s subordinates were astonished. In the next instant, they made their moves, cooperating with each other. At this time, they used various means to launch the strongest attack.

One of them was a paranormal with fire abilities, and with a wave of his hand, he produced a huge flame, which covered his whole body. The other man was a body-manipulation-type paranormal; thick scales appeared all over his body, while bone spikes extended out of his elbows. He was rare type as his muscles, as well as bones were strengthened, and he could even produce extra bones that could even stop bullets. As he was about to rush out, Xiang Xuehai waved violently, producing a gust of wind with a speed of 400 km/h.

The violent and volatile gust of wind collided with the huge flame, producing a violent explosion. The fire paranormal was sent flying, and he landed on the bone-manipulating paranormal. Then, he lost control over his flame.

Although neither swords nor spears could damage his body, the bone-manipulating paranormal could not withstand the flame’s intensity. Many of his body parts were soon scorched black, while his hair was burnt to a crisp. Thanks to his extra bones, the heat didn’t reach his internal organs, or else he would be a goner.

“Ian!” Seeing that his fire was hurting his companion, the fire paranormal’s eyes turned red. Not only had he not hurt his enemies, but instead he had harmed his companion. It was obvious to him that Xiang Xuehai could nullify his attacks without breaking a sweat. Fortunately, he had another attacking method. That is, compressing his fire to the point he could release them as rays. He was about to give it a try, however, a sudden chilling sensation washed over his body. Then, he felt great pain coming from the back of his neck like being penetrated by countless needles, which in turn stunned his body. He slowly turned back, only to see a petite girl standing behind him. He didn’t even know when she had appeared behind him, pressing her dagger against his head. As long as she was willing, he would die without even knowing it. In his mind, the girl behind him looked like a cosplayer one would see in Japan, as she had a pair of cat ears and a cat tail.

“Move it, my knife will be stabbed.” Ling wasn’t good at speaking English, but it wasn’t hard to understand what she meant. The best choice for the poor fellow was to submit and lock his fingers behind his head.

In less than 15 seconds the fierce battle was ended, with Jonathan’s team on the losing side. Currently, Jonathan’s facial expression was too ugly. He had guessed that the Shi Ying Squad was strong, but not to such a ridiculous extent. Truth be told, it was not only Jonathan but also everyone present was slack-jawed by the battle and its unimaginable outcome.

Everyone had the same questions were they dreaming and how could a few girls beat Jonathan’s, so-called, unbeatable team? They may be stunningly beautiful, but they were also as strong as Gods.

The waiter, who had previously said to Jiang Liushi that he was not eligible to drink whiskey, was scared to death. He didn’t expect that this group of people could be so powerful. He now understood that before them he was an ant. Not even an army was enough to be exchanged for one of the girls!

Suddenly, the spectators thought of a certain someone that was earlier surrounded by that group of girls Jiang Liushi! They all wondered how powerful he was and why was he able to attract such talented beauties. In their minds, Jiang Liushi, from an arrogant individual, turned in an unfathomable figure.

Unexpectedly, when everyone turned to look at him, they all saw him still sitting in that corner with his teacup, as if everything that occurred was within his expectations! Truly frightening!

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