My Succubus System Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Led By The Tail

Chapter 73 :Led By The Tail

"Excuse me --emm? Doyenne Vivian was it?" Katrin said as the pair followed the chibi through the chapel.

"Hmm? It's just Vivian. Doyenne is just a title which refers to the leader of a chapel." Vivian replied without looking back. Agni couldn't help but take notice of the young girl's tails. Each of them swayed gently as Vivian walked and they looked so soft to the touch. Agni was filled with the urge to reach out and touch one, in fact the more she felt she shouldn't the stronger the urge became.

"Oh, I see. Well then, Vivian. How did you, um -- what happened back there?" Katrin was struggling to articulate her question because frankly she didn't quite understand either.

"Oh. That was nothing. I just smothered her magic." Vivian held up her fan and flicked her wrist, displaying it for both of them to see. It portrayed a fox with four tails which resembled Vivian herself in classic japanese art form.

"You smothered it?" Katrin asked. At this Agni felt somewhat relieved, partially because Katrin seemed as uncomfortable in this situation as she was. Being led around by a cute little girl who obviously commanded so much power. The sequence of events seemed and felt.unlikely.

Katrin's discomfort made Agni feel less awkward and for this she was thankful.

"Yes. It's not too complicated, you just need to apply enough of your own magic force to your enemy's magic. It's just another way of canceling damage." Vivian said, explaining things once again in a very matter-of-factly way.

"Oh.. but I didn't see any magic besides Gigi's." Katrin seemed genuinely interested and was shrugging off the awkwardness by the moment. Agni realized that her curiosity about pretty much anything was driving Katrin's line of questioning.

"Well." Vivian said as she stopped in her tracks and turned to face them both.

"I could explain why but..that's my secret. K?"

Agni clenched her hands, resisting the urge to pinch Vivian's cheeks.

*Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it.* She repeated constantly in her head while imagining headpats and tail fluffs.

Not only was she cute, but she struck a "kawaii" pose as she gave her reasoning to Katrin. Even the super inquisitive Scribe was forced to forget about fishing for answers in the face of such overwhelming cuteness.

They continued in silence for a few more minutes before finally reaching Vivian's office near the back of the chapel on the ground floor.

"So, it looks like you two are already members. What's your purpose at Mystic Tower?" Vivian said as she took a seat behind a rather large desk in the office. She pointed towards two of three chairs positioned in front of the desk. Agni couldn't help but notice all of the items within the office. Scrolls, crystal balls, even a few weapons which Agni was unfamiliar with. Behind the desk were three katana blades, their sheathes each had a different design. Dragons, flowers and petals along with complimenting handles for the swords.

"We want to learn how to better make use of our magical abilities." Katrin said after finally making herself comfortable.