My Youth Began With Him Chapter 405

"It can't be wrong, it's type B blood. We have inventory for the other blood types. We're only lacking blood type B because there had been a large demand recently."

Huo Mian felt her mind going blank. Not knowing what to think, she pulled back her arm.

She never paid much attention to her mother's blood type and assumed that she was either type A or AB.

She was confident that she was type AB since she had multiple tests done in the past.

The last time she went to the hospital to visit Huo Zhenghai, she had checked his patient profile and was sure that he was blood type B.

So it had to mean that her mother was either type A or AB blood.

To have an AB type kid, if one of the parents was type B, then the other one had to be either A or AB type.

If both parents were blood type B, then the child would either have type B or O blood, meaning that having a child with AB type blood was impossible.

"Why don't you ask another family member?" the nurse asked.

Huo Mian got up slowly, processing everything as calmly as she could. Could it be possible that her father wasn't Huo Zhenghai?

Was Uncle Jing her real father? The answer was a definite 'no' as soon as the thought popped up.

Uncle Jing's blood type was B as well, she had checked his death certificate.

So... what could it possibly mean if her blood type was AB?

Huo Mian wandered back to the entrance of the OR with her mind somewhat unhinged.

"Sis, you're done? Did it hurt?" Jing Zhixin asked.

She knew Zhixin's blood type was B from the last time he was in a car accident.

This means she was the only outlier within the family. If it weren't for this blood transfusion incident, she would have always assumed her mom was blood type A or AB, just like her.

"Sis, what's wrong?" Jing Zhixin called out several times upon seeing no response from his sister.


"You're spacing out. What's wrong? Did you draw blood?"

"No." Huo Mian shook her head.

She had always been as calm as a clam. However, the sudden impact of what just happened had struck her hard. She found herself unable to process the truth.

"What's wrong? Did you not qualify as well?"

"I will drop by the OB/GYN department, I remember a couple of my coworkers have type B blood." Huo Mian pulled her thoughts back and answered. However, she avoided answering Zhixin's question.

Huo Mian turned on her heels after speaking...

Huang Yue and another coworker, Zhang Caiyun came over in a flash when they heard that Huo Mian's mother needed blood.

They were both blood type B, so it solved the lack of inventory issue for Huo Mian's mother.

"Huo Mian, our hospital sucks. They never prepare any back-up, and then the blood bank runs out during an emergency. In the end, the family member needs to donate themselves, and they don't even give you a discount on the fees. That's terrible."

"If Director Wu heard what you just said, he would fire you in a heartbeat!" Zhang Caiyun chuckled.

"Of course I won't say that when he's here! I will definitely kiss his ass."

Regardless of what Huang Yue and Zhang Caiyun were talking about, Huo Mian's mind was still far away.

"Huo Mian, what's wrong? You don't look too well." Huang Yue poked Huo Mian gently.

" I think I'm just too worried about my mother."

"Don't worry, she will be fine. Auntie has luck on her side." Huang Yue comforted.

Huo Mian nodded...

Huang Yue intentionally walked by the entrance of the OR after she finished donating blood. She was particularly happy to see Jing Zhixin, "Don't worry, Auntie will be alright."

"Thanks." Jing Zhixin nodded.

An hour later, the OR door finally opened slowly...

"Doc, is my mom okay?" Huo Mian and Jing Zhixin crowded together.

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