My Youth Began With Him Chapter 170

After Qin Chu exerted pressure on the media, attention on the incident seemed to die down.

However, someone somehow created an account on the local First Forum and exposed the scandal in a post.

This was the information era. Because of all the online users and popularity of the First Forum, a little rock was able to create giant waves. As soon as the scandal was posted, people immediately began to like, comment, and repost. In the end, the scandal still blew up.

The person who posted it claimed to be the family of the patient and stated that the First Hospital was corrupt because it asked a nurse to pretend to be a doctor, just so the hospital could dupe the patient's family out of money.

Moreover, it pointed out that the TV stations, which were originally supposed to report this incident, stopped doing so because the hospital went through its connections and forced them to stop.

The manipulation here was clearly obvious

What they didn't know was that the First Hospital didn't do anything to stop news outlets from reporting Huo Mian's scandal.

Rather, it was her husband, Qin Chu. He felt bad for her and didn't want his wife to suffer from gossip and pressure.

Therefore, the name of this post was, "The First Hospital is heartless. Not only did it allow a nurse to operate on a pregnant patient, the black hands behind the scenes pressured the media into ignoring it, causing commoners to have nowhere to complain."

A post like this immediately caught the attention of all walks of life, including the Municipal Bureau and other administrative offices.

Even the Ministry of Health called Director Wu Zhongxing of the First Hospital again and again, in an attempt to demand what happened.

Huo Mian had just enjoyed a night at home, but when she woke up, she realized that the whole world had changed.

When she goes to bed, she had the habit of turning her phone to silent so it wouldn't affect her sleep quality.

Therefore, when she picked up her phone in the morning, she thought that her phone's system had crashed.

There were more than a hundred missed calls, not to mention countless texts and WeChat messages.

"Mian, something bad happened, where are you? Why aren't you picking up?" Huang Yue sent.

"Huo Mian, call me back, it's an emergency," the head nurse sent.

"Girl, did you see the news? I think it was talking about your hospital, and I even heard them mention your name. What happened?" Zhu Lingling messaged.

Huo Mian flipped through her phone to realize that Qin Chu had called her a couple of times as well.

Something really bad must have happened, why else would everyone be frantically looking for her?

"Sis, you're up," Zhixin walked in with a glass of warm milk, which he placed in Huo Mian's hand.


"There's something that I want to tell you, but I'm not sure if I should."

"What's wrong?" Huo Mian frowned when she heard the hesitation in her brother's voice.

Zhixin thought about it, then he passed his phone to Huo Mian, and showed her his WeChat friend circle.

It turns out that news traveled really fast, and the forum post had already been reposted on people's WeChat friend circles (TL: Friend circles are like Facebook's home feed, you get to see your friends' statuses and shared pictures).

Someone even vowed to conduct a thorough internet search on Huo Mian.

A few of Jing Zhixin's friends knew that Huo Mian was his sister, so they sent him the link to the post early this morning.

He was in a bad mood after reading it but was also afraid that it would make his sister sad.

However, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hide it. His sister would find out sooner or later.

After calmly reading it, Huo Mian returned the phone to her brother.

"Sis, what happened? I don't believe that you would do something like this. Someone set you up, didn't they?"

Truth be told, after Huo Mian found out what happened, she wasn't surprised. The patient's husband had already declared that he was going to fight Huo Mian to the grave.

Therefore, being exposed wasn't surprising; what surprised her was the fact that media outlets hadn't reported anything. Instead, this post blew up on WeChat.

"Don't worry, it'll be okay. I'll deal with it," Huo Mian said as she left the room to wash up like everything was fine.

She left after saying goodbye to her mother and brother.

When Huo Mian arrived at the First Hospital, she saw from afar all the people standing there, clogging up the hospital's entrance.

There were even giant banners that said, "Heartless hospital, heartless nurse. Give me back my health, give me back my justice."

Just as Huo Mian made up her mind to walk up to them, someone suddenly pulled her off to the side.

Petrified, Huo Mian turned around

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