My Youth Began With Him Chapter 146

Zhu Lingling pulled out a tissue and wiped the tears off her swollen eyes. Then, with a hoarse voice, she said, "Mian, my relationship ended."

"I knew it, or else you wouldn't be so down." Huo Mian wasn't surprised at all.

She had gotten to know Zhu Lingling's temperament extremely well over the years. She's not a prissy-pants, but rather an easy-going kind of girl.

Zhu Lingling was loyal to her friends and treated her parents well. However, she was too invested in relationships.

In the past, she had been in multiple relationships that ended abruptly. Each time, it destroyed her, and it took her a long time to recuperate.

Therefore, whenever Zhu Lingling announced to Huo Mian that she had a new boyfriend, Huo Mian always acted happy for her when, in fact, she was worried.

She was always afraid that the man Zhu Lingling was dating would not live up to her standards and hurt her again. This time was no different

"I trusted him, I loved him. But he tricked me, you know? He took me for a fool." Upon mentioning that man, Zhu Lingling became a little aggravated again.

Huo Mian handed her another tissue and tried to comfort her, "Calm down, tell me what happened."

"We met on the plane, and he was sitting in first class. He's not that good looking, just average, but was very sophisticated and mature. You know I like mature men compared to fresh young meat."

Huo Mian nodded in response.

"He asked for my WeChat, and we had so much to talk about. Shortly after, we began dating. He has a good job; he's a high-level construction engineer. I always thought that nerds like him would be dull meatheads, but he's not like that. He's funny and sophisticated, and most importantly, he pays attention to the small details. He treats me very well and is willing to spend money on me. He bought me tons of luxury presents. You know that women are all prideful creatures, although I like luxury goods, I rarely buy them myself. Once he found out, he bought me a bunch of them."

"Then you found out that the stuff he bought you were knock-offs?" Huo Mian randomly asked.

"Of course not, why would you think that?" Zhu Lingling looked helplessly at Huo Mian.

Huo Mian smiled, "I'm just pulling your leg. Anyways, you sell this stuff on the side, of course, you can tell real from fake."

"Of course, he won't be able to trick me. He was afraid that I wouldn't have enough money to spend, so he transferred me tens of thousands of yuan. I really thought that I had met the one, you know? I even told my parents about him and was supposed to introduce him to them in a while. I don't want to be a flight attendant anymore, I want to have a family of my own, and have my own baby."

"Seriously, what's the point here? This is a lot of pretext, we're not in a romance novel," Huo Mian exclaimed.

"The point is, I found out that he's married, and has a wife." Then, Zhu Lingling began wailing again. Huo Mian could tell that she was truly heartbroken.

"So, you were the mistress?" Huo Mian looked at her best friend sympathetically.

"Yeah, and his wife called me and told me a lot of stuff over the phone."

"Did she yell at you?" Huo Mian asked.

Zhu Lingling shook her head, "I wish. You know that I'm good at verbal confrontations and rarely ever lose in them.She didn't yell at me but was actually really polite. I could tell that she's a very sophisticated and well-educated woman. She told me about their relationship and that they have two adorable girls. They used to be a happy family."

"So, you felt guilty and decided to pull away?" Huo Mian guessed that her good friend was probably a good enough person not to continue being the other woman.

"Wrong, she didn't ask me to pull away. She asked me to convince that asshole to divorce her."

"So, you're saying that his wife wants you to convince your boyfriend to divorce her?" This turn of events definitely surprised Huo Mian.

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