My Wife Is A Goddess: 99 Secret Kisses Book 1 Chapter 144 12

Volume 1 Chapter 144 Keep An Eye On Her Part 12

Xue Lin couldn't sleep at night. She got out of the bed carefully and sat in the wheelchair. It had been a week since she got the wheelchair and she became a pro at how to use this remote-controlled wheelchair. She liked it very much because it's so easy to use. Sometimes she would circle around the garden. She found two rich patients and became their counselor.

Xue Lin always says, "No matter what position you are in, as long as you are alive, you can earn money."

She sent Ge Chen back to school after her hands were completely healed. At first, Ge Chen didn't want to go back but he had to when his wife glared at him. After work, he goes back to his house, freshen up and comes back to the hospital to stay with her.

And, every night, Xue Lin sends her husband home because she doesn't want him to stay for the night wasting his precious sleeping time. Of course, there is another reason behind it. Since she has nothing else to do, she is investigating something. She cannot do it when her husband is around.

In the silent and empty hospital corridor, she roamed around in her wheelchair. She went to the seventh floor and then to the sixth floor and finally saw what she was looking for. It was the woman in grass green dress. She was walking or rather flying.

"Got you!" Xue Lin said to herself and followed her without a sound. She watched her from behind the pillar and tried to understand what she was doing.

The grass green dressed woman might have sensed that someone was following her. She paused and slowly turned around.

"Huh? She knows." Xue Lin moved and came out from behind the pillar. She looked at that woman and frowned. "What an ugly face!" She couldn't help but comment.

That grass green dressed woman tilted her head and reached out. She slowly flew toward her.

"Are you trying to make me fear you?" Xue Lin asked rather loudly. It made the woman stop as if she could hear her and understand her. "It won't work. I'm not afraid of ugly girls. They cannot seduce my husband."

Xue Lin pushed a button and the wheelchair moved forward in lightning speed and passed through the ghost. She turned around to look and didn't find the woman anymore. "Huh? She's gone. How boring! If you want to fight, you should have at least made me frightened."

That night, she dejectedly went back to her room. She was hoping for some excitement but there was nothing for her.

At the same time, someone was sitting in the dark and smoking. Heavy swirling smoke filled the room. Beside the chair was a tea table. The cell phone on the table chimed.

The person took the cell phone and read the text. It said: 'Mission failed.' In anger, that person threw the mobile on the floor with force and it broke into several pieces.


The next day, Xue Lin was reading a book and working on her laptop at the same time. Though she was busy with her current life, she hadn't forgotten about her thesis in Criminal Psychology.

At that time, someone forcefully opened the door with a 'bang' sound.

Such a quiet and peaceful morning shattered by a single presence.

"This girl is mental! Capture her." A shriek came and two burly men came inside the room.

Xue Lin looked at Bai Yue and clicked her tongue. "Tsk! Why do I have to see your ugly mug the first thing in the morning? Now I will have a bad day." She put down her book and laptop on the bed and scowled at her.

"What did you say?!" Bai Yue came forward and threatened her, "I will see how long you can keep up this act." She raised her hand and pulled Xue Lin's hand with great force.

Xue Lin caught Bai Yue's hand in reflex with her two hands, grabbed her middle finger with the right hand and wrist with the left hand and then she pulled the middle finger backward mercilessly. She never showed any mercy to those who tried to harm her. She won't do it in the future either.

"Aaah!" Bai Yue screamed her lungs out.

"What a siren!" Xue Lin commented.

"Let go, you sl*t!" Bai Yue tried to slap her with her left hand but before she could do that, Xue Lin let go of her hand and slapped her left b.r.e.a.s.t with all her strength. She wished she could slap Bai Yue's face but she was short and Bai Yue was wearing heels. That's why Xue Lin couldn't reach her face.

This soft part of a woman's body is very weak and sensitive. It hurts like hell. With an awkward sound, Bai Yue moved backward while clutching her left b.r.e.a.s.t. Her heels slipped on the tiled floor and she fell down hard. Her face turned red in anger and shame. Her eyes turned red as if almost crying out in pain.

Bai Yue caught her breath and looked at Xue Lin with hatred.

Xue Lin didn't flinch. She shrugged and said, "What? You are the one who barged into my room without permission. I didn't bite your tail this time. What made you come to my feet now?"

Bai Yue didn't reply to her. She looked at those two burly men she hired. They were gawking at her voluptuous body like hungry wolves. She lashed out at them, "What are you looking at? Grab her and tie her up. Can't you see she has become insane?"

The burly guys came back to their senses and moved toward Xue Lin from both sides of the bed. On her right side was Bai Yue and one man and on her left side was another man.

Xue Lin sighed and closed her laptop. She didn't want it to get damaged. That's her baby.

It's time for some action!

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