My Youth Began With Him Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Running for Her Life (1)
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The car behind Huo Mian sped up as well. Huo Mian continued accelerating and went around Huan Cheng Highway in loops in an attempt to stall time. She needed some time for Gao Ran to get here, and then everything will be alright...

- At the Municipal Public Security Bureau -

"Quick, check the coordinates." Gao Ran became anxious as he answered Huo Mian's phone. Qin Chu was out of town, and he would never be able to face his best friend if something were to happen to Huo Mian, especially when she directly called him for help.

"Sir, it's the south side of Huan Cheng Highway."

"First squad, come with me for the rescue. Second squad, loop around in case the suspects try to escape. Third squad, stand-by and provide back-up in case of an emergency."

"Yes Sir!"

"Let's go."

Then, Gao Ran left with the first squad and headed towards the south side of the Huan Cheng highway with their lights and sirens blaring to clear out the traffic.

"Boss, I have a feeling the girl is just wasting our time. Look, she's not heading anywhere. She's looping us around the highway, it's almost the third loop."

"F*ck, she's clearing playing us and trying to stall. She might have called the cops already. Hurry, we have to force her off the highway and onto a discreet street, or we'll have no chance."

"Boss, I know a branch road seven kilometers from here. It's a trail created purely by villagers. It's not even on the GPS."

"Great, that trail it is then. Catch up and force her into it."

Huo Mian thought things would be as easy as looping around the highway a couple times and waiting for Gao Ran. But clearly, she had oversimplified the situation a little and perhaps underestimated the mobsters...

Out of nowhere, a blue truck stopped at roughly seven kilometers in front of her and blocked her passage. The blue truck appeared to be broken and was being fixed up...

She was approaching the truck fast, so she had two choices: she could stop, but she would be caught by the people behind her; on the other hand, she could drive in reverse. The latter was very risky as she might be caught or hit other cars.

Beads of sweat appeared on Huo Mian's forehead as she was running out choices and time. However, in that immediate moment, a slight narrow path caught the corner of her eyes. It was a mud trail just wide enough for her to steer through, she had no better alternatives and decided to give it a shot. Huo Mian made a sharp left turn just in time to avoid a heavy make-out session between her car and the truck. The car shook violently as the paved road transitioned onto the mud path. She didn't know where she was headed, but there was no path other than going straight...

"Boss, she fell for it! She's on the trail now."

"Good stuff. Tell Er Kai and the others to loop around and block her up front. We'll follow her behind and block the back to trap her in."

"Yes Boss!"

Huo Mian's nerves tightened again as she watched the black Honda business van appear in her reverse mirror.

Guess they were not giving up until they caught her...

Just as she was about to accelerate again, a white van appeared 500 meters in front of her.

There were no other paths for her to take, she had the choice of either going straight or back. However, she knew the men on both ends have come with bad intentions. She was running out of time in waiting for Gao Ran's rescue.

Huo Mian took a deep breath and stepped on the gas once more. The car roared forward...

"Boss! She's coming for us!" the driver in the white van screamed, his face grew pale in merely seconds.
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