My Youth Began With Him Chapter 390

True Title: A Mini Honeymoon (12)

TL Note: for the guys out there, keep your pants on.

"I'm not dreaming, right? How did I get in here?"

"I carried you in here."

"Where are my clothes?" Huo Mian asked in confusion.

"I took them off"

"So you've been watching me bathe?" Huo Mian felt overwhelmed.

Qin Chu sat calmly on the washroom chair as he held his laptop to look at the stock market, all while watching his wife bathe.

"I wasn't watching, I'm keeping you company," Qin Chu corrected.

"Gosh, there's no one more shameless than you. How could you sneakily watch me bathe so proudly?" Huo Mian laughed because of how angry she was.

"We're husband and wife, there's no such thing as 'sneakily watching you'. It's all legal now," Qin Chu placed down the laptop and spoke righteously.

"Okay, then Mr. Qin, can you get out now? I'm going to begin bathing."

"I can't."


"Because I want to help you," After Qin Chu spoke, he walked over and directly placed his hand in the bubble bath.

"Ah" Huo Mian screamed out loud.

The two played around inside the bathtub, and water splashed everywhere.

Once Qin Chu carried Huo Mian out of the water, it was already half past midnight.

The towel that was wrapped around Huo Mian fell to the ground, and under the dim lights, her perfect female figure couldn't be more seductive.

Qin Chu's eyes grew deep as he looked at her

"Mian" His voice grew rusty, containing a deadly seductive power.

Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu with deep sentiments

She knew what was about to come

"Can I?" Mr. Qin didn't want to upset Huo Mian, so he even asked first.

Huo Mian nodded embarrassingly

Her crisp white fingertips slid past his lips, and continued down to his neck

Qin Chu swallowed, as the knot in the throat clearly moved. He thought that he was an extremely determined man, and didn't have strong interests in anything, except Huo Mian. She was a poison that he could never get off of his whole life, and it had already corroded away his heart and body.

Inside the yellowish-white round curtains, two shadows intertwined, and even their breathing became hurried.

Qin Chu was no longer the impulsive youth from seven years ago, and Huo Mian was no longer an inexperienced girl.

They've both matured, and became so mature that even when they joined together for the first time in seven years, it was in such harmony

Qin Chu kissed her slowly and lightly as if he was worshipping a godlike thing. He wanted to slowly taste her.

His hand continued down, in search of many unknown regions

Huo Mian felt her body temperature rise, and her face grew redder and redder She even had a hard time breathing.

Her leg wrapped around Qin Chu's sturdy waist, while her hand was placed around his neck. Huo Mian's mind was already traveling between dream and reality.

She thought that as a woman, the happiest thing in life was to give herself to the man she loved the most.

Even though this was already their second time, but compared to their drunken behavior seven years ago, this was truly their first time.

After plenty of foreplay, Qin Chu finally joined his body with Huo Mian's, in fear that he would hurt her.

"Does it hurt?" he asked considerately.

Huo Mian shook her head

She melted into Qin Chu's spoiling adorations and in the end, she turned into spots of stars that flew into the clouds

When she woke up again, it was already 8 AM the next morning.

She opened her eyes to see Qin Chu's head tilting and his eyes looking at her.

His eyes were filled with immeasurable gentleness

"Did you sleep well?" asked Qin Chu softly.

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