My Youth Began With Him Chapter 546

“Not yet, she’s too smart, so I don’t want to alert her. I have to reconnect with her emotionally first and win over her trust. By then, it won’t be too late to mention it. Since Qin Chu married her, then it must mean that he values her very much. Once we’ve got her in our hands, then we won’t have to worry about Huo Siqian.”

To use Huo Mian to pit GK against Huo Siqian was Huo Zhenghai’s newest plan.

On the car, Huo Mian originally wanted Huo Siyi to drop her off at the downtown shopping center because she wanted to buy some daily necessities.

However, she suddenly saw a very familiar figure on the way.

“Stop the car!” Huo Mian suddenly shouted.

“Hey isn’t that brat your half-brother, Jing Zhixin?” Huo Siyi said mockingly.

Yesterday, Zhixin told Huo Mian that he had class today, but why would he be in downtown?

The car slowly parked by the side of the road, and before Huo Mian got off, she saw a girl across from Zhixin, walking towards him.

She wore a cute dress, had slight curls in her hair, and looked very cute and pretty

Wasn’t that Huang Yue? Huo Mian’s expression became complicated. Of course, her guess was right.

Huo Siyi seemed to have noticed as well, as he squinted his eyes and said, “Who knew that little kid was this good at picking up chicks? Not bad, that girl kind of looks likes a Japanese porn star.”

“Huo Siyi, you really make me sick” He was young, but his mouth was filthy. Huo Mian thought that the son Shen Jiani spent all her money on was a total waste; he had no manners at all.

“How am I disgusting? I’m nothing compared to Jing Zhixin he’s only a kid at school, why is he picking up girls instead? Is he worthy? Has he earned money? He must have used the allowance you’ve given him to pretend that he’s a wealthy heir and pick up girls that way.”

“Shut up”

“Why do I have to shut up, I won’t. Poor people like you are all scum, my mom said that you’re all schemers, and you only came back to help this time because you wanted my dad’s money. Why else, is it good for your karma? Plus let me tell you, I instinctively hate that kid Jing Zhixin. Tell him to watch over his woman, or else don’t blame me if she ends up in my bed one day. However, you’d better not intervene. After all, I’m your little brother as well, haha.”

“Huo Siyi if you dare to steal the girl Zhixin likes, I definitely won’t let you off the hook.”

Huo Mian coldly warned

“Haha so tell that dumb kid to be careful, and that dumb brother of yours is truly enough for you to worry about, isn’t he?”

Huo Mian got off the car with a dark look on her face, and she closed the car door with a ‘bang’

Huo Siyi teasingly honked twice, and then raced away

Because of Huo Mian’s special relationship with the Huo family, they met when they were very young

Huo Siyi wasn’t much older than Zhixin and would always pick on him

Just like how Huo Yanyan always frowned upon Huo Mian. When they were young, they often fought over toys and even got people to bully Zhixin.

However later, Huo Siyi became less aggressive after Huo Mian taught him a few lessons. But, he still frowned upon Jing Zhixin since he came from a poor family.

Jing Zhixin and Huang Yue were going to watch a movie, shop around, and then eat.

However, to his surprise, they bumped into his sister as soon as they saw each other

“Sis why are you here?” Jing Zhixin didn’t quite know what to do.

Huang Yue was also quite frightened; she quickly retreated. “Senior Sister…”

“You two, come with me.” Huo Mian’s expression was tense, and she led the two to a caf nearby.

“Sis I’m sorry.”

Inside the caf, Jing Zhixin obediently apologized before Huo Mian even opened her mouth.

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