My Youth Began With Him Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Please Call Me "Mrs. Qin" (4)
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"Mom, if you have to do things that way, then let me tell you if anything were to happen to Huo Mian, I will disappear along with her, and you will lose me forever."

Mrs. Qin was shocked by how lovestruck her son was

"Qin Chu, do you know what you're saying right now?" Mrs. Qin cried hysterically.

"Yes, I do."

"You are actually willing to die for a woman?!"

"Yes, I am. If you don't believe, try me."

"Oh my god I raised my son for more than 20 years just to hear him say that he's willing to die for a woman" Mrs. Qin felt like the entire world was crashing down around her. (TL Note: would you rather hear that he's willing to die for a man?)

"Stop picking on Huo Mian. I will never leave her side, for as long as I'm alive. Mom consider this my last warning."

Upon finishing his sentence, Qin Chu pressed a button on his landline

Assistant Yang opened the door and walked in

"Sir, how can I help?"

"Please escort Mrs. Qin out."


"Oh, and she's not feeling well, so don't let her come into my office anymore, the environment is too stressful for her."

"Um okay." Yang understood that the president had just ordered him to ban his own mother from the office.

He was surprised, but he still nodded obediently.

Mrs. Qin's expression was ugly beyond description.

As she was walking out of GK, Mrs. Qin bumped into Jiang Linyue.

The truth was, it wasn't always a chance encounter. It was Jiang Linyue who set it up after hearing that the chairman's wife was here at the company.

She did this so that she would be able to create more opportunities for herself with Qin Chu later on. She couldn't get the president to pay attention to her, but she could win over his mother first.

"Mrs. Qin, when did you get here? Have you eaten?" Jiang Linyue asked with an annoying high-pitched voice.

Mrs. Qin was furious, and she became even more agitated at the sight of Jiang Linyue

"You're such a useless woman. I thought you knew what you were doing, but you're just another good-for-nothing."

"Mrs. Qin" Jiang Linyue froze in the face of the unexpected scolding. She wasn't sure what she did wrong.

"Did you also know about my son and that woman? Were you keeping it a secret from me?"

"No, I wasn't" Jiang Linyue immediately denied it, worried that Mrs. Qin's impression of her may falter.

"So, you also have no idea that they were married?" Mrs. Qin demanded icily.

"What?" Jiang Linyue was now completely dumbfounded.

"I'm shocked at how useless you are my information is more up to date than yours I must've been blind to choose you"

Then, Mrs. Qin walked out of GK, completely ignoring Jiang Linyue's presence.

She originally thought that Jiang Linyue was a smart girl whom she could hone to become her spy and her son's future wife. However, she was no more than an empty vase.

She had no tricks up her sleeves, and Mrs. Qin failed to even obtain a speck of information from her.

Jiang Linyue's brain shut down upon hearing that Qin Chu was married to that woman

It was like the sky had suddenly fallen down, and she could no longer keep her cool

Someone like Qin Chu would never hastily get married. If he did, then it just showed how important that woman was to him.

Jiang Linyue felt like all the hard work and effort she put in over the last few years were all for nothing

After Mrs. Qin's failed attempt at coercing her son, she was still pissed off and didn't head straight home.

Instead, she went to South Side Recuperation Center.

Huo Mian was about to get off work and had just come out of the changing room when she saw Mrs. Qin standing outside her office.

She had originally planned to walk right past her without engaging in conversation.

"Stop right there," Mrs. Qin shouted sternly.

"Are you talking to me?"

"Who else would I be talking to, you uneducated little brat. You sure have nerves" Mrs. Qin gritted her teeth as she spat at Huo Mian.

"I'm sorry, my name isn't 'uneducated little brat'. If you're talking to me, then call me Mrs. Qin. After all, Qin Chu and I are legally married." Huo Mian gave her a little smile.

Mrs. Qin's expression changed dramatically for the worse upon hearing what Huo Mian said
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