My Youth Began With Him Chapter 525

“Sure,” Qin Chu agreed.

“But Mr. Su, what if you lose? Shouldn’t you do something for me?” asked Qin Chu in return.

Su Yu held up his fist and placed his chin on top, as he said profoundly, “I hear that President Qin has always liked red wine. I just happen to have a rare bottle of Louis XIV. If you win, then you’ll take the prize and the red wine, what do you say?”


Qin Chu hated betting on Huo Mian, but Su Yu was clearly asking for it today.

So he wouldn’t refuse, because he would never lose to Su Yu

Even if he didn’t take this bet

” Su Yu sure is crazy,” cursed Gao Ran with a frown on his face.

Huo Mian didn’t say anything, as she only looked at them quietly. If she knew that Su Yu would be this wild and request something like this,then she would’ve never let Su Yu win yesterday. She would’ve made him lose terribly in yesterday’s competition.

Not far away, Wei Liao and Tang Chuan both became excited

“Mr. Su sure is putting a lot on the line today, I wanted him to open up that bottle of Louis XIV last year for his birthday, but he didn’t want to. Regardless of how much that wine costs, it still can’t be bought with money. Who knew he would bet it?” Tang Chuan was filled with all sorts of jealousy.

“Hehe why don’t you see what he’s betting on? That’s a dance with Huo Mian, in front of her husband. Our Young Master Su wants to dance with his wife” sighed Wei Liao.

“Girl, Su Yu really likes you! Qin Chu must be jealous,” Zhu Lingling said as she looked at Huo Mian.

“No, my husband won’t lose.” Huo Mian was confident in Qin Chu.

“I sure like the sound of that” Gao Ran also agreed.

A dealer walked to the center, took out a deck of cards, and began to shuffle it

His technique was very experienced and could even perform tricks without a care like a magician. Everyone cheered at the scene.

After the deck had been shuffled, the dealer spread out the cards

“Please pick your cards”

“You go first” Qin Chu made a gentlemanly gesture.

“Then don’t mind if I do,” Su Yu smiled wickedly, and then got up and walked over.

After touching all over, he picked out one from the middle and revealed it on the table

It was a seven, not big, but not small either. It was right in the middle.

“Your turn” Su Yu said nonchalantly as he looked at Qin Chu.

Qin Chu slowly stood up, looked at the deck, and then picked out one from the edge.

He slowly revealed an eight.

“Oh yay Big Boss Qin won this round,” Zhu Lingling immediately yelled out in excitement.

“President Qin wins this round, ” the dealer announced.

“Ahem I was so close, I’m not convinced,” Su Yu shook his head nonstop, but his expression was still quite relaxed.

“Is he about to lose?” asked Tang Chuan worryingly.

“He won’t, his luck has always been very good.” Wei Liao seemed to have full confidence in Su Yu, just like how Gao Ran felt about Qin Chu.

“The second round will now begin,” the dealer loudly announced, after he shuffled the cards.

This time, Su Yu still went first; he didn’t even look at it and picked out a random card. Everyone looked over when he revealed it.

It was a queen.

“Not bad this time, not too small.” Tang Chuan finally relaxed by quite a bit.

Qin Chu also carelessly took one out and revealed it on the table, but it was a ten.

Su Yu won this round

They both looked very relaxed, as if this wasn’t a bet at all, but instead just a game.

No one cared about the 180 million, their real bet was the dance with Huo Mian

“Round three begins.”

After the dealer announced this, Huo Mian began to feel a bit nervous, as she truly worried that Qin Chu might lose

After all, Su Yu was not an easy opponent…

“You go first this time,” Su Yu voluntarily said.

“Then don’t mind if I do” Qin Chu walked to the middle after he spoke, and looked for a few seconds.

He then picked a card, and after he revealed it on the table, some people even began screaming in excitement.

“Hurry up and take a look, what did President Qin pick? My gosh,” shouted someone from the crowd uncontrollably.

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