My Youth Began With Him Chapter 436

Chapter 436: Please Call Me "Mrs. Qin" (6)
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"So you plan on latching onto this topic forever, huh?"

"At least until the birth of our first child"

Huo Mian, ""

"Fine, you win." Qin Chu's scoundrel-like but cute remarks left her at a loss for words.

After dinner, it was still Qin Chu that washed the dishes. Huo Mian seriously felt like she wasn't good at house chores anymore, at least not in front of Qin Chu.

He moped the floor faster than she did, and he washed the dishes cleaner than she did.

Even the food he made was tastier. Western food, at least.

Therefore, Mr. Qin was an all-purpose, high-quality husband. He could make money AND cook her delicious meals.

After Qin Chu finished cleaning up, he sat by Huo Mian and proceeded to watch boring cartoons with her.

The two of them chit-chatted while eating chips

"Do you think your mom will hate me forever?"

"What makes you think that?" Qin Chu looked down and asked her gently.

"I read on the internet that mothers-in-law are mortal enemies with their daughters-in-law. It's as if the mother-in-law played the same video game on the same account for a really long time, and bought a bunch of level-up items to one day find that her account was hacked by someone named 'daughter-in-law'. How do you think she would feel?"

"Um Honey, where do you hear stuff like this?" Qin Chu asked in shock.

"On the internet. Also, do you know why the paternal grandmother usually likes her granddaughter-in-law?"

"I don't." Qin Chu shook his head.

Huo Mian finished chewing the chips in her mouth and slowly said, "That's because 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.'"


"Okay, honey, you win this time," Qin Chu was once again impressed by the existence that is the internet.

Although Huo Mian's words were funny, she did have a point

The two of them randomly chatted until a little over 9 PM, when Huo Mian's eyelids turned heavy

Qin Chu princess-carried her all the way to the second-floor bedroom

After filling up the tub with water, Qin Chu came out to call Huo Mian, "Honey, the water is ready. You can wash up now."

"Okay." Huo Mian walked in sleepily.

Before she could react, Qin Chu pushed her right into the bathtub

They both still had their bathrobes on and were instantly drenched by the water.

"Ah you" Before Huo Mian could say anything, Qin Chu's slightly cold lips covered hers

He kissed her hard; Huo Mian's entire body turned into silly putty, and she felt like she was about to melt.

Qin Chu had previously made sure that the bathwater was 45 degrees Celsius, the perfect temperature for a bath.

Plus, their bathtub was slightly bigger, so it didn't feel so crammed, even with both of them inside it.

Huo Mian closed her eyes as she took in the warmth and gentleness that Qin Chu showered her with.

She didn't even realize it when Qin Chu took off her wet robe.

In the water, Huo Mian's body was pearly and jade-like.

The lights in their bathroom were dimly lit

It felt warm and cozy, making their surrounding even more romantic

Qin Chu left a trail of kisses all the way down to her neck, and then even lower

Huo Mian felt like countless little bugs were crawling over wherever Qin Chu touched her.

She couldn't explain that feeling but knew she wanted more

Their bodies intertwined inside the bathtub, and, along with Qin Chu's gentle movements, created little waves of pleasure

He didn't want to go too fast; he wanted to fully feel the limitless satisfaction that Mian's body gave him

"Mian open your eyes, look at me," Qin Chu whispered next to her ear, sending her into a trance.
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