My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Pregnancy Examination

Chapter 367: Pregnancy Examination

"Oh, yes, thats right. I almost forgot about that matter. Lets go and do the pregnancy examination first!"

Shangguan Ning clapped her forehead and suddenly was reminded of the reason for her visit to the hospital.

But it was not her fault. She had not yet gotten used to the fact that she was pregnant, so she tended to forget about it.

Zhao Anan was reminded of Shangguan Nings being pregnant as well. In her eyes, nothing was more important than this matter at the moment. It was related to her little nephew and Zhu Ruotong could wait! She was not going to get engaged with Zheng Jing today and even if they did get engaged today, she would have all kinds of methods to tear them apart.

"Mu Qing is such a scumbag! Why did he go and check the woman instead of you first. I will teach him a lesson when he returns."

She talked in such a tone as if he was her husband, without probably even realizing it.

Jing Yichen said in composure. "Mu Qing will not be the doctor for Ning. Someone else will be doing this."

"Ah?" Zhao Anan looked surprised. "Why not Mu? Who is it then? Who can be better than him?"

Jing Yichen was silent.

Pregnancy examinations required a level of intimacy with the patient. Therefore, he had asked Mu Qing to find a female doctor to do the check-up for Shangguan Ning. He couldnt possibly allow Shangguan Ning to get naked in front of Mu Qing. That would be worse than killing him.

They didnt wait for too long before a female doctor knocked at the door and entered.

The female doctor looked extremely young, not very beautiful but gentle and intelligent.

Zhao Anan stood up in astonishment at the sight of her. "Mu Xin?"

The woman called Mu Xin smiled at Zhao Anan. She didnt look that surprised. "Anan, long time no see. Its good to see you here."

She gave Zhao Anan a hug despite her messy appearance. Then, she said, "But I cant talk with you today. I am here at the order of my third brother. He wants me to do a check-up for his pregnant friend."

Zhao Anan realized what was going on. She said with a happy smile, "Aha! That is great. Here is his friend, my cousin-in-law. I am completely assured now!"

Mu Xin was not as good as Mu Qing, but she had a specialty she was really accomplished in gynecology. She was both experienced and discreet.

Mu Xin had already caught sight of Shangguan Ning and Jing Yichen. She greeted Zhao Anan and then nodded at Shangguan Ning and Jing Yichen. She recovered quickly after a moment of surprise at the sight of Jing Yichen instead of staring at him like the other female doctors at the hospital.

She extended her hand towards Shangguan Ning and said in a serious tone, "Hello, my name is Mu Xin. I am Mu Qings younger cousin. He told me that the top guest of Family Mu is here and that I must do whatever I can do to make sure that the baby and the mother are safe and sound."

Shangguan Ning stood up with a smile and took hold of Mu Xins hands. "Seems that Mu Qing has got an excellent cousin. I am sorry to trouble you! I am Shangguan Ning, the most frequent visitor of your familys hospital."

Mu Xin smiled. "My third brother told me that the guest today is of great importance. But he never said that she was so pretty. I dont think that you are a frequent visitor of our hospital, otherwise our hospital will be thronged by people to see someone like you!"

After some chit chat, Mu Xin explained the reason for being delayed. "I am sorry I am late today. But my second brother and I are running a hospital for women and children where a pregnant woman was transferred from another hospital. And it was an emergency! So I had to be there until the baby was born and the mother was out of danger. "

Mu Qing had told her repeated number of times the day before, that she must arrive here a bit earlier than expected. But an emergency occurred at the hospital, stopping her from doing so. She just couldnt see the mother and the son lose their lives.

It was a pregnancy examination rather than something urgent, anyway. She would just be blamed for being late. That was why she had decided to stay and finish the delivery.

Hence she needed to explain the entire matter in case Ning misunderstood her.

Shangguan Ning didnt blame Mu Xin, because she had not known that Mu Qing would not be her doctor. After hearing what Mu Xin said, she had no intention of blaming her for being late anyway.

She only got to know the feeling of being a mother after she got pregnant. It was a tough journey that took ten months. Although the medical sciences were advanced at the moment and delivering babies was not a dangerous thing. Yet it was still not easy. It was reasonable for Mu Xin to stay back and take care of the woman.

That meant that she was very skilled. Otherwise an urgent case would not have been delivered to that hospital.

"It is alright, Doctor Mu. I was not in a hurry. Grandpa Mu has already felt my pulse and he says that everything is fine. But he suggested that I should get an overall examination at the hospital just to be sure. You can deal with whatever you are busy with. Life is important, and you are a doctor who saves people. I understand that totally."

Mu Xin let out a sigh of relief after hearing what Shangguan Ning said.

She knew that grandpa had already felt Shangguan Nings pulse. He had already told her everything the day before, including Shangguan Nings identity.

Few people would have the chance of getting checked up by her grandpa. Apparently, Shangguan Ning was someone of great importance.

But she was a doctor of gynecology and obstetrics and she couldnt leave the woman who was in labor. She only wanted to make sure the woman could deliver the baby safely before coming here.

Luckily, Shangguan Ning was a nice person who understood the demands of her profession well.

Mu Xin formed a good impression of her. She smiled and said, "Come, lets get you and your baby checked up with the most advanced equipment. I may not be as good as my third brother in Chinese medicine, but I am as good as he is when it comes to women and children!"

Zhao Anan followed up and then noticed Jing Yichen walking behind her.

She turned around and said helplessly, "My dear cousin. Can you go back and wait in the office? Your wife wont go missing and Mu Xin and I wont do anything to her. She will be given back to you with no harm done. Cant you just leave us for a moment?"




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