My Wife Is A Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses Book 1 Chapter 143 11

Volume 1 Chapter 143 Keep An Eye On Her Part 11

The next day, Osiris secretly went out before the sun rose. In fifty minutes, he reached the Southeast mountains. He had to cover his nose. The place was filled with an ungodly rotten smell.

Ge Chen's team didn't clean out the whole mountain. They only took the heads of the bodies and that's it. Since they didn't find any clue, they just left things as they were.

Osiris walked around the circle and saw the body parts. He frowned. "Such cruelty!" He exclaimed.

He stood in the middle of the circle and commented, "They were trying to do devil worship but it never happened. Something terrible happened before they could do anything. Can the devil go against devil worshipers? How can that make sense? Unless someone used evil to end evil no wonder Yicheng didn't find anything. There is no evidence. This is not a work of The Mongoose. I'm certain of it now."

Osiris positioned himself and started to pray. He wanted to find out what happened here. A strong wind blew around him and everything that was buried came to his sight. He used his third eye and saw whatever happened in the past.

He recently gained this power and hadn't been able to tell everyone about it. After seeing the vision, he started to sweat. He leaped from mountain to mountain and went somewhere quiet. 'This is bad. This is very bad.' He coughed and blood came out from his mouth. 'It looks like I have yet to master the power completely. But first, I have to let Juan know' His vision blurred and he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself in a cave. He was laying on a soft mattress and someone ignited a fire to keep the cave warm. Smelling something burning, Osiris got up.

"Stop. You are injured." A calm and quiet voice said.

"Yicheng? Aren't you supposed to be in the city to investigate?"

"I didn't leave." Luo Yicheng formally and shortly replied.

He was here for a week and was trying to find out clues. He was planning to leave this morning after he got a call from Shintaro. However, seeing Osiris arrive, he decided to wait a bit longer. He didn't think his fellow comrade would faint out of nowhere. So, he took the unconsciousness Osiris here.

Osiris knew that his friend didn't like to talk much. He guessed the whole situation. He yawned. "I slept well but I became tired."

Luo Yicheng was making a roast. "You lost blood."

Osiris sat up straight. "Really? But, it can't make me that weak."

"A lot of blood." Luo Yicheng said.

"" Osiris laid down again feeling like he might faint again at any moment.

Luo Yicheng gave him a glass of warm water and asked, "What did you find out?"

Osiris frowned. "Something terrible and I wished I never had to talk about it."

Lou Yicheng asked in confusion, "Why is that?"

"Because it's terrible."

Luo Yicheng said in a very serious manner, "Terrible news should be told."

" You are right." Osiris looked around and said, "That's a pretty house you made."

"I didn't. It's a cave."

Having a conversation with Luo Yicheng is tough. Osiris asked him, "What time is it?"

"It's noon."

Osiris sighed in relief. "Thank goodness I prepared a note before I left or they would wonder what happened to me. Yicheng, let's go to the city together." He suggested.

"I can't. You are slow." Luo Yicheng straightforwardly rejected.

As a ninja, his body is lighter than anyone and he is faster than anyone. As a lazy priest, Osiris is always slow. It's not that he isn't powerful enough, it's just that he doesn't want to work hard like others.

"You are no fun." Osiris drank the glass of water. Warm water went through his chilly throat and he felt better. "Do you have tea? It would be wonderful to have some tea in a place like this."

"" Luo Yicheng gave him a blank look. His eyes were saying, 'where the hell I will get tea in a place like this?"

"I'm not Carl but I can understand your thoughts." Osiris quietly drank water.

In the evening, Osiris went back to the main house of the Gu Family and was welcomed by the Head Butler. "I'm sorry that High Priest cannot accompany you. The priests are praying for the deceased priests."

"It's fine, I don't need his company. Please tell them to prepare a warm bath and dinner for me. I'm too tired to move a muscle." Osiris walked to his room.

"Certainly." The Head Butler bowed and left.

After dinner, he went to his room and called Juan. He told him what he had found out.

Juan frowned deeply. He didn't expect that to hear. He opened his mouth to say, "The situation is worse than what we have imagined. The little one's big day is coming soon. Before that day, try to look for the person who is behind this. I'll send Carl to keep an eye on that girl."

"All right." Osiris hung up and laid down on the bed. He closed his eyes but repeatedly recalled what he saw in the morning. He then opened his eyes.

'Looks like I cannot sleep tonight.' He sat up straight and positioned his body. He started to meditate. It helped him to recuperate his body and cultivate his power.

In the meantime, Juan talked to Carlo about the situation. Carlo frowned. "Of all time, it had to happen right before the wedding. I didn't want to leave but now I don't have a choice, do I?"

"You don't." Juan agreed.

"What a pain!" Carlo cursed the person in his mind who was behind it. "Fine, I'll head over there now. It's not like I have anything to do at a moment like this."

Juan smiled a little. "It's for the best. I don't think the little one will be happy if something were to happen to her friend."

"Yeah, right. Tsk!" Carlo clicked his tongue in annoyance.

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