My Obsession Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Come Back Home...

"Yi-Xiu!" the owner's son called out the boy's name again, "What are you doing here, man?"

"Li Yun!" he was a little surprised to see his classmate there and finding out that he was the owner's son. Although they went to the same high school, they aren't always that close together. Li Yun was always a nerd and likes to keep to himself, while Yi-Xiu had always been the popular boy in school, this is because of his superb good looks. The elite high-school they go to was, 'Tien-Hua' it has a direct laddering system that goes directly to the Country's number one university.

Being in the same class as Yi-Xiu makes Li Yun hateful because this guy not only had the looks, but he was also smart as well, a perfect grade student. Li Yun always likes to think he was the smartest boy in class, but after he had a project with Yi-Xiu and spend time with him, it makes himself realized how smart Yi-Xiu was, and he couldn't compare himself to Yi-Xiu.

Yet, Li Yun still respected him, because he was kind to him while others made fun of him for being a nerdy computer geek. Li Yun looks up to Yi-Xiu. His cool personality had caught the hearts of many girls. His handsome looks had made countless men jealous. And once he saw Yi-Xiu inside his store, he felt even more nervous, but he was more excited.

"Yi-Xiu! What are you doing here?" it was surprising for Li Yun to see him here. He knew that Yi-Xiu came from a wealthy family with connections, so, what is he doing in this district? This district was known to be a poor district, and only poor people would shop here.

"I came to buy that cell phone model." He said, as his face was flushed. It was more surprising for him to see Yi-Xiu pulled out a pocket of change from his jacket. It was cold, and his hands were red, from the cold burn from the snow. He pulled out exactly two hundred dollars, all in change. Like he had worked hard to save up this money.

Li Yun was shocked to see him, pulling out those coins and small-dollar bills, only enough to make two hundred dollars. It was just too shocking his mouth was wide open. But then he heard him begged, "Please, it's all I have. Can you please sell me that phone?"

Li Yun looked over at his father and said, "Dad. He's my friend, can you give him a discount?"

The owner knew the boy has been looking at that phone for sometimes. He was surprised that his son knew the boy. So he nodded and said, "Sure, he is your friend."

The phone price was supposed to be over three hundred dollars, but they sold it to that boy for only two hundred.

"Thank you very much!" Yi-Xiu smiled brightly, his attractive smile makes both the father and son's heart skip a beat. It was a pretty feminine model. Is he going to use it for himself? Or give it as a gift? At that time, they wondered.

After Li Yun packed up the cell phone for him, he immediately rushed out after he said, "Thank you." One last time, Li Yun was so surprised to see him in such a rush. He called out to him, "Yi-Xiu! Where are you going!?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Home!" he said before he rushed out their store.

Home... It was also home time for Wang Yi-An after she spent two hours at the repair shop. The owner said he'll try his best. Perhaps his son could help, but he won't guarantee it. Wang Yi-An had no other choice but to leave the phone with them, hoping that they would give her the good news.

She left the store and returned home, she opened the door, to an empty home with no one around. She walked up to the stairs and opened the bedroom door that had her homemade sign hung up at the door saying, 'Yi-Xiu', at the moment when she opened it wide.

Wang Yi-An walked into the well-kept bedroom. Wang Yi-An would often come in here to clean up, even when there's nothing to clean up, she would make sure there are no dust, no dirt, and nothing but a clean-room. She looked around and hugged onto the pillow.

Wang Yi-An hugged the pillow in her arms, as she lies on the bed. The tears in her eyes swelled up her eyes. She couldn't see anything, and there in the empty cold bed where no one had slept in for years, she called out his name, "Yi-Xiu... Please come back home..."

The countless times she felt alone, the memories she kept with her. How often does she try to forget? How often did she want to stop herself from crying? But then when the door rang, she jumped out of the bed and rushed her way down the stairs. As soon as she made it to the entrance, she opened up the door and hold the first person she sees. Jumping into a stranger's arm.

"You're sure welcoming..."

Wang Yi-An opened her eyes and saw him, "Liu... Shun-Feng?"

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