My Youth Began With Him Chapter 257

Chapter 257: Reliable
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Grandpa Liu put down the unfinished apple, smiled, and looked at Huo Mian, "Seeing that you took great care of me over the past few days, played Chinese chess with me, and administered my medications, my wife and I talked about it, and decided to introduce you to someone. I've been watching you, Huo Mian. You're a good girl and the most reliable nurse at this hospital. You're down to earth and not pompous, unlike most of the young people out there today."

"Yeah, my husband kept telling me how good a girl you are, and I believe in his opinion."

"Um, wait, Grandpa Liu, I actually"

"Don't say anything yet, listen to me. My own grandson is already married, so that's too bad, but my fourth brother has a grandson who is around your age, and he is a really reliable man. He is a company commander in the air force. He is young and accomplished, and, most importantly, he'll be promoted in the foreseeable future. He lives in S City. Once you guys get married, it's fine if you don't want to live there. You can continue living here; the distance between the two cities is short, so it won't matter."

The more Huo Mian listened, the more bewildered she felt. What was this? She hadn't even met him, and they were already talking about marriage?

Moreover, she was already married! Wasn't Grandpa Liu shooting cupid arrows at the wrong people?

Huo Mian shot up, "Grandpa Liu, I'm sorry, but I'm"

"I know that you're shy, so I asked that young man to come tomorrow. When he comes, you can get to know each other. You're both young and will have a lot to talk about. If things work out? Great. If not, then you guys can be friends."

Grandpa Liu sure had an open mind. His wife agreed, "That's right, that kid is definitely reliable, just a little old fashioned is all. Don't worry, we won't trick you."

"I know you are doing this out of kindness, but the thing is I'm already"

"Hey, turn on the TV, we can't miss the news broadcast." Mr. Liu slapped his forehead and then began looking for the remote.

His wife also began busying about, and just like that, the couple ignored Huo Mian's protest

Huo Mian quietly left his room; it seemed that she had to take part in another blind date

If Mr. Qin found out, he would probably kill her she shuddered at that thought.

- The next morning -

The guy Mr. Liu wanted to introduce to Huo Mian arrived at the hospital before she even finished up her night shift.

To make the atmosphere more like that of a date, Mr. Liu made them go take a walk in the park so they could get to know each other.

"Hi, my name is Liu Ji." The 180 cm tall man with dark skin and a square face introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm"

"You're Huo Mian, right? My grandpa told me about you, he said that you're a really special girl."

"Um I'm really not, my temper isn't as good as the other nurses. I'm impatient." Huo Mian smiled.

"That's a good thing, people who are impatient are usually punctual. I hate people who are late. In the army, no one can be late, not even for a second."

"Yeah, I heard Mr. Liu mention that you're a company commander. It's impressive."

"It's not, my military title is the lowest in my family. My goal is to become a regimental commander."

Huo Mian nodded She didn't know what else to say; it was awkward.

"What do you think about me? To tell you the truth, I don't have time for relationships in the army, so once I see someone I like, I immediately ask them what they think. Forgive my straightforwardness," the square-faced army dude suddenly asked her frankly.
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