My Youth Began With Him Chapter 369

"Gao Ran told me that you blocked his WeChat."

"Yeah, is that a problem?" Zhu Lingling asked matter-of-factly.

"Of course not; Gao Ran couldn't reach you, so he came asking me what happened. Why are you guys fighting?"

"We're not, I just don't like looking at him."

"Then you should've blocked him a long time ago, why did you do it after his girlfriend barged into our lunch session? Hey, do you have a thing for our people's police?"

"Bullsh*t, I don't have a thing for him." Zhu Lingling immediately denied it.

"Fine, keep at it."

"Anyways, it'll take me a while to explain what happened between us. Are you off work tomorrow?"

"Yeah I am, I'm working the night shift tonight and have the entire day off tomorrow."

"That's perfect, let's hang out and eat some good food. I've been in a crappy mood lately and want to talk to you about it."

"Yeah, sounds good, but not too early though, I need to nap first. Let's meet up at lunch, call me after you make reservations."

"Why am I making the reservations? Aren't you treating?" Zhu Lingling asked on purpose.

"Of course I'm treating, but you can still pick the restaurant."

"Gosh, indeed dripping with cash and swag, Mrs. Moneybags, please let me aboard your ship." Zhu Lingling laughed.

"Wait, Gao Ran's ship is much better, you should join his instead. I heard that he broke up with his girlfriend and is currently looking for a shipmate."

"They broke up? Yeah right." Zhu Lingling obviously didn't believe her.

"Qin Chu told me, and he never lies. I can guarantee it."

"But why would they break up?" Zhu Lingling was curious.

"You will have to ask Gao Ran yourself, haha."

"I'm too lazy to talk to him. Anyways, I'll see you tomorrow." Then, Zhu Lingling hung up the phone.

After dinner, Huo Mian realized that she still had half an hour before work, so she went back to her office to organize some documents.

Then, she headed to rounds to inspect the patients in every room.

Just then, her phone rang; it was a video call.

"Hi, Master Qin." Huo Mian smiled after picking up.

She was wearing her usual white uniform, black rimmed glasses, and didn't have on even a speck of makeup. She looked clean and pretty.

Qin Chu, on the other side, was still at the office. He had on a navy blue shirt, and his face was as gorgeous as it always was.

"Are you busy?"

"No, I just had dinner and was about to go on rounds."

"What did you have for dinner?"

"Um… let me think, I think I had braised ribs, seaweed with potato slices, and tomato egg soup."

"It wasn't good, right?"

"Yeah, but it's always been like that, the chefs have made zero improvements. What about you? Have you eaten?"

"I'm still at work."

"Whenever I work night shifts, you work overtime." Huo Mian asked with a smile.

"What's the point of going home anyway? It's not like you're there."

"I'll try to make it back early tomorrow morning and cook you a delicious breakfast."

"No, you are already exhausted from work. I'll make breakfast, what do you want to eat?"

"Fried eggs and sandwiches, how does that sound? I saw a little kid eating some in the hall, and my mouth almost watered."

"Is that all you've got?" Qin Chu laughed.

"You know that I can't control myself in front of food."

"Okay, fried eggs and sandwiches it is. See you tomorrow morning."

"Okay, bye."

After she hung up, Huo Mian picked up the charts and went on rounds…

Surprisingly, she saw Wang Tingting, who quit not so long ago, in room 5. This time, she came as the patient's family.

She was wearing a low V-neck and had on a thick layer of makeup. She leaned on that Thai patient intimately. 

"Hi, my dearest Head Nurse." Wang Tingting smiled proudly when she saw Huo Mian come in.

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