My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1631

Vol 5 Chapter 1631: Go Straight To The Sixteenth Floor

Sage King Qiankun was in a fight with everyone, while observing secretly, urging the secret technique to gain insight into the surroundings, while continuing to hide his strength.

"If you count according to those guys on the nineteenth floor, Jiang Taixu and You Wangsheng are not there, the disaster of pain has not appeared, and the destruction of the heavens and the earth has not appeared, have they not come, or are they hiding, you Rebirth is not a concern, but other people are different..."

the other side;

As the Saint King Qiankun had expected, Lin Chen's body was responsible for a frontal blow and attracting attention!

His phantom clone has already taken Xiao Ling'er and another servant with him, and act fast!

"Extremely Que Open Heaven Sword!"

Lin Chen smashed through the giant space gate on the fifth floor with a single sword, and Xiao Ling'er opened a space channel in a blink of an eye and quickly sneaked into the sixth floor!

In the void passage, Lin Chen's clone said solemnly to Xiao Ling'er.

"Ling'er, how long will it take to reach the sixteenth floor. The other side has already discovered our intentions on the body side!"

Xiao Ling'er said: "It will take two quarters of an hour at the earliest, and there must be no battle in the middle."

"It seems that this battle must be fought."

Lin Chen's phantom clone once again released three clones, the sacred dragon appeared in the air, and the power of the dragon filled the space channel.

This time, Lin Chen will go to the 16th floor and bring more helpers out!

Now his cultivation base is not what it used to be, and his spiritual realm is about to turn into a soul, and adding a group of servants is no problem at all!

However, Lin Chen didn't want everyone.

This time he specially brought the eyes of the sky to the ghosts, just to identify the heroes of all walks of life.

The eyes of the sorrowful ghost can see the causality and life of the saints of the same level or below.

Those who are more tainted with evil fruits and evil spirits are more vicious and evil.

On the 16th floor, the cultivation base does not surpass the grief of ghosts, so he can discriminate as much as he wants.

Lin Chenniao does not know any evildoers, treacherous and insidious villains, or saints with blood-stained hands.


With another sword, Lin Chen broke through to the 9th floor like a broken bamboo!

His goal this time is to be the strong on the 16th and 14th floors!

The powerhouses detained on these three levels are basically the powerhouses of the seventh to the fourth level! If you can take it out, you will definitely be able to form a powerful enough force!

"What happened, the space door was cut off?"

"The situation is wrong. A powerful intruder has already invaded to the next level!"

The moment the prison guards saw the space gate being smashed, they immediately transmitted the sound to the next level!

Holy Prison Twelfth Floor Space Gate!

After discovering the intruder, all the prison guards gathered here for the first time!

There are a total of thirty-six sages above rank seven and a dozen sages of rank three, all of whom returned after going out to explore the galaxy where the ruins of the **** emperor were located.

Originally, their original plan was to go to the 16th floor.

However, if a war starts on the sixteenth floor, they are not absolutely sure to prevent the invaders from releasing other prisoners, so they must delay the enemy here on the twelfth floor!

"This time we will be ashamed, remember, stop them at all costs!"

"They are desperate. They dare to take the initiative to come to our holy prison. They are simply looking for death! As long as you drag them to death here, you will be able to destroy them after you return!"

"The jade slips we opened the space door, all pay attention, maybe they will appear anytime!"

A group of powerful prison guards just finished.

The voice just fell--

boom! boom! boom!

The towering giant space door behind them was suddenly cut off, and everyone was stunned!

What the **** is this weird magic!

They dignified the seventh and eighth rendition cultivation bases, and they didnt even notice the spatial trajectory!

It's like a ghost!

"Don't care if you can't see it, they must go through the space gate and hit directly!"

An old antique with the eighth rank cultivation base burst out, condensing the cultivation base and swiping three claws in a row.

The other strong reacted very quickly, and immediately concentrated their attacks and flooded into the broken space door.

The offensive sweeping the starry sky is of all kinds, flashing across the sky, fiercely coming from all directions!

Seeing sorrow, the ghost lurking in the void stood up with a solemn expression.

Such a terrifying offensive wave is enough to threaten the life of the Ninth Rank Saint, and it is as strong as the Ninth Rank Saint Saint to deal with it!

Xiao Linger's slender hands clasped her hands together, and the silver-white space gleamed like butterflies, and she looked ready to take a shot.

"Don't take action, the speed will be slow, let me fix them!"

I saw that the clone of Lin Chen smiled confidently, standing right behind the void passage, facing the offensive wave that was coming in super fast!

Lin Chen took a palm in the air, and the gray talisman of 100,000 feet covered the sky and covered the sun, blooming and exploding!

[The host uses 4000 points of holy rune energy to activate the 8-level slow rune.

When the gray talisman exploded, all the spaces were frozen and stopped, as if they were still! The space is so solid that all kinds of offensives have stopped!

At almost the same moment, the four avatars copied the sacred artifacts, Absolute Flame Sword, Frozen Heaven Sword, Nine Heavens Star Fury Bow, and Three Sacred Flying Swords!

Lin Chen's body cannot use the holy power cultivation base, but the clone can!

[The host consumes 1600 talent points to activate the instant light splitting talent.

"Tears of God!"

"Red Flame Burning Sky Arrow!"

"Extremely Que Speed Sword!"

"Lotus dance!"

The blade gas fragments are like squally rain, the sword glow is like a tide, and the lotus blade glow that dances all over the sky whizzes away, and the arrow that burns the sky falls straight away, all divided into five!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

In the adjacent space channel, millions of miles of space have exploded into faults, upsetting the world!

Lin Chen's move, in conjunction with the slow rune-focused offensive, still failed to prevent the attacks of many prison guards, but weakened one-third of its power!

The lord is stronger again!

Xiao Ling'er and Gui Jian's sorrow passed the same thoughts, compared to when they singled out the nine great sages before, the lord's cultivation base has not changed, but the power of the cultivation technique has completely changed several levels!

At almost the same moment, the shining golden dragon danced in the sky, the dragon's tail swung, and when the dragon's body rapidly enlarged, it released an endless red golden dragon's breath, winding the dragon's body, turning into a red glow, a divine light protector!

"Tai Xi Divine Light!"

When the golden divine light enveloped the holy dragon, the dragon body blocked, and all the offensives were bombarded!


The spatial channel created by Xiao Ling'er shook violently, and the offensive slowly dissipated

I saw that Lin Chen's sacred dragon and clone were unscathed!

When the avatar withdrew to the space channel, the holy dragon spun quickly and was incorporated into the body.

Gui Jian was full of surprise and sorrow. He knew that this clone of the lord had his true cultivation base, but this was too scary!

At the previous moment, under the premise of rushing to deal with it, he might not be able to retreat if he changed to block!

Lin Chen's clone grinned--"The strength of the dragon bloodline of +16 and the technique of strengthening +17 are really awesome. They can hardly take a large offensive, and they can also block a wave of offensive comparable to the 9th rank saint, unscathed! Refreshing!"

"Just rush down at this speed!"

On the other side; all the prison guards who were blocked from the attack were shocked and almost doubted life!

Blocking their offensive so easily, is it possible that the opponent has a half-step Saint King level powerhouse?

"Damn, don't care who they have, catch up!"

The old antiques sighed coldly, leading everyone into the giant space gate, at this moment--


Another gray talisman covering the stars and the moon lased and exploded suddenly, making them caught off guard!

Their sacred powers, actions, all became particularly slow, and their reactions were slow!

By the time some of their highest cultivation base broke through the shackles, ten breaths had already passed!

Lin Chen's clone went straight down to the 16th floor! !

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