My Youth Began With Him Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Pushing Your Luck (6)
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Zhao Qingya saw that Su Yu didn't respond, so she decided to continue moving her hands down his body

She believed that her passion would spark Su Yu's interest.

Perhaps she was too confident in herself, so she was somewhat dumbfounded when Su Yu pushed her away.

"I'm not in the mood. If you want to stay the night, there's a guest room on the first floor. If you don't want to stay over, then you should drive back to your place." Su Yu got up and walked towards the upstairs bedroom after he spoke.

Zhao Qingya felt humiliated. This was the first time she took the lead, but she was rejected.

She was almost certain that Su Yu was no longer interested in her. Could he have fallen for someone else?

She originally thought that Su Yu liked Mian Mian, but she ordered someone to follow her recently.

That woman would only go to work and then head home. She barely had any contact with Su Yu, and they would only occasionally come across each other at the company.

Su Yu also didn't seem to care about her, as if he had forgotten who Mian Mian was.

If it wasn't a new star in the company, then could it be someone from the socialite circle or someone who wasn't in their industry?

Zhao Qingya was confused

Did she want to stay over? Of course not, what would be the point of staying over in the guest room? It didn't make any sense.

Just as she got up and prepared to leave, she suddenly saw Su Yu's phone light up; someone just sent him a WeChat message.

She looked at the notification, and she saw that it was from Wei Liao.

Then she suddenly noticed something crucial...

Su Yu's phone's background was a photo of a woman

This had never happened before. She had known Su Yu for many years, and Su Yu's screen background had always been of scenery, or occasionally of his beloved car, but he had never used a woman as his screen background.

However now, although the screen only flashed for a short instant, Zhao Qingya still managed to recognize who it was.

Wasn't that woman the little nurse from South Side?

She was the one who looked fresh-faced and minimal, and didn't stand out at all; she was the kind of woman that one would forget after one look.

Did she really manage to seduce Su Yu? Wasn't it just a temporary fling?

Zhao Qingya was hurt. Back then, when she heard that Su Yu was interested in a nurse, she thought that he was just feeling lonely in recovery, and wanted to fool around with someone new. However, to her surprise, Su Yu still kept in contact with her after all this time.

Plus, he even used that woman's photo as his phone background; this was major news.

Su Yu searched for his phone after he got upstairs, and he suddenly remembered that he left it downstairs, so he turned around to head back down.

"You still haven't left yet?" he coldly asked when he saw that Zhao Qingya was still standing in the living room.

"I'm leaving right now."

"President Su did you fall for another woman?" Zhao Qingya sadly asked as she bit down on her lips.

Su Yu raised his sword-like eyebrows, "Do I have to report to you about who I like?"

"No, I didn't mean it like that. I only wanted to say that if you really fell for another woman, then I'll give you my blessing."

"Thanks for your blessing." Then, Su Yu took his phone and headed back upstairs.

A dispirited Zhao Qingya then left Su Yu's private mansion

Upstairs, Su Yu lied on his massive bed, turned on his phone, and quietly stared at his screen for a few seconds.

Even though he sneakily took this picture, he liked it more the more he looked at it and wouldn't let it go.

Suddenly, he thought of something. Then, he got up and took out a picture from today's auction from his bag.

He took out scissors from the drawer, and forcefully cut away Qin Chu and tossed it into the trash.

Only he and Huo Mian were left in the photo, without any obstruction. He liked the photo much better.

He then found some glue and glued the picture together. Oddly enough, it looked quite harmonious.

Finally, Su Yu was satisfied, and he took a picture of the new photo with his phone. After some next level photoshopping, he fixed the crack and light between them.

Then, he sent it to Wei Liao

"Dude what happened?" Wei Liao immediately responded when he saw the photo.
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